Big Rumors

4chan has been causing some noise with big rumors of big changes coming to DC. I’ve decided to take a look at what they’re saying and share my opinion.

1)      Dark Days is the mysterious “Metal” event Scott Snyder has been teasing he’ll do with Greg Capulo. It will bring characters from alternate Universes to Prime DC Earth, some of which will try to take it over. Some of them will stick around after the event and be featured in books from September, when every title will get a one-shot setting up new status quo after one year time skip. – Pretty standard, I could buy this one.

2)      One of the characters that stick around will be Superboy Prime, whom Clark will try to redeem on the pages of Superman. – Risky move since it’s Prime but I could totally see Superman try to redeem him.

3)      We will see the return of JSA with Power Girl, Jay Garrick, Red Tornado, Alan Scott and Johnny Thunder, in a new book by Dan Abnett – Will those be Earth-2 characters back to the Prime Earth or Pre-Flashpoint versions?

4)      Another character from another Universe to stick around will be Mar’I Grayson, daughter of Dick and Kory. Nightwing will have to search for her in his own book. – I could see it. If this and 14 will be true, I want them to cross over.

5)      Another will be Bart Allen, who will be featured as Impulse alongside Jesse Quick, Max Mercury and older Wally West in Speed Force by Brett Booth and writing and art – Hell yes Bart is back. And since people wanted a team of speedsters – yeah, I can see this too.

6)      Red Robin will escape from Mr. Oz’ captivity and free several other inmates, leading them as the new Outsiders – They kept Tim quite a bit away, he really could return. Hope Conner and few other forgotten characters will be on this team.

7)      Cyborg will be canceled but replaced with a team-up book (mini?) between him and Shazam, by John Semper. Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps will be relaunched as Green Lantern Corps with Hal still leading, but Kyle dying in Dark Days and John and Soranik going to Cullen Bunn’s to Yellow Lanterns.  Don’t worry, Green Lanterns will still be going and keep its creative team, but will go monthly. – Don’t know about the others but I could see Green Lanterns turning monthly. I’ll be mad if they’ll kill Kyle.

8)      Other canceled titles are Superwoman and Blue Beetle with Jaime joining Teen Titans. Red Hood and the Outlaws as well, with Artemis and Bizarro returning to Wonder Woman and Action Comics and Jason getting a solo series by Lobdell. – Totally could see Blue Beetle canceled and Jaime joining Teen Titans and we already have rumors about Superwoman ending. But I thought people liked new Outlaws.

9)      Due to poor sales both Batgirl and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey will be canceled, Barbara will make heroic sacrifice putting her back into a wheelchair. The books will be relaunched as Birds of Prey, where Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary are joined by Lady Blackhawk and Batgirls by Genevieve Valentine, where Barbara trains Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as her successors. – And this one I cannot buy. DC was so adamant to keep Barbara as Batgirl I find it now hard to believe they would give in and make her Oracle again. And Babs training Steph and Cass written by Genevieve Valentine sounds too good to be true.

10)   Which of course means Cass is leaving Detective Comics. So is Clayface and the post-Dark Days roster will keep Batman, Batwoman, Batwing, and Azrael and add Duke Thomas, Harper Row and Anarky. – Happy to see Luke and Duke in one team since I wanted that and Harper and Kate could result in them showing up on another ball in tuxedos to pick up ladies, so I both could see this happen and would welcome them as additions to the team.

11)   Other new books announced are Legion by James Tynion, Checkmate by Tom King and World’s Fines by Tim Seeley, where every issue features a team-up between different members of Batfamily and Superfamily. – Team up book? Please let it be real, I always liked those.

12)   Batman leading the JLA will be revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. – For what purpose?

13)   More miniseries including 12-parts mini about Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, Justice Incarnate by Peter Thomasi and a completely new Batman Beyond starring Damian who grew up without knowing Bruce and a GCPD cop Sarah Grayson, Dick’s daughter, as his love interest. – Does that mean current Batman Beyond will be canceled?

14)   Slade Wilson will go missing with Rose taking the codename Deathstroke as she tries to find him. – Okay, on the one hand, Deathstroke editor recently teased a bold new direction (still by Priest) but on the other, it was something I once cooked up and proposed on this blog, even got in an argument whenever it would be a good decision with @rosewilsontheravager . It could be something they put for people like me to go nuts….

Growing up Batty: Part 5

  AN: Growing up Batty part 5 is here, this only has about four more parts and then it’s done. The next two are already written!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

  “I don’t like it.”

    “Nobody asked you.”

    “I. DONT. LIKE. IT.”

    “I. Don’t. Care.”

    The cackling in the background makes you roll your eyes, as you stretch forward. “I can’t believe you kept this from me!”

    You sigh, “You’ve been with the Titans for the past year. I wanted to tell you in person.”

    “What about all the times I came home for breaks?”

    You stare at your best friend, and finally shrug, “I was hoping to avoid a scene.”

    This time there’s gut busting laughter. You watch as Damian screams and rushes towards Todd. You continue with your stretches. It had been eighteen months since the attack on your school, and seventeen months since Damian had left to join the Titans at his father’s request.

    Damian hadn’t been able to refuse, and despite his griping in the month leading up to his departure, you know that he had been pleased. The fact that he’d learned to work somewhat with people outside his family had been nice too. Still, more often than not he called you at eleven o’clock on the dot to complain about something.

    You knew the truth though. Damian didn’t want to lose contact. He valued you and loved you as a friend just as like you loved and valued him. Neither of you clicked with ordinary people. You were both smart, enjoyed peace to noise, and both of you lived for the adrenaline rush that Gotham’s streets provided.

