Inside of “Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!” ride at Disneyland


Dang! That is some good animatroinics.


That is a heartbreaking scenario something that could actually happen in infinity war, but I digress. The guardians probably do whatever they can to protect Rocket in their own way, considering other beings from earth would just view him like he’s some dumb raccoon, he’d most likely get really upset but Peter or one of the other guardians would step in to defuse the scene, and calm him down.

(Something I wished they had kept from the first movie but ended up being a scrapped deleted scene was when Drax was lamenting about his tattoo’s and past sorrows and Rocket was trying to comfort him, but of course Drax over reacted and called him Vermin and said he knew nothing about family tragedy but according to Rocket   My mother had an IQ of 3 and ate her young when they showed minor flu symptoms! I think I know a little something about family tragedy!  

Obliviously that be canon or simply remain as intended in a deleted scene, not sure which is more heartbreaking if Rocket had his small raccoon family that treated him well, like his later family with the guardians, or losing them like he had mentioned in that scene! either way angst! my poor trash panda of a baby. He needs all the hugs in the world. 


I wasn’t aware of that deleted scene’s existence! Oh my gosh, that sounds heartbreaking! Why the hell did they cut it??

Riddle me this: why is it the more I learn about Rocket, the more I want to hug him? I’m not supposed to be this emotional over a gun-wielding snarky talking raccoon, I mean what the ever-loving hell!

I tell ya, it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens later…