On this day in music history: July 29, 1973 - Led Zeppelin plays three sold out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Touring in support of their then current album “Houses Of The Holy”, the concerts are filmed for inclusion in the film “The Song Remains The Same” (released in October 1976). Before the last show, box office receipts totaling $203,000 are stolen from the safe deposit box at the Drake Hotel where band are staying. The box office receipts disappear sometime between the time the bands road manager Richard Cole and their attorney place the money in the hotel’s safe. Zeppelin’s personal manager Peter Grant holds a press conference discussing the situation. After a complete investigation, the money is never recovered and no one is ever charged in the theft.

Pegmatite minerals

This large crystal of fluorite, made of calcium and fluorine, sits atop a bed of muscovite crystals containing potassium, aluminum, silica, and hydrogen. Large crystals like these commonly form in pegmatite bodies, where fluids are given off of cooling granites. The fluids contain the last remnants of elements that don’t fit into the minerals forming as part of the granite, and the combination of heat from the granite and low viscosity fluids make it so that large crystals can grow rapidly. Many collection quality specimens are taken from this common igneous setting. This sample is found in the collection of Jack Halpern in California.


Image credit: https://flic.kr/p/s5jjd


In case you missed it, watch last night’s Moon Duo set in the Sculpture Garden. There are still lots of Summer Thursdays left, so join us next week for a performance by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, drinks in the garden, and special evening hours in the galleries

😂👌🏻 Top Pops runs headline: “Jimmy Survives The Big Quake”. Peter Grant: “We flew to Los Angeles and there was a small earthquake. It registered 5.6 on the earthquake meter and a building fell down. Jimmy Page and his road manager Richard Cole were stopping in Jean Harlow’s old suite in a hotel and Jimmy was reading up all the information he could about earthquakes. Jimmy was fascinated and scared. He’d read that most people who survived the big quake in the Thirties did so by sitting in a bath. Apparently a bath is the safest place because of the pipes it’s attached to –if a floor collapses, the bath stays in place because of the fittings. So he insisted that the bathroom be free at all times and forbade anyone to use it at all. Poor Richard had to go to someone else’s room every time he wanted to go to the toilet! “Every time Jimmy heard a car bang or any loud noise he’d rush into the bathroom and stay put in the bath till the all clear was given.” - May 3, 1969 || Source: Dave Lewis, The Concert File. #jimmypage #zoso #ledzeppelin #rock #classicrock #guitar #guitarist

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