Rocco won a Pawscar! Yes, like the Oscars, there are awards to honor the top animal actors. Actually, all the adorable pit bull puppies that played Rocco in The Drop won. They were top-notch but they also got to work with the best, which no doubt helped to raise their game. I’m sure they are thanking their handler Kim Krafsky & their beloved co-star Tom Hardy. :))

A trio of pit bull puppies won for their work in the late James Gandolfini’s last film, “The Drop.” It took T, Puppers, Ice and a makeup artist to bring to life Rocco, a dog that appears in the mob drama. Puppies grow so fast that the film needed three and non-toxic makeup to make them match. 

The American Humane Association, the group hosting the Pawscars, has a 75-year-old program that ensures the safety of animal actors and gives its approval by allowing the familiar “No Animal Was Harmed” tagline to roll in movie creditsRead more