Robert Wagner

Norma Shearer, 1934, photo by George Hurrell

“No matter who the nominal hostess was, Norma was always the queen, and no matter what time the party was to begin, Norma was always late, because she would sit for hours—hours!—to do her makeup, then make the grand entrance. She was always and forever the star. She had to be that way, really, because she became a star by force of will—hers and Thalberg’s [her husband]. Better-looking on the screen than in life, Norma Shearer was certainly not a beauty on the level of Paulette Goddard, who didn’t need makeup, didn’t need anything. Paulette could simply toss her hair and walk out the front door, and strong men grew weak in the knees.”    - Robert Wagner


Ancient Fandom Artifacts Unearthed in Urn Dates Back to Who-Knows-When

Whew, what a concept. HAHAHAHA

I managed to scan a few decent pieces from my journal. We can all say goodbye to crappy phone cam-quality photos. :D

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