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Could you do another Moriarty one? Maybe like the reader has a pet they're obsessed with and Jim's like; stop it; it's an animal. But secretly he wants their attention???

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Reader x Jim Moriarty

“Isn’t he the cutest thing ever!” You squealed, petting your new dog, Rocco.

“It’s a dog.” Jim grumbled and crossed his arms.

“The cutest dog.” You corrected Jim.

“You’re obsessed.” Jim muttered, moving closer towards you and Rocco.

You ignored Jim and continued to pet Rocco, giving him all your attention.

“Y/N,” Jim grabbed your hand before looking around the room to make sure no one was looking in. “You do realize that it’s just a dog right? Just a plain, old, boring dog.”

Rolling your eyes, you looked over at Jim. “You don’t understand the importance of pets.”

“That’s because it’s just something you play with when you’re bored.” Jim sighed.

You covered Rocco’s ears and brought him closer to your chest. A smile graced over lips before placing Rocco on Jim’s lap and standing up. “I’ll be back. Enjoy having a pet for a few minutes.”

You walked out of the room and hovered near the doorway, hoping that Jim believed you had left. His face contorted from confusion into disgust as Rocco licked his face.

“No, doggie.” Jim gave him a tight smile.

Rocco jumped onto Jim’s shoulders and licked his face again. Hesitantly, Jim gave him a small pat on the back. “Yes, there, now go find me Y/N.”

You laughed silently as Jim looked around the room. You ran behind the wall as his eyes scanned the doorway before peaking your head out a few seconds later.

“So, you’re a dog.” Jim said.

Rocco barked.

With one final glance from side to side, a wide grin erupted across Jim’s face as he gave Rocco a hug, petting him.

“Alright, you’re a cute dog.” Jim whispered to Rocco. “But don’t tell Y/N that she was right.”

Rocco licked Jim’s face as he smiled even wider.

You tiptoed a few feet away from the door then walked on the creaky boards as you re-entered the room.

“Oh, yes, hello Y/N.” Jim nodded at you.

“What’d you think?” You asked.

“He’s a dog.” Jim nodded before clearing his throat and standing up. “I should go.”

“So soon?” You frowned.

“I have to run a few errands.” He muttered. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jim started walking away, turning around in his tracks in a rush. “What sort of toys do dogs play with?”

“Tennis balls.” You smiled. “Or anything in the dog section.”

“Right okay.” He nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“You’ll see us tomorrow.” You grinned.

Jim gave you a small smile. “I’ll bring tennis balls.”

With that, Jim walked out of your front door and left you with your new dog Rocco and promises of his return tomorrow.

This is my priest’s dog, Rocco. He wishes to tell the sticky frogs that he likes them all very much and that they’re welcome to come to his church.

Hello Rocco! What a friendly face! 🐶😄🐸

Voigt likes your beautiful eyes and happy whiskers! 😀

She has been enjoying her bubbles this afternoon, so she sends you a happy smile, and a big hug! 🐸😊🐸


Miles McMillan’s L’Uomo Vogue Italia Interview

Translation from the original article in Italian

“Miles McMillan is a 27 year old very popular painter and model, and Zachary Quinto’s (Spock in Star Trek) better half. They’re one of the most influential power couples in the world of cinema and art (according to American Vogue), and having been together for four years, the two share a 3M dollar loft in New York City, and their two inseparable dogs, Skunk and Rocco. We’ve made sure to follow their every step on Instagram (follow them!), and their relationship is as perfect and photogenic as it gets.”  

“McMillan’s professional trajectory is equally perfect. Born and raised La Jolla, California, his mother is a psychologist, and his father a real estate entrepreneur. “My beautiful family has always encouraged me to follow my passion”. He moved to New York to study art history in NYU in 2009, and one day, as he walked through the Lower East Side, success came knocking at his door: “I was walking down the street, and a photographer stopped me and asked me to shoot for Urban Outfitters.” He hasn’t stopped ever since: from John Varvatos, Alexander McQueen, Dior Homme, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Lanvin, Paul Smith, to H&M, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fendi (he’s the face of their most recent SS ad campaign).”

“Although he is now one of the most sought after models in the world, he tries to balance it out with his artistic side, devoting himself to his craft in his studio: “It’s a daily struggle, trying to balance out these two activities, and it takes a lot of concentration and mental strength to channel my energy into what I’m doing, with no distractions.” He says that currently, what inspires him and interests him the most is “antique art, mostly greek and egyptian, but when talking about my main inspirations and points of reference I can’t not mention Picasso, Bacon, Richard Prince, Jonas Wood, John Currin, Schiele…”. So many passions! “I love cooking! I discovered this type of pasta made of almond flour so I made up a recipe with cabbage, lemon, hazelnuts and basil and balsamic dressing that I always make now. I also realized that doing exercise makes me feel much better: Muay Thai, weightlifting and yoga. And meditation works best for concentration. It makes me feel deeply connected to myself and it’s fundamental in my work and my life. His heart’s goals are “India and Japan, the places I would love to travel to”. What is he watching on T.V. at the moment? “Feud” (about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon). And I’m reading “Out on a Limb” by Shirley MacLaine (which recounts the actress’ spiritual journey and her take on New Age philosophy); we share the same interests, and I quite like her point of view.” When talking about himself, he calls himself an optimist, and says he appreciates everything, “existence is a lot simpler when you love it unconditionally”. Which is true for him, having been an object of desire through his entire career, loving existence doesn’t sound like such a difficult thing. When talking about the future, he doesn’t rule out giving acting a try: “I’m a big fan of Sofia Coppola’s films, and it would be a dream to be a part of one of her worlds”. And how does Miles McMillan see himself in ten years? “Back and forth between New York and Los Angeles. A creative, ever-evolving artist. With a child and, hopefully, my dog ​​Rocco, still with us. And tanned, tanned, tanned!”.

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