are you a Bend Time Corvo or a Devouring Swarm Corvo? a ‘Robust’ and ‘Spirited’ Corvo (rely on potions) or a ‘Water of Life’ and ‘Spirit Water’ (rely on water taps) Corvo? a Shadow Kill Corvo or a City Watch mega sleepover Corvo?

Maxim Gun Endurance Test

As early as 1890, the US military had been interested in the Maxim Gun, recommending purchase of a number for troop trials. In the winter of 1897 the Springfield Armory completed an endurance test with a Maxim gun chambered in the then standard .30-40 Krag service ammunition. 20,000 rounds were fired into a specially built sandbox just in front of the gun.  

While the US did not immediately adopt the Maxim they were impressed by its reliability and robust design. Once funding allowed, the US Army eventually adopted the Maxim Model of 1904. A decade late the US standardised to the Colt-Vickers Model of 1915 before switching to the Colt-Browning M1917.


Hatcher’s Notebook, J.S. Hatcher, (1948)
Newly discovered Spanish rhabdodontid helps resolve dinosaur migration
A tiny new plant-eating dinosaur discovered in Northern Spain has helped paleontologists answer big questions about the evolution and migration of ornithopods.

Europe in the Late Cretaceous was a series of islands separated by warm shallow seas; imagine Indonesia meets the Bahamas. Living on those islands were several groups of dinosaurs, some familiar to most readers, others less so. One of the more common groups were the rhabdodontids, known from several species found all over Europe.

Most rhabdodontids were about the size of emus, but had long tails, and large heads with beaks and robust teeth. Rhabdodontids belonged to a group called the ornithopods that include the large duck-billed hadrosaurs and spike-thumbed iguanodonts, as well as smaller fleet-of-foot hypsilophodonts among others…

F-for blog purposes! 

Alfred truly focuses on the priorities. 

A very happy birthday to Siobhan! I had planned to finish this sooner, but boy did coloring take WAY longer than expected. 

For context: Ace, Siobhan, and I were coming up with ideas for akumas, and we thought of one similar to Dark Cupid– but it actually produces love rather than hate this time around. At some point Kiku gets hit and well… Alfred.exe stops working for a bit. 

((My memories are a bit fuzzy on the whole scene so I had Kiku get hit as a civilian, mainly so that expressions are easier to see. If I got it wrong I’m sorry!!))



Fred Perrin/Michael Janich Fusion : quelques exemplaires du First Run (limité à 500 exemplaires) bientôt en stock sur SimpleStupide ! Une bête de concours, mêlant le profil angulaire typique des Janich avec le manche ergonomique des Perrin. Il est lourd et robuste (115 grammes sans l’étui kydex), taillé dans une barre d’acier 440 C, et une lame d’environ 8 cm, mais il reste bien équilibré selon la tradition des couteaux Perrin qui sont une véritable extension de la main en action.

Ne sortez pas sans lui !

We’ve got lucky and snatched a few of these very cool First Run Limited Edition (of 500 pieces) Perrin/Janich Fusion - this hybrid knife got the very ergonomic handle of Fred Perrin’s knives and the angular blade design from Michael Janich. It’s a compact (with an 8.2 cm blade) but very robust (115 grams sheathless) that still manage to be well balanced, providing the traditional Perrin’s sensation of the blade as an extension of the hand.

Don’t live home without it !

© Con Poulos

Wine Wednesday: This is the quintessential beef stew. Jacques Pepin’s mother served it at her restaurant, Le Pelican, where she made it with tougher cuts of meat. Jacques likes the flatiron–a long, narrow cut that’s extremely lean but becomes tender and stays moist. He doesn’t use stock, demiglace or even water in his stew, relying on robust red wine for the deep-flavored sauce.

Recipe: Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce

One problem with Yahoo is that they put all their focus on $$$ and none of it on users and it shows. It’s shortsighted to money grab instead of building brand loyalty. Xkit’s anti-capitalism extension blocks these awful autoplay ads. But it takes it a second to kick in and so I’m getting 2-3 second of men yelling at me about shit I don’t care about.

I don’t think this is the end of tumblr, but we are probably approaching a tipping point as frustrated users. From 2005-2010 fandom wanted to leave LJ. People set up Dreamwidth accounts and cross-posted, but never actually left. Until people ended up here. We’ll end up somewhere else at some point–when there’s a new platform exciting enough to attract new users and existing ones. Then we have to hope Yahoo doesn’t buy it.

Anyway. Probably not a bad idea to backup your tumblr:

A quick guide to wordpress backups.

tumblripper will back up images

frostbox but they charge a fee

If you know how to run Python scripts here’s stuff at github to back up a local copy and create feeds.

Sinopec Group expects robust overseas output through next yr

“In the first half of this year, our overseas production increased 29.8 percent on-year; the second half growth will be about the same,” Sinopec Group vice president Zhang Yaocang said in Beijing on the sidelines of a shareholders’ meeting.“Overseas production next year will surely step up,” Zhang added, without giving details.Sinopec Group just signed an agreement to acquire Canadian oil and gas explorer Daylight Energy Ltd for C$2.2 billion ($2.1 billion) in cash.“The asset’s quality is good, the price is good, and the potential to add value is good, too. We are optimistic about the value that will be added,” said Sinopec Group chairman Fu Chengyu.The company also completed the purchase of an 18 percent stake in Chevron Corp’s Indonesian deep-water project for $680 million recently.Asked whether the company’s overseas acquisitions would speed up, Zhang said: “That depends on if it is suitable. If resource conditions are good, fiscal and tax policies are good, political environments are good, we will start doing something when we should."Sinopec Group is the parent of Hongkong-listed and Shanghai-listed China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (Sinopec) . The group does overseas upstream oil and gas investment and operations via its wholly owned unit, Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corp (SIPC).