Robyn Paris

The Room

DRINK when 

  • Johnny makes that annoying, awful, inappropriately-timed laugh noise
  • Denny shows up
  • anyone uses a phone
  • anyone tosses he football around
  • anyone makes the chicken noise. see gif. ps: not a chicken noise. 
  • Mark is referred to as Johnny’s best friend
  • anyone says “love”

Also, one of the characters is named “Chris R,” and when they see him they go, “Hey Chris R.” 1) Who calls someone by their first name and last initial like that? Why not “Hey Chris?” If its to differentiate between all the other guys named Chris in the area, let me point out that these two people ARE ALONE. 2) also there are no other characters named Chris in the movie that you would need to set this one apart with a surname. The main character doesn’t even have a surname! UGH!

Room To Spare: 'The Room' Actors Start Mockumentary Kickstarter

Room To Spare: ‘The Room’ Actors Start Mockumentary Kickstarter

Credit: Tumblr

Oh The Room

What can I say about this cinematic masterpiece of bad movies? It’s the definition of “so bad, it’s good”. It has been mocked, torn apart, critiqued, and studied. There have been books written about this movie. The Room will one day probably grudge match with Troll 2 as the best bad movie of all time.

It’s just special. It is a special kind of bad. I can’t really say…

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