Just received my Rode VideoMic from Amazon, I’m going to test it out tomorrow and post some results. I’m super excited to have an external mic for my Canon T2i/550d because the internal microphone is terrible! Attached is my Sigma 17-50 F/2.8 lens, a great zoom on the crop-sensor camera and really nice for video…. the focus ring moves like BUTTER!


Rode VideoMic, A Shotgun Mic for your DSLR

There’s no doubt that DSLR HD video has created an entirely new market allowing the average consumer to own a camera capable of creating amazing high-definition video that can rival that of professionals. But the audio is shit- that’s right, I said it. If you’re too cheap to employ a proper sound tech and a guy with a boom mic this DSLR mountable Rode VideoMic is the best thing you’re gonna get.


It’s a skate day and small contest in Voronezh organized by simple skate shop.

Music: future islands - balance


These past few days have seen more use out of my 100-400mm lens than any other consecutive time I’ve used it. Starting with a UK versus Vanderbilt football game last Saturday, to a video shoot of a female soccer player we’re interviewing, and finally to a video I shot yesterday at Keeneland horse racing facility. Those last two were the first two times I’ve ever used the lens for video, and it’s done surprisingly well so far (as long as it’s on a tripod).

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Rode Videomic Test on my Canon t3i.  This was outside in about 10-15 MPH winds, situated at most 100 yards from a busy bridge from NJ to PA and about 7-8 feet from the subject.  How do you think it did?