    The day after Damian had left for the Titans you had begun your training under Bruce Wayne. A natural flexibility, combined with a high intellect, and an ability to pick up on things quickly had led to you excelling in your new favorite pastime.

    You’d spent the first year training with Bruce, Grayson, Drake, and occasionally Todd, when he felt the need to stop by. You had spent your nights monitoring the computers. You’d gone on a few patrols, stopping thugs and muggers. You had yet to come across any major villains, and because of your parents you were happy to keep it that way … for now.

    The only one who knew was Bruce, and despite knowing that Damian wouldn’t care, you didn’t want it getting out.

    “All right, you and me on the mats, right now!”

    You look up at Damian, and cock your head to the side, “Why?”

    “I need to see what kind of damage Todd and Drake have done, and what I need to undo.”

    You blink several times, “Your father trained me. Occasionally Grayson. I only spar with Todd and Drake.”

    There’s another round of laughter as you get to your feet and follow Damian to the mats. Damian, just like the others, has years of experience on you, but you don’t let the intimidate you. You’ve had four years of knowing Damian. And you’d be willing to bet that you know him better than anyone else, including his family.

    At fifteen, he’s taller than you, by at least six inches, And he now has the weight to match the power of his martial arts. But you know how to read him. You use that. Early on in your training you’d found that Bruce’s style didn’t match your needs. He’d realized it just as quickly, and had called in Grayson.

The older man had looked at you, after your first training session and had simply said, “You’re meant to fly.” You’re small, and able to move. You can fit into tight places, and twist and turn your body in ways the boys can’t. You excel at acrobatics, and escaping. It drives Todd mad. It drives Damian even crazier.

Despite his years of training he can’t keep a hold on you. You always manage to break it or slip out of it. You do this, drawing the battle out before you move in for the attack. You deliver a series of jabs to weak areas, and pressure points. You’d always excelled in science, in biology and anatomy, and you make use of that in your fighting.

He crumples, and you sit down, right on his back. You smile, “You underestimated me.” You nudge him in the side with your heel, “Admit it.”

He glares up at you, “It won’t happen again.”

You shrug, “I don’t expect it to.”

He nods, a bit calmer, “At least I know you can handle yourself.”

“You should have known that already. Five years of friendship, remember.”

He grunts, “Will you get off please.”

You shake your head, “Nope.”

There’s another round of laughter, and Damian smiles up at you, “Just be safe okay.”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll have you as my partner after all.”

He looks up at you with a raised eyebrow, and you smile back, “Your year with the Titans was up as of three minutes ago. Welcome back to Gotham.” Damian just laughs.

Jason is secretly an amazing singer, but nobody except for Alfred, Roy, and his mother (or at least she used to) knows about it. That is until one day Cass was walking through the manor and happened to pass Jason’s room. She stopped when she heard a muffled noise coming from his bathroom, one that sounded oddly melodic. She let herself into his room and listened against the door to his ajoined bathroom. Aside from the loud sound of the shower spray, she could hear Jason actually singing, something she’d never heard before. He was belting out Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper, and it was so soulful and emotional that she was taken aback by it. She quickly left the room and grabbed Tim from where he was lounging on the couch, tugging him by the arm to Jason’s bathroom. When they got there, he too heard Jason’s beautiful singing, and he was just as shocked as Cass was. Before long they’d invited everyone else in the manor to listen, and they were all were shoving past each other in an effort to get closer to the door and listen to Jason’s incredible singing. By the time he started a rendition of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, Dick, Stephanie, and Barbara were full on sobbing, and even Damian was choking back tears. Bruce was especially moved, though he didn’t show it of course. But nobody missed the silent tears on his face. 

Jason soon finished his shower and the music ended, but no one left. A few minutes later Jason emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and humming quietly, only to find his entire family crowded around the doorway and sobbing in a heap on the carpet. He walked away awkwardly, not understanding what their deal was, leaving his family to ugly cry all over his floor.   

How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O- Older!Damian Wayne

Here’s the last part!!!!!

“Damian, can you please hand me some ibuprofen or something?” you asked and gestured to the cabinet.

“Of course, Beloved,” he said and placed it on the counter.  “Why are you in pain? Is it from patrol?”

You laughed, “No, it’s just cramps.”

Damian frowned, “You haven’t taken any medication today?”

You shrugged and swallowed a couple pills, “I never got a chance to.  Plus, it’s not that bad right now.”

When you turned back around to prepare dinner, Damian lifted you up and started walking back to the bedroom.  You let out a shriek and grasped his shirt tightly.

“What are you doing, Dami?”

“You shouldn’t be pushing yourself when you are in this state,” he stated and placed you gently on the bed.  “It is ridiculous that you must be punished for not conceiving a child.”

“Evolution, Damian, that’s all I have to say,” you said and pulled the sheets over yourself.

“Do you wish to have a child?” Damian asked suddenly.

“Is this just to relieve my cramps or to actually have a little Damian or (Y/N) running around?” you asked.

“If it relieves your pain and makes you happy, then that’s what I wish to do.” Damian stated and joined you in the bed. “I have been thinking of having a family of my own, but my doubts and fears have bested me from speaking to you.”

“You really thought this through, didn’t you?” you chuckled, making the tension between the two of you dissipate.  

“It has been over three years since we said our vows,” Damian said while playing with the ring on your finger, “and I would like to have a family with you, with your permission of course.”

You smiled and pecked his lips, “Expanding the Batfamily sounds like a wonderful plan.  Do you think Alfred will accept another child in the manor?”

“Pennyworth has been dropping hints for great grandchildren as soon as we said our vows, I think he will be relieved that he will finally get one.”