Rocket Raccon


So I have to say, in terms of action, I definitely preferred Vol. 1 to 2. However, there were many things that really drew me in to this sequel. The primary thing being the team as family. I really loved the dynamics of the Guardians because it’s so vastly different from the Avengers. Where the latter is comprised of a group of people put together - arguably parasitic in nature, the Guardians are portrayed as a true family - with the arguments and the hurt and above all, the loyalty.

The movie touched on several deep and dark topics there, and I felt especially sympathetic with Nebula, which surprised me.

I probably need to watch it again to remember every single detail about it, but I think this was a pretty heavy movie emotionally, and that I really really REALLY wish Yondu didn’t die. (No lies, I cried when he did because what the fuck WHY)

That being said, why does MCU ALWAYS have douchebag fathers?!