Rocco the Dog

I have decided that Rocco (from o-taku-tome’s wonderful fic!) is going to be a Rottweiler. Partly because I want a large fictitious dog, since I’m never going to own a large one IRL (I’m tiny, so control/training would probably be hard), and partly because I have very fond memories of a wonderful children’s book I loved years ago involving a “guardian dog” Carl who takes care of a baby. XD 

I imagine me and Roberto get Rocco a year or two before our eldest child, thornsandbloodiedroses/Felice, is born (depending on which universe we’re in). The dog grows up with the kids and is very loyal to them and Leah. He and Robbie get along well too, but instead of that unwavering loyalty they’re more “bros,” and they have their moments of vying for the others’ affections. idk how to explain it, haha. XD;;

I was also like, “It’s gotta be a short-haired breed because grooming can be a douche-canoe." 

I mean, sure, Robbie and me could just hire groomers, but idk. I’d want to be very hands-on with my pet. >u< Plus shedding. 

Oh my gosh. I’m not sure if Rottweilers shed a lot, but with longer-haired breeds it would be a nightmare for poor Alberto, I’m sure. XD;;

So there we go! I hope it’s okay that I’m "formally” adopting Rocco, Kiki!