Games in “Cabin Pressure”

If you get bored on your upcoming trip to your holiday destination, why not try some of these time consuming fun games instead?

1. Brians of Britain
(e.g.: Blessed / May / Eno…)

2. Name dropping of as much musical numbers in the cabin address as possible
(e.g.: Fly you to the moon / Come fly with me…)

3. Books that sound more interesting with the final letter knocked off
(e.g.: Of mice and me / Three men in a boa…)

4. The seven deadly sins

5. The Travelling Lemon
(Hide a lemon in plain sight inside the plane. Find it, retrieve it, hide it again)

6. Rhymes for flight
(e.g.: bite / kite) (“We hope you’re enjoying the flight.
On your left we are just coming in sight
of Swindon or Stroud - all covered in cloud.
And it’s matched the same thing on the right.”)

7. People who aren’t evil but have evil sounding names
(e.g.: Russell Crowe / Agatha Christie…)

8. Yellow Car
(When you spot a yellow car you say “yellow car”. For a more elaborated explanation go here: “How to play Yellow Car” by Arthur Shappey)

9. I came through customs and I had to declare…
(e.g.: Jelly from New Delhi / A tunic from Munich…)

10. Departure - Arrival rhymes
(e.g.: Kent to Brent via Stoke-on-Trent…)

11. Beat the Manuals
(No-one but Martin can play that! So don’t even try that one.)

12. Conversations with words of one syllable only

13. Q&A Film double bills
(e.g.: Who framed Roger Rabbit? - Gandhi!…)

14. Fizz Buzz
(For any number that’s a multiple of 3 you say “fizz” and any number that’s a multiple of 5 you say “buzz”. Uncomplicated version: instead of odd numbers you say “fizz” and instead of even numbers you say “buzz”. To make that easy version more complicated: when someone says “fizz”, you have to say “buzz” - when someone says “buzz” you have to say “Have a banana”. Then when someone says your name, you have to say “fizz”)

and the classics: Simon says and Passenger Derby (but you can only play PD if you are flying an airplane and be in charge of the off-switch for the seat-belt signs - which is ever so unlikely!)


Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, John Finnemore, Anthony Stewart Head & cast at the recording of the final Cabin Pressure episode - Zurich.

Photos of the cast are all over the net but if you wanted to avoid knowing don’t scroll down too far!

It was a wonderful final episode. Clever, witty, funny and deeply emotionally satisfying. A fitting ending to a fantastic series.

Afterwards Benedict looked close to tears as creator John Finnemore gave an emotional speech thanking those taking part who were sat behind him and have helped “makes dreams come true” for him in the last five years.

Benedict hugged John at the end of the speech and also embraced Roger Allam and Stephanie Cole as they realised they had delivered the show’s last ever lines. 

Les Miz is a long show. And it was a long time between my cues. One night a couple of months into the Palace run, I got really tired of listening to the score. [..] After the barricade scene this one particular night, I went back to my dressing room, took off my wig, my costume, my microphone, and my contacts. I turned off the Tannoy (the intercom), stuck some gum in my mouth, put my glasses on, lit a cigarette, and began reading the Madonna issue of Interview magazine. I was sitting there in my long johns because it was wintertime and the Palace Theatre was freezing. Just as I began thinking, “I wonder where they are…”, Roger Allam burst open my dressing room door with his foot.
“You’re on!”
“Holy Shit!”
My wig, my costume, and I flew down three flights of stairs. By the time I hit the bottom step, I was fully dressed. (No contacts, no mike, no time). The ghost of Fantine is supposed to make an entrance in the closing minutes of the show as Jean Valjean is dying, but I had left Colm Wilkinson onstage alone, dead, sitting in a chair, head listing to the right, barely breathing - rnough to keep him alive - for sixteen bars of music.
Yeah, I royally fucked up.
—  Patti LuPone, A Memoir

Dear traveling lemons, I am so excited I got the ok to post these beautiful Cabin Pressure illustrations made by the talented Gracia via her Twitter page @Gracein140  

They are absolutely brilliant and I can’t get enough of them. You can also check her work out on her Facebook  page.

I cannot wait to see more!

Hey guys! With Cabin Pressure coming to an end this holiday season, why not finish with an advent calendar? 

We’re going to be listening to one episode of Cabin Pressure each day starting November 28 and leading up to the broadcast date of ‘Zurich.’ Won’t you join us?

We’ll be updating this tumblr daily with the episode du jour once we get started. Please feel free to tag any of your relevant posts with #CabinPressureAdvent. 


First look: Roger Allam and Colin Morgan in Globe’s Tempest on screen (x)

The current line up for the @nationaltheatre 50th.

I can’t imagine any of us will be paying £300 or £500 for the seats but it is an astonishing line up and it airs live on BBC 2 on 2nd November and apparently will be broadcast live into cinemas worldwide.

I’m on a plane at the time so looking forward to your tweets & watching it massively jet lagged the next day!