Robert di Niro

Robert Di Niro Acting Advice - Review and Response

This is acting advice I have not heard of  that was quite like this before, and I’ve never thought about it; but it’s true. As De Niro said, actors think “You have to do more, do something, and you don’t have to do anything.” He is a brilliant actor, and I would take any advice from him any day. What I think he means is that, as an actor, you don’t have to overact a lot of the time. Actors tend to push things too far sometimes. Do what comes naturally. However, this is not always true, at least for me. Sometimes an actor has to push him or herself that extra yard, or to get an extra wave of a channel of emotions of the character and think about it a little more ahead of time. But when you’re in the moment, it’s really just about doing it. It’s nothing. An expression on your face is an expression on your face. You can’t force an expression that you’re not use to doing just because your character might do it. Do whatever. Do nothing. In real life, if you are just hanging out and talking, you don’t exactly portray as much emotion all the time as you might be tempted to do when you are acting. You just have to jump into the scene and react.

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