Aries: ‘Formation’ DylanLex Jewelry and Black Dress

Taurus:  ‘All Night’ Printed Dress

Gemini: ‘Pray You Catch Me’ Iconic Zip-up Hoodie

Cancer: ‘Freedom’ Maria Lucia Hohan Resort Collection Dress

Leo: ‘6 Inch’ Gucci Suit

Virgo: ‘Hold Up’ Robert Cavalli Fall Collection Dress

Libra: ‘Sorry’ Metallic Zana Bayne bra

Scorpio: ‘6 Inch’ House of  Malakai Head Piece

Sagittarius:  ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ Hood by Air Fur Coat and Yeezy set

Capricorn: ‘6 Inch’ Nicolas Jebran Orange Ball Gown

Aquarius: ‘Love Drought’ White Collar Dress with Black Panels

Pisces: ‘Formation’ Fendi Fur


1. 2013 Cannes film festival wearing Burberry 

2. 2014 De Grisogono Fatale In Cannes Dinner Party wearing Roberto Cavalli 

3. 2014 Mulberry party wearing Mulberry

4. 2013 “Art of the Trench” Event wearing Burberry 

5. 2014 Met Gala wearing Stella McCartney

6. 2014 Charity Gala wearing Yves Saint Laurent 

7. 2014 Cannes Film Festival wearing Chanel Couture 

8. 2013 Chopard Trophy Event at Cannes wearing Roberto Cavalli 

9. 2013 Met Gala wearing Burberry

10. 2014 Royal Marsden Dinner at Windsor Castle wearing Ralph Lauren 

anonymous asked:

LOL you don't believe race exists! Y p u people are the dumbest motherfuckers alive.

Sure we are.  Us, Bill Nye, medical anthropologist Duanna Fullwiley, biological anthropologist C. Loring Brace, geneticist Alan Templeton, biological anthropologist Alan Goodman, anthropologist Audrey Smedley, anthropologist Morton Fried, anthropologist Jonathan Marks, anthropologist Robert Sussman, geneticist Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, anthropologist Carol Mukhopadhyay, etc, etc. - all of us, “the dumbest motherfuckers alive.”

Where did you get your genetics or anthropology PhD from?

Since you’re so smart and we’re so dumb, answer some questions for us:

How many human “races” are there?   Three?  Six?  Nine?  Three hundred?   Please list them all and explain how do you define the boundaries of each race - that is, how much of what qualities does an individual have to possess to belong to one of those races?

How do you measure, in an objective and scientifically-valid way, to determine what “race” a given individual belongs to?

Are Jews white?  If so, why weren’t they white in 1920?

Are the Irish white?  If so, why weren’t they white 1850?  What about Italians? Romanians?  Turks?  When did they become white?

Why was there no mention of human “races” until the 17th century?

Why are there no genetic markers that are found exclusively in only members of one human “race?”

If you want to hold on to your erroneous belief in human races, here’s a tip: because there’s more genetic differences between tall people and short people or people who are lactose intolerant and people that can consume dairy without a problem, you could base your racial categories on those!  It would be a lot more scientific than cobbling together a random list of skin shades, hair types, eye colour and shape, nose shape, religious beliefs, languages, geography, etc. and claiming that = a scientifically-valid and objective way of classifying humans.

Quoting Alan Goodman:  ”I think by stripping the biology from it, by stripping the idea that race is somehow based in biology, we show the emperor to have no clothes, we show race for what it is: it’s an idea that’s constantly being reinvented, and it’s up to us about how we want to invent it and go ahead and reinvent it.”

 You probably don’t read a lot, Anonymous, so let us point you to this documentary.  But you probably don’t want to spend the three bucks on the rental to find out how wrong you are either, so here’s the first fifteen minutes of the first episode for you.

You’re welcome.