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editorial. Blue Sunshine - Blue Sunshine Montreal’s Psychotronic Film Centre and Home of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies Blue Sunshine Blue Sunshine. promos/ads. Blue Sunshine (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Blue Sunshine is a 1978 horror film directed and written by Jeff Lieberman and starring Zalman King and Deborah Winters. Blue Sunshine: Information from Blue Sunshine . Comedy Central. . email. DISCOVERY. Blue Sunshine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Blue Sunshine is the only album by the British supergroup The Glove, which was first released in 1983. industrial. The film has become a. Blue Sunshine is the only album by the British supergroup The Glove, which was first released in 1983. BLUE SUNSHINE (trailer) - YouTube Trailer for Jeff Lieberman’s 1976 shocker about some hippies who, ten years after taking Blue Sunshine, suffer some seriously nasty acid-flashbacks. Plot: Several former college students find their former drug experiences catching up with them in an unexpected and terrifying manner in this clever

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Blue Sunshine (1978)

Starring: Zalman King, Deborah Winters, Robert Walden, Mark Goddard, Charles Siebert

Screenplay: Jeff Lieberman

Director: Jeff Lieberman

Cult classic late ‘70s film with future softcore maven Zalman King as Jerry Zipkin, who witnesses a friend’s psychotic break during a party at which it’s discovered he’s wearing a toupee and is completely hairless. The male partygoers go looking for the guy, Fran, but he comes back and kills three of the women and then fights Jerry in the road, before Fran is hit and killed by a truck. For no good reason other than the plot requires it, Jerry doesn’t stay to talk to the cops and goes on the run, becoming prime suspect in the murders, with only his girlfriend Alicia (Winters) and doctor friend David (Walden) to help, as he tries to solve what caused not only Fran’s but other people’s psychosis and alopecia, all happening the same week, and all the people connected to Ed Flemming (Goddard, best known for Lost in Space), who’s running for Congress,. Flemming sold them “blue sunshine” LSD 10 years ago in college, which is now having a long-delayed series of side effects.

Ludicrous, hole-filled plotting and uneven acting, but Lieberman at least has an interesting (if nonsensical) premise for this quasi-horror film, which along with some other goofy choices elevates what is otherwise a nicely-paced if undistinguished low-budget thriller. King is quite good as well, believable even when doing stupid things. Look for an early appearance by character actor Brion James as a guest who disrupts the party with an unsettling Rodan impression.

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Posted 9:34pm on Wednesday, May. The Daily ReTORt: Wedded BlissTors - Part 3: Bathroom Humor. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor | Cinema365Movie monsters may come and movie monsters may go, but you can;t keep them down for too long. In wide release. Now that summer is here,. Nor are they sinners. Wedded Bliss Turns Extremely Icky in These New [Rec] 3: Genesis Photos. Wedded any input!? :-) longlifequotes.netWedded any input!? :-) Living Long Apr 30, 2008 . The Daily ReTORt: Wedded BlissTors - Part 1: Men Buy, Gals shop. It;s a mini-movie I made about the buying differences between men and women. Wedded Bliss: Movie Trailers!There are a couple of wedding related movies coming out that I just can;t wait to see! Here are the trailers for your enjoyment! The sometimes hellish responsibilities of a bridesmaid/maid of honor:. 121 episodes of Lost. Marriage is bliss, but these mini-movies have a humorous take on some of.Is this the most chaotic movie wedding ever? | BT VisionKristen Wiig;s brilliant comedy Bridesmaids, in cinemas now, is getting rave reviews for its hilariously chaotic take on wedded bliss. Ben + I are celebrating our 4th year of wedded bliss today. Breaking New Ground: wedded blissnot nearly enough movies at the theater. Here is a second installment of my Wedded BlissTors animated, movie shorts. Todd Rigney May 11, 2011 1 POSTED IN Horror Movie News, Images, REC 3: Genesis (2011) Movie. mcklinky (1) memories (4) merrick designs (1) miscellany monday (7) mother (4) motivation (1) movie (6) movie review (1) music (5) my poor husband (3) myrtle beach (1) nailbiting (1) Nashville (1) neighbors (1) new beginnings (2) new look. The Daily ReTORt: Wedded BlissTors - Part 4: Pillow Talk - Funny. Wedded BlissTors Part 5: Vacation Blues Funny Movie Short

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