Possible twists and turns for this storyline based on plots from American soaps. Enjoy!

1. Aaron is having one long drug induced hallucinogenic nightmare. In which the prison and drug storyline has an actual impact.
2. Robert has been abducted by his enemy (obviously Chrissie or Paddy) and replaced by a doppelganger.
3. Aaron is still in a coma from when the car went into the water during SSW. He then wakes up and realizes life is short and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time.
4. Robert has been replaced by his evil twin nobody knew anything about.
5. Robert has been trapped in a block of ice using a spell from an ancient spell book and was replaced with Zombie Robert. Nobody can deny he has been looking pretty dead on his feet.
6. Aaron has been dreaming since his wedding night and he hasn’t gone to prison. The judge is actually lenient on him and he gets a suspended sentence.
7. Robert was repeatedly drugged which left him susceptible and has now been possessed by the devil. He has no control over his own actions.
8. Robert was brainwashed into believing things were really over with Aaron.
9. Robert is a clone and the real Robert is on a mysterious island with magical powers that stops people from from escaping.
10. Robert and Rebecca are actually siblings and will never go near each other again. The resemblance is remarkable isn’t it?
11. Robert is under the effects of mind control because of a chip that has been implanted in his head.
12. Aaron finds a way to time travel and decides to “unhit” Kasim. He has no intention of “unhitting” Andy though. That one was well deserved.
13. Rebecca was actually programmed by Chrissie to hypnotize Robert in order to take revenge on him and Aaron.
14. Emmerdale has been transported to an alternate universe. This one is proving more and more likely with the upcoming clothing swap.
15. Katie’s spirit wants revenge so she has been taking over Robert’s body and making him do things that will ruin his life.
16. Pearl and Tracy are writing a fanfic about the boys and they are actually on their honeymoon. Let a girl dream people.
17. Robert is still in a coma from when he was shot and has been dreaming this whole time. That also means that Aaron is still in prison for shooting Robert in which case he could be on spice anyway and it could be a dream inside a dream. This is some next level inception shit here people.

anonymous asked:

what gets me is that we still haven't really heard what they mean to eachother. those vows were terrible. made worse by the fact that they were completely broken just WEEKS after they said them. its why i wish we'd heard roberts speech. ive never been 100% convinced for WHY robert loves aaron. i believe he does because of ryans acting, but how he fell back in love with aaron during the abuse reveal was so unsatisfactorily explained. and vice versa too. they rely too much on the actors chemistry!

did i write this nonnie??

those vows were so empty???? and while for me it’s more the opposite, i definitely agree. i have no idea why aaron loves robert, not really. and while i firmly believe that rob loves aaron because of his strength, his bravery, his heart, a lot of that is down to the boys’ acting and not actual scenes

maybe an unpopular opinion, but i don’t much care for the ‘you’re not a disappointment, you’re amazing’ line for the same reason. it feels hollow to me, especially coming from aaron, who’s seen all of robert’s bad parts. 

there has always been a little too much telling and not showing with them, and a lot of the showing lies on ryan and danny’s hands as well, more than it should a lot of the time.

I totally forgot how therapeutic pencil sketches are, especially when you don’t have to ink or color it ✨