Lets face it, if Robert had been there trying to help the Dingles with Belle he would’ve flipped a table at the idea of Aaron and him not getting married. Aaron wouldve had to take him to the back and explain it was all part of a plan, which he already knew but still overreacted


Asgardian Style : The Avengers vs Avengers: Age of Ultron

I love how while Loki is moving very slowly, Thor is coming just like… a bulldozer


You know– out of all of Robert Downey Jr.’s famous female friends, my favorite is probably Jennifer Aniston.

Because she reached out and befriended him when he really needed friends and had nothing to offer back.

In the fifteen years that followed since – during which time they've played matchmakers or attended each other’s birthdays (or spouse’s birthdays) and Christmas parties or toasted at lifetime achievement galas or meeting the other’s newborn child and cooing at baby pics or attending weddings – they’ve remained friends.

It’s so cute.

EDIT (12/2015): Added 2015 events.