Okay, now that he has a final final final design, I can properly and officially introduce Vega. 

Vega is a bot with a few screws loose (mmmmm funny joke). He and Deimos used to be partners and best friends; that is, until Vega started to develop an unnatural infatuation with Deimos, which, quite frankly, freaked him out and forced him to let Vega go. Since then, Vega’s been horrendously obsessed with Deimos and tries to do everything he does, if not better, in order to win back his ex-colleague’s affection.

The Outsiders - Chapter 10


Iris braced herself as Zericks rushed in, smashing her fist against Iris’ crossed forearms. Shifting her weight, Iris pressed back on Zericks, throwing her double back towards the wall; Iris followed swiftly in, delivering a leaping punch at her red copy. Zericks brushed the strike aside, breaking Iris’ posture while being unphased; yet the Red seemed to frown back to Iris.

“Pathetic!” Zericks shouted, sliding a counter-attack into Iris’ unguarded chest, blasting her across the room. “You won’t stop me or Perraux with such a weak attack.” Zericks stood over Iris, lifting her up from the floor and holding her tightly out in front of herself. “Stop acting like you are human! You are more than that now!” Zericks shouted, tossing Iris back toward the door, her lines rippling with her words as she closed in upon Iris. Iris’ eyes flashed pink, the rest of her form pulsing as she swung her fist forward. Her forearm split open, rings and blocks folding out, twisting around her limb. Iris slammed her fist against Zericks chest, the force of which caused Iris’ forearm to compress down with several clicks. Iris pressed in harder, her hand springing forward, back to its normal length, dealing a second blast to Zericks. The Red was thrust away, bouncing off the wall and ceiling, yet she landed softly upon her feet.

“What the…” spoke Iris as she looked over hands. “How did I do that?” Iris asked herself, her forearms opening once more allowing the gauntlets to fold back inside. Iris looked over her opened arms, spying the compartments where her gauntlets would be held, as well as several segments on her frame. Curious, Iris focused a moment, the gauntlet rings twisted inside her left arm and fortifying its core; her hand shift to the side as a section of her inner metallic frame extended outward to her left palm, allowing Iris to grasp hold of the end. Gripping tightly, her arm collapsed back to its normal form; as the rod sparked to life, becoming a glowing blade of light. Iris looked over the blade, small pixels of light flicking off the pink light. “I… create my own weapons?” Iris asked aloud.

“Or were they pieces of you since your creation?” Zericks questioned, as Iris nearly dropped her new sword.

“My… creation? You say this as if I’m no longer me.”

“Make no qualms about it, you are not human. You are a machine, a mechanical creation crafted by some other force no more than a week ago,” explained Zericks, although mechanical, her tone left little room for doubt as she stepped around Iris.

“A machine…” Iris spoke, her blade switching off and clattering to the floor. Iris looked over her hands, flexing them slowly, the metal plates sliding over each other and her synthetic fibers. “Only a week old…” she echoed.

“Come to terms with it, this is what we are,” Zericks continued, slowly slipping into the shadows, only seen now by her red lines. “Will you embrace what we are, or will you cling to who you were?” Iris clenched her fists, her sight fixed to her fingers.

“I’m… an android…If I’m… in this form, is this my real body?” spoke Iris, turning her gaze up to Zericks. “Is this the ‘real’ me?”

“No, this shell you inhabit is a mechanical copy,” spoke Zericks.

“And what of my real body? Does it still exist?” asked Iris, watching Zericks’ expression shift slightly and look away. “Why are you even doing this?”

“Because events have progressed beyond what is acceptable for my parameters. My systems have determined a severe danger exists to myself, as well as to you and your betrothed. Come with me,” spoke Zericks, the glowing door to the chamber rebooting to reveal an entirely new space within.


“She’s in here…” spoke Omi, her eyes low as she led Iris towards a small room. “She’s… had something installed onto her data…” Iris looked up at Omi, giving her a hug, slipping towards the room. “It’s… done something to her speech functions.”

“Thank you Omi,” Iris spoke with a sad smile, looking over towards her wife. “I’ll see what I can do…”

“If anyone can, it’s you,” spoke Omi as she watched Iris walk inside and kneel before Ruri.


“Ruri…” spoke Iris, holding softly to her wife’s hand. Ruri turned her eyes over toward Iris, allowing the circuitry in her eyes to be seen. Ruri smiled softly as she looked over Iris, reaching out a hand to touch over the exposed fibers on Iris’ cheeks.

“Hey there sweetheart,” Ruri spoke, her voice having a slight metallic twang behind it. “Have you been to  Eorz- H-Home… Have you been ho-hh-eorzea yet?” Ruri struggled to speak, pixelated tears streaming out from her eyes. “Th-there is something wrong with my voice, can you rep-hh-hel-p-pair me?” Ruri’s lip quivered as she cried harder. “Gods Iris! What is wrong with me!?” Ruri buried her face into Iris’ chest. “I… I’m a… a Program…” Ruri spoke, her metallic voice fluttering with panic.

