I’m about to eat.

The puppet required two guys (though fully clothed, and hopefully with their genitals intact) getting smooshed together to operate Jabba’s arms and mouth. Plus, there were people controlling his face and eyes, and a little person in Jabba’s tail with a crank to make it wag – you know, for all of those scenes where Lando jingled his keys and talked excitedly about going to the park.

It was like if a NASA command module was half the size, and instead of an adventure to the heavens, the “astronauts” were only there to make a repulsively bulbous alien puppet shit-talk Han Solo.

Most insanely, there was a guy whose only job was to crouch underneath Jabba and smoke cigars, blowing the smoke through a tube to make it look like Jabba was puffing away.

The suit itself was so crowded, one puppeteer claimed that Carrie Fisher might have stepped on the tail guy’s head in the scene where she kills Jabba. Say what you will about the CGI version of the character, at least his presence didn’t necessitate a bunch of dudes reenacting a dry-hump orgy inside a monster-shaped bag.

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