Reminder to my fellow millennials.

The primaries are beginning. We outnumber every other voting block in the nation but that doesn’t matter if you don’t get off your ass and vote.

Get to the caucus, vote in the primaries and let’s make this happen. They laugh and say our generation is so apathetic and selfish that there is no way we’ll actually turn up. Please, let’s prove them all wrong. The future of this country belongs to all of us!

Check this out and find out what you need to do in your state to make sure your voice is heard.



Peasants and lower class

Triumph over powerful enemies

Nobility of the common person

This symbolism couldn’t have been more perfect if you tried, not to mention it was truly simple and sweet moment.

If it didn’t make you smile, even just a little, you’re numb and bitter.

I have to admit, I’m dying over all the Disney princess/ animals of the forest memes that are trending right now. Stay awesome, Bernerds… fight the good fight with internet savvy.

10 Reasons to Vote

1. If you don’t vote, a Republican run senate is in our future and issues on climate change will continue to be ignored.

2. Voting is your opportunity to make your voice heard on matters that are important to you.

3. There is power in numbers. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, someone else will.

4. If you want a say in who leads our communities, states, country and more then you need to vote for representatives that have your best interests in mind.

5. Between 2011-14, 205 laws were passed restricting access to abortion and birth control (source). Your vote helps women make their own decisions about their bodies.

6. Because women still earn $.78 for every dollar men earn. (source)

7. I don’t want to see another headline about a school shooting. We should enforce stricter gun laws.

8. Marriage Equality. Love is love and everyone has a right to marry whom they choose.

9. Because everyone has a right to affordable healthcare and voting can make that happen.

10. Voting is a right and a privilege not everyone has.

Klainers Rock The Vote is reminding you to register to vote if you haven’t already! If you have registered please remember to ask your friends, roommates, family, and random strangers even if they have! Voter registration deadlines are approaching!

Thank you to pencilpushingenthusiast for this awesome artwork! As always if anyone writes a drabble to this art work, let us know :)

Register to Vote Here

Scott, 24 (Los Angeles, CA)

“I actually haven’t voted before. Can you believe that? I know, I am embarrassed. You are like cringing right now…But here’s the deal! The first time I was allowed to vote was the last election. It’s when I was first old enough to vote, and…I didn’t. I was moving to LA, and I did not care about it, and I did not think about it”

“This year, I did register to vote though. And I am so ready to do it! Because I’ll be honest, when I was 19, 20… I didn’t care. I feel like a lot of people are in that boat. But I’ve been following this election more, and I’ve been really freaked out by the things going on, and so I feel like even though I am only one vote, that matters. I need to take control. I am hoping more people do too.”

“I used to think that one vote doesn’t matter, but that’s a very young way of thinking. Every vote does matter, and it’s about taking the time and actually doing it. If you vote, and you get excited about voting with the people around you, it becomes infectious. We can band together and make a difference – especially as Millennials. We have power when we band together.”

“If I were talking on Superfruit saying, “who has the time to vote?”, and our fans thought that they don’t need to vote either, we’d be banding together in a negative way. Every time you don’t vote, it’s a vote for the other side, really.” 

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