Intel Euclid Makes Robots Smarter Than Sideshow Gimmick - Robotics Trends
Intel's Euclid is more than just a fancy camera. It's the evolution of decades of development around the most critical piece of the robotic equation: the software.
By Oliver Mitchell

Euclid has a 3D RealSense camera that can serve as the eyes in a robot, capturing images in real-time. It has motion and position sensors that can help the robot move around both indoors and outdoors. An Atom processor provides the computing capabilities to analyze the images and data gathered by the robot (i.e., its brain).

Euclid has wireless connectivity capabilities for communication and tracking. It runs the Ubuntu OS and the ROS (Robot Operating System) set of robot development tools and libraries, which are used to develop many robots today.

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Prompt: logical

“What’s more logical than a robot?” I thought, pulling out this ancient, decrepit character design. Immediately I discovered that this robot, if actually constructed, would constantly be falling over because I appear to have designed it as if it is permanently attached to a unicycle. In the end: not very logical.