Tesla P100D vs Modified Hellcat Challenger
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Android 18

To do this day, I have a mega crush for this tough beauty from the DragonBall Z universe. Also, I love her more with this outfit than her more common on.



It’s Dan vs Phil vs a sassy robot called Bianca in QUICK DRAW 

ELI5: Why can't bots check 'I am not a robot' checkboxes?

Actually, clicking the box is a rather trivial part of what those CAPTCHAs are looking for. What they’re actually looking for are things like:

did the ‘user’ instantly move their mouse to the exact coordinates of the box, or did they traverse thru the page like a human would?

is the user scrolling to the box, or are they remotely executing javascript to trigger a scroll to the box?

how long after page load did the user find the box? Too quickly is obviously a red flag, but taking too long is also. commonly, to get around reCAPTCHA you’ll need to find out 4-5 areas to click in addition to the initial click. The way that most people do this is using CAPTCHA services, which are real people solving them and returning the answer to you (i.e. for a text captcha, you’d send them the image and they’d send back the letters/numbers). The way you do this with reCAPTCHA is sending a screenshot of the computer, and you are returned the coords that you’re supposed to click on to answer the question properly. [e: apparently this method is old, and a new method where the CAPTCHA is actually served up to the person within the service that will solve it for you!] However, it usually doesn’t take a legitimate human 5 minutes to answer a few questions about 9 images. if you take too long, they’ll make you do another image check challenge.

basically, it’s really, really difficult to make a bot move the mouse, scroll, and react naturally to a page load. and even if you do manage to fool reCAPTCHA, you’ll be thrown to a few image tasks which may serve to block you out from the website completely, due to the reasons mentioned above.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Late night robo drawing ahhhhhhhhh!

This is Nigel the mailbot. He prints out emails and delivers them in envelopes to senior citizens who never figured out how to use the internet. When they send out mail he just scans them and sends them out through his built in Wi-Fi.

He’s very popular the old ladies. They bake him cookies that he cannot eat.