By request, some (albeit loosely) cocktail themed adoptables!

Rusty Nail (not for sale atm)
Blue Blazer (available - $20)
Black Velvet (TAKEN)
Screwdriver (TAKEN)
Moonwalk (TAKEN)
Bushwacker (available - $15)
Hangman’s Blood (TAKEN)
B-52 (TAKEN)
Sex on the Beach (TAKEN)
Flirtini (available - $15)

Send me an ask if you’d like to purchase any of these character/designs! Be sure to specify which one(s) you want in your message. You can change them as much as you like after purchasing them.

SVMS-01SG Union Flag Ground Package Shell Type

A variation of SVMS-01 Union Flag, introduced in AD 2308, with its flight pack removed for a full armor system named Ground Package Type 1. This system is unique in the sense that by absorbing and evaporating heat, the armor reduces damage to the main unit. The outer surface is covered by a layer of nanomachines, which are able to change the color of the armor.

Although the Shell flag loses its ability to fly without the flight unit, the machine is still capable of hovering above the ground for several seconds. The units used for ground combat tend to have this role assigned to them permanently.

To intimidate enemies, all Flags possess an AI system that controls the visor to make an eye pattern.