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Maria Hill has a good reason not to be in Civil War ▬ Unlike her 616 counterpart, MCU!Maria Hill is sweeter and closer to the superheroes. After the fall of SHIELD, they were the first thing linking her to her old work. She likes every single one of them. So chosing a side in a stupid fight and tearing them apart? Not for her. You either stop your bullshit there or not contact her for anything not end-of-the-world related, Rogers.

Because if Marvel doesn’t confirm Cobie in Civil War, that’s the only explanation I’m gonna accept.


Supercell” storms captured by storm chaser and photographer Roger Hill. Hill helps run a storm chaser business (no kidding!) called Silver Lining Tours. A supercell is a complex, rotating thunderstorm that sometimes turns into a tornado.

  1. Tornado, Stanford, Montana 5 June, 2012
  2. Supercell, Loma, Montana, 4 June 2012
  3. Tornado formation, Yukon, Oklahoma, 29 May 2012

More incredible at Roger Hill’s FB storm album.


Hill02 by Leif Peng
Via Flickr:
Illustrated by Roger Hill, 1980 - ‘81

Liverpool theatre’s mane man: Roger Hill

photo: David Morrissey and Roger Hill

Many of Merseyside’s actors and musicians owe their careers to a man famed for sporting a magnificent mohican – or, in the guise of his brassy alter ego Mandy Romero, a blonde wig. David Morrissey and others salute their mentor

In Liverpool in the 80s he was known as “the man with the mohican” who helped local teens to act, write and direct. In the following decade, he swapped the mohican for a blonde wig and took to the stage in high heels as his extrovert alter ego Mandy Romero.

There are many “characters” in the arts but there is only one Roger Hill. An unlikely combination of John Peel, Ken Campbell and Grayson Perry, he has inspired playwrights, musicians and some of Britain’s most talented actors.

Many of them first encountered Hill as a director at Liverpool’s Everyman Youth Theatre in the late 70s and early 80s, when the city was undergoing high unemployment and civic unrest. David Morrissey remembers himself as “a young person full of energy, but not particularly getting on in school academically and in a very turbulent world”. It was Hill who “harnessed those energies and gave us this creative freedom to explore ourselves”. Ian Hart is equally emphatic: “I’d never have become an actor without Roger. He created a safe space and that’s a really big gift to someone.”

The Man with the Mohican, produced by Sue Nelson and presented by David Morrissey, is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 9 March.

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9th March @BBCRadio4 please listen.

— David Morrissey (@davemorrissey64)

March 4, 2015

Who is #themanwiththemohican ? Find out with @davemorrissey64 on @BBCRadio4 on Monday 4pm.

— Sue Nelson (@ScienceNelson)

March 4, 2015

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