raywood in new york during christmas
going ice skating to where neither of them can do it
their butts are sore afterwards
them dancing at rockfeller plaza during the christmas
rosy cheeks, arm rubs, stuffy noses with constant sniffling, and soft nose and cheek kisses with rocking around the christmas tree softly playing in the background
giving each other small presents in front for the tree
ryan wrapping his arms around ray and standing there and sway gently to the music as the crowd around them fades into nonexistence in thanks
the snow falling down and shoving their way through crowded streets to find somewhere to eat and buildings like pier ones to gather some warmth back before venturing again into the elements
and just going to some rundown chinese place where they messily eat soup and rice and watch the people pass by and talking about video games in the upcoming year and end it with fortune cookies
exploring around new york city to find presents to bring back the crew after christmas and going to expensive candy stores and giggling as they try the foods and buy some for the crew
trudging through the snowy muck in the streets, peeling their socks off in the hotel room and draping them on the radiators, tuning into a movie playing on the television
which turns into goodnight snuggles because it’s cold in their hotel room
ryan falls asleep first while ray gazes out the window to watch the snow fall and the lamp lights bleed in with the distant echo of christmas music playing in the back of his mind