Robin SSB

As a fan of both Super Smash Bros. and Fire Emblem, I’d like to put a few thoughts out regarding the lack of amiibo for female Robin (and by extension female Corrin). See, a lot of people are raising a fuss about it because of potential implications of sexism. Not everyone of course - a lot of people just want an amiibo of the character gender THEY played as, more amiibo of characters from one of their favorite series, and other such things. But to the people who believe it to be sexism, I’d like to point out to everyone that the female versions of Robin was included into smash as an alternate skin to her male counterpart.

Why? I can’t really say. Maybe the male versions was supposed to be the “canon” gender for the Fire Emblem series. Maybe some people at Nintendo flipped a coin. Seriously, I’m not the person to ask about that. My point though, is that the female version of Robin is NOT separate characters on the Smash roster, and don’t NEED amiibo of her right now. Like, Nintendo isn’t trying to supply you with gender specific amiibo, they’re trying to supply you with CHARACTER specific amiibo, and there are already amiibo of Robin.

I mean, do you KNOW how imbalanced the supply and demand rate for amiibo are right now? To use the topic of our subject, I have been looking at every retailer in my area since it’s release to find a Robin amiibo (and a Lucina amiibo too while I was at it) and haven’t ONCE seen one in person. Ever. And I KNOW some have been shipped here a few times because I’ve seen the price tags where they USED to be in store on multiple (but few) occasions. The same goes for Marth, Ike, Shulk, Wii Fit Trainer, and basically any character that isn’t from a Mario or Mario spin off game. The reasons for that are that Nintendo underestimated the popularity of amiibo, Nintendo wasn’t making money as fast as they were losing it until somewhat recently, and Mario (being their primary IP) was the only safe bet for mass scale production.

Fire Emblem especially wasn’t projected to have so much interest, because in addition to America getting it VERY late in its lifespan, Fire Emblem was actually dying out not long ago. The series was making SUCH poor sales that they almost cancelled it before Awakening even came out. Awakening itself was an amalgamation of a bunch of ideas and features that fans responded well to in a desperate attempt to save the series. Luckily, it worked, but Nintendo is clearly afraid of a regression because while Fire Emblem Fates has in fact proven itself to be a good game (if the sales rates in Japan are any indication), you need to remember that it was only improving upon a pre-existing formula and not taking a ton of risks in reinventing itself.

Its also noteworthy to point out that NONE of the Super Smash Bros series of amiibo have versions featuring alternate skins or pallets except for R.O.B. and thats only because Nintendo had to make the two separate versions anyway - one for the version originally marketed in America (white and grey) and one for the version orginally marketed in Japan (white and red). -Of course, I’m referring to the R.O.B. accessory that went with the NES that the character in Smash is based on, and not the character itself. Just for those of you who didn’t know about that.

What I’m really trying to get at here, is that Nintendo isn’t trying to be sexist. They’re just struggling with amiibo production right now and can’t really afford to make new versions of their pre-existing amiibo when they’re already struggling to get us the ones they’ve ALREADY made, on top of the ones that are currently planned on being made. Besides, Nintendo hasn’t said that they won’t make those versions at all - in fact, if the demand for these amiibo continue its very likely that we WILL get it. I mean, lets be honest, if there’s one thing Nintendo loves to do, its finding new ways to sell you something you basically already have, right?