There’s this thing about the character Peter Quill from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy that I like and seems to go unnoticed a lot. You see, I love how despite all the grand standing and acting like he doesn’t care; he never goes out of his way to lay judgement on people. Not even in the beginning.

Hear me out; Rocket provides a perfect example of this.

Gamora calls Rocket rodent.

Drax goes as far as to call him both a freak and a beast.

They do so multiple times until Rocket blows up because we find out later it’s hurtful to him.

But then there’s Peter.

Who never had to get to that point with Rocket to at least respect him as an equal individual.

The closest he gets to belittling Rocket is calling him Ranger Rick for taking apart his ship, but it’s not really said with any maliciousness and he even proceeds to converse with him normally.

I just find that a nice little subtle detail about Peter.

Coming this November:

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• Find out why Spidey’s one of the reasons Rocket hates Earth!
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sweetdollfromhell submitted to ask-a-ravager:

Hi, I found this picture of a painting of Yondu from the Comic Com, I don’t know if it possible to put a story behind it. Here is the link:

Sorry to ask so much, but I love the idea of Yondu with a painting of himself like a lord or a king.

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