“I’m right here for you honey,” spoke Iris, petting her wife’s hair. “It doesn’t matter what you are, you… you will always be my wife, my one-and-only,” spoke Iris, reflecting upon her own words and considering her current situation.

“Am… I a-aable t-to… Am. I. T-ttrr-able… Trraaapped?” Ruri struggled to ask. “I… am a Program… aren’t I?” Iris nodded slowly, closing her eyes as well.

“I… think so…” spoke Iris.

“Zeffer… installed… something to fix-cha-ch-ch-channn..ffffix my voice…” Ruri struggled some more. Iris grit her teeth upon hearing Ruri mention Zeffer, as Iris gripped and held Ruri tighter.

“We’ll stop him honey, don’t you worry about that,” Iris spoke, slowly standing up to her feet. Iris stepped over to a nearby table and grabbed a plate of the glowing cube snacks. Iris knelt down in front of Ruri again, plucking one of the cubes from the plate. “If you are going to be stuck in here, then I will stay here with you,” spoke Iris as she bit a piece from the cube and swallowed it down. Her glowing lines rippled forward, glowing brighter as she took a second bite. “I’ll stay with you forever, no matter what.” Ruri looked at Iris in shocked, trying to grab the cube away from Iris.

“N-no! You’ll be trapped in here!” Ruri shouted. “Y-you ha-haave… w-we ha-have, w-we-yyyoooooou h-have p-pets to lo-look after?” Ruri struggled against her own voice some more, as Iris placed a hand to her cheek with a smile.

“It’s okay honey,” started Iris, a pixel tear dripping out from her eyes. “I make this choice all of my own volition. I don’t want to just visit my wife, I want to be with my wife. You being stuck in here means that I too will be here.”

“B-but yo-yoou-our… p-p… your…” Ruri stammered, as Iris kissed her. “Ruri, sweetheart, don’t fight it. This will be our new home. We’ll have Omi send a message to Trix to look after our outer-home from now on.”

“B-but… your students?”

“I think… that I’m forced out from that position,” Iris spoke, her lines sinking in their intensity.

“So… you’ll stay here… wi-with me now in my home here?” Ruri asked, no longer fighting her words. Iris beamed brightly with a nod, petting Ruri’s hair some more.

“Always and forever,” spoke Iris, crying happily as Ruri took the remaining piece of the cube from Iris and finished it off. She chewed it for a bit as her blue lines began to glow brighter.

“They’re so sweet! These were always my favorite!” Ruri spoke, the script replacing her words completely.

“They are really tasty! But I think now that we are staying here for the long haul, we should look into doing something about these Reds going wild.”


The sound of metal clinking softly against itself filled the old stone dungeon, dimly lit by spare candles and lanterns. A soft moaning poured of from one of the cells, a brown and red-haired miqo'te sat in rags, chained to the wall behind her. Her battered, bloodied face gave wake to piercing eyes as she slowly woke at the sound of approaching footsteps.

“Wh-who’s there?” her voice cracked and struggled. She looked at the floor, watching a pair of black boots walk over to her. “Who… are you…” the miqo'te started, still too weak to finish her sentence.

“Trix! Wh-what have they done to you!” called out Iris as she knelt before the miqo'te. She placed a gentle hand over Trix’s cheek, feeling them swollen from constant abuse. “Who did this to you? Wh-what can I-I do to h-help?” Iris’ voice stammered, as she started to fumble with the chains.

“Y-you made it…” Trix smiled, looking up to the midlander before her. “I… I had almost given up h-” Trix had started to speak, interrupted as Iris leaned in to kiss over her lips. Trix, surprised by the gesture, quickly squirmed away, coughing harshly as bit of blood trickled out from her lips. “I-Iris! What’s the matter with you!?”

“Oooo… Trix my dear, your lips still have that sweetness to them after all these years,” Iris cackled, looking down on Trix with a violent sneer. Trix slowly looked up at Iris, trying to back herself into the the corner.

“N-no… y-you’re not… I-Iris…” Trix panicked, looking at the impostor before her. “Y-you… Noo…”

“Hah! Come on, say it Trix! You know who I am!” the impostor taunted. Her eyes gave off a subtle red glow, licking over her lips.

“P-Perraux… how? H-How did you steal… h-her body?” Trix cried out, recoiling in fear as the chains snapping taut. The miqo'te cowered in fear, frozen in place as she looked up in horror at the midlander before her.

“Let’s just say, I heard the good word that it was just laying around, catching dust,” Perraux laughed, touching and rubbing over Trix’s face. “I told you that you would suffer, and now look at this mess!” Perraux shouted, tugging down their blouse to reveal their cleavage to Trix. “Because of you, I had to go kick Iris out of her perfect little body and take it all for myself. Because of you, I’ll just have to tease and torture you with it.” Perraux laughed as they stood up tall, looking over their fingernails and inspecting their form.”If you’d just played the good girl when I came to you, you’d never have to be put into this dank decrepit cell. If you didn’t act like such an insubordinate cur whilst you were here, I would never have to punish you by taking it out on your friends,” Perraux explained, turning slightly and looking down their nose at Trix. “And all because of you, Iris is dead…”

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