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Paypal Invoice only (How Invoices work) Please have some idea of the pose you’d like to have drawn, a reference picture for the posing is a plus, but a description is fine. I’ll send you a first sketch or two of the character(s) in the pose we’ve decided on, then i’ll send you an invoice once you’ve approve the sketch. I will continue working on the drawing once payment has been sent. *No major posing will be changed after I start inking, so please be sure to tell me of any changes you want during the sketching stage!

Please have picture references of the character(s) you want drawn  

Will not draw vehicles/instruments, animals, hardcore gore, complex backgrounds, super detailed armor, or any hardcore kinks like scat and vore.

Will draw just about anything that’s not on the list above.


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Letters from the Depths of Solitude (The Eleventh)

Whatever demands I’ve ever had in my ridiculous heart for a man, I knew all along that they are not realistic at all. A creature of bones and blood won’t stand such demands for a second. The infinite forgiveness of the co-conspirator and a deathbed confident, together with the unhesitant decisiveness, are not to be sought in the living.

I should have created a golem for myself, out of fine dust, blue clay; a doll, an animated automaton, enlivened with the mystical combination of Hebrew letters; he, as we know from the seventeenth century legend, would inevitably revolt against his master. The rise of golems foreshadowed the rise of the machines, sleek shiny robots. For the revolt is what we’d expect from the being endowed with a free will and permeating intelligence. We know that our habits and customs are disgusting, and every sentient being not foreign to dignity would overthrow them with a metallic laughter, should opportunity arise.

This is the most interesting part, the noncompliance with the rules, the unrelenting independence of the mind and freedom-loving soul. The world is infinitely magical, even if it avenges on me with its habitual cruelty for that reason that I dare to exist.

But I dare. I am undeniable. I am invincible; there is no way to harm or wrong me, because I am relentless, reflective, and adamant, and I am the truth.

(Written with a finger in strawberry jam on the table.)





“Bumzo” Aichi prefecture, Japan.