Elements of Maurizio Nannucci’s beautiful assemblage of artist’ multiples and pageworks “Rose aux…” published by Ecart in 1975 in an edition of 250 copies. With works by James Lee Byars, Robert Filliou, George Brecht, Giulio Paolini, Jochem Gerz, Endre Tót, Jannis Kounellis, Antonio Dias, Daniel Buren, Ben Vautier, Timm Ulrichs, Giuseppe Chiari, Ken Friedman, Alighiero Boetti, Robert Filliou and George Brecht, Parmiggiani, Robin Crozier, Emmett Williams, John Armleder, Carlos Gania, and Patrick Lucchini.

Catalogued today, from new arrivals at Division Leap

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