ROBERT FILLIOU [w/ George Maciunas, Peter Moore, Daniel Spoerri, Robert Watts, 1967] - ROBERT FILLIOU [Ample Food for Stupid Thought, 1965 - Book]. [ACP] - The book is originally designed as a set of 96 postcards, this is the first reproduction in book form. Dedicated to George Brecht. Introductions by Daniel Spoerri, Arman, Kichka Baticheff, George Brecht, William Burroughs, Christo, Diane di Prima, Brion Gysin, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Ray Johnson, Joe Jones, Alison Knowles, John Herbert McDowell, Jackson Mac Low, Nam June Paik, Benjamin Patterson, Diter Rot and James Waring. 

“When you make, it is art, when you finish, it is non-art, when you exhibit, it is anti-art. Art must return to the people to which it belongs.” —Robert Filliou— 

Robert Filliou
Mister Blue From Day-to-Day
Edition Lebeer Hossman, Brussels

Filliou wrote this book for his two children in 1963, but it wasn’t printed
until 1983 (now for his granddaughter). Illustrated by Dieter Roth,
Robert Filliou, Stefan Wewerka, Bjorn Roth, Jan Voss, Emil Schult, and
Andre Thomkins. English and German text. Edition of 1000 copies.

Si nous voulons être libres – tous libres, tous autant que nous sommes, pas seulement certains d’entre nous – nous devons non seulement tolérer mais accueillir le manque de discipline, la paresse, la spontanéité, la fantaisie et l’improvisation.
—  Robert Filliou