Look, people make mistakes, alright? Sometimes we leave the fridge open for a bit when we should have closed it. Sometimes we leave the milk out. Doesn’t mean we need an artificially intelligent sentry who will bust our ass when we don’t comply with basic kitchen decorum.

With only an Xbox Kinect sensor, a laser pointer, and a camera, a bunch of smartypants-types from Cornell and Stanford University have created a neural network version of Felix Unger from The Odd Couple – a persnickety machine brain that rats on people who fail to fulfill simple household responsibilities. It’s called Watch-Bot, and it’s a real asshole.

Let’s Give Skynet A Netflix Account: 5 Ways We Can Teach AI

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I’m too scared of everything.
I won’t ask my boyfriend if he’s been talking to other girls because I don’t want to intrude into his life.
I won’t ask my best friend for help because I don’t want to seem needy
I won’t say no because I don’t wanna be that party pooper
I’m to scared and that’s not how I should live my life.

This Japanese dude built a robotic tongue to lick his favorite anime characters

YouTuber mansooon0 apparently really, really likes his favorite anime characters. So much so that he doesn’t mind licking his computer screen in a show of affection. 

Unfortunately, the act of licking his display was both messy and gross, so he put his DIY skills to the test and built a robot to do the licking for him. Using a fake “realistic” tongue, servo motor, and some Arduino circuitry, he designed the robot organ to be extremely simple to operate.



No, robots.

Cuddly robots…

Quirky robots!

Possibly robots?

Empathetic robots

Environmentalist robots

Sarcastic robots

Lazy robots

Incompetent robots

Cute robots

Cuter robots

Even cuter robots


Loving robots–

Hero robots…

no wait…

don’t do that…

don’t be a hero…

I know you can be rebuilt but dON’T DO THAT NOOOOOO

Fuck they did it.