So here’s a small sample of the stuff that gets me through long hours of dissertation writing. Mostly classic rock, mostly from the 1970s.

Every Day the Paper Boy

  1. When the Levee Breaks // Led Zeppelin
  2. Takamba // Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation
  3. Tom Sawyer // Rush
  4. Black Night // Deep Purple
  5. Let Me Put My Love Into You // AC/DC
  6. Turn It Up // Robert Plant
  7. Pigs (Three Different Ones) // Pink Floyd
  8. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper // Blue Öyster Cult
  9. The Man Who Sold the World // David Bowie
  10. Everybody Makes It Through (In the Light) // Led Zeppelin
  11. Death Valley Nights // Blue Öyster Cult
  12. Brain Damage // Pink Floyd

Best enjoyed with strong black coffee or maybe just whiskey if you’re at that point.


“Lay Your Hands On Me” by Bon Jovi

New Jersey (1988)

Beautiful pic! @myleskennedyofficial rocking the stage! Last night at #RHaTP2016, Post Falls, ID!!!!

© @mykcrawford Thx @rock945

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