• Northernlion:He's mad. It's either he's mad or he killed Tomo and he's like "Oh, shit."
  • Rockleesmile:Could he still be mad about that? Like "Buy me a new cat to play with!"
  • Northernlion:He's not that kind of cat. I hope.
  • Rockleesmile:"I killed the other one! I want another!"
  • Northerlion:I don't think Ryuka is capable of killing Tomo. Ah, maybe, I don't know. I think Tomo, he's a little silly, he might just let it happen.

The best trio of all time: Scum, Scumlord, Scumbag.
Seriously I love those guys!

NLSS stands for Northernlion Live Super Show (

This fan art is just a joke about the name of the show, not a real thing (the NLSS is NOT a nazi show, but nazis might love this show, I don’t know).

  • NL:I do also wanna point out, I saw a great comment in chat that said "Nick doesn't trust ATMs, but he trusts a rocket to be flown by a computer."
  • Nick:
  • NL:Do you have anything in your defense? Now's your thirty second period of rebuttal.
  • Nick:Alright, uh, ATMs, there's way less on the line, so they make them shitty.
  • Nick:I wasn't done!
  • NL:You are done, whether you know it or not.
  • Northernlion:No, I didn't get Guppy. I got 9 lives. I got 9 lives. That doesn't mean anything. You get a loaf of bread and someone says "Hey, thanks for going out and buying sandwiches," that doesn't make any fucking sense. Let's not put the cart before the horse here.
  • <Seconds Later>
  • Northernlion:Alright, now I've got Guppy's head in the boss trap room and I immediately regret what I recently said and I take it back and I apologize.
  • Rockleesmile:So you're going to have sandwiches with bread on them.
  • Northernlion:I think someone went out and bought a loaf of sandwiches today is what I'm trying to say.
  • Baer:Listen, don't talk about my Youtube competitors like that.
  • Mathas:I mean we're all technically competitors.
  • Ryan:That's true.
  • Rob:*At the same time* That's true, yeah.
  • Nick:.. we should really not do this video anymore.
  • Baer:Yeah, you've just opened my eyes up to the fact that I hate you all.
  • Mathas:I mean people already knew. We just didn't put it together.
  • Nick:People knew before we did.

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