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Before He Cheats *Austin Mahone Imagine*

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“OMG I love Ausmila!”


“Thank god Y/N is gone”


“Y/N is soooo ugly Camila is so much better than her”


“I want Austin and Camila to adopt me!!”


You read off twitter this was something you were kind of use to but it still bothered you each time no matter how hard you tried to ignore it.


You sighed and locked your phone and threw it to the side.

These rumors can’t be true; your boyfriend would never cheat on you like this, right?

You were too afraid to ask or bring it up when you spoke to him every night after his shows. You didn’t at all like him going on tour with 5th Harmony but you didn’t wanna seem controlling or anything.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like the girls or Camila personally you didn’t know them well enough to judge you just weren’t a big fan especially since these rumors about “Ausmila” started awhile ago and every so often they would post pictures that would make fans think that they were dating and you would get all this hate.


You sat in silence for a few more minutes before you decided to text Austin.


“Hey, r u busy right now?”


“I’ve got a few minutes, y?”


“Just call me plz”


You were tired off all this if he was into Camila then fine you just wanted to know and not be dragged along anymore.

A few seconds later your phone began to vibrate.


You sighed before finally answering your phone.




“Hey, what was so important?”


“Well um I was on twitter before…”


You heard him groan.




“Look it’s been going on for months and I’m tired of it this should have been talked about months ago”


“You’re right, look I don’t wanna do this over the phone so I was thinking you could fly out to the show on Friday”


If it had to be done in person you knew it couldn’t be good and this isn’t what you were hoping for


“Y-Yeah, I can do that”


“Okay well I gotta go I’ll see you then”






Austin hung up before you could even say bye.


@Y/T/N: Looks like you guys are getting what you wanted


2 days later


You had arrived at the venue for tonight’s show you were nervous but you kind of knew what to expect you spend the last two days trying to prepare yourself for the worst but you just couldn’t no matter how hard you tried.


Eventually you found yourself in front of the closed door of Austin’s Dressing Room.


You sighed before knocking.

A few seconds later the door flew open and Austin appeared.




You tried to smile but nothing.




“Come in” He told you then moved out of the door way and let you in.


“So um how’ve you been?” he asked you trying to make small talk but you were in no mood you just wanted to get this over with already.


“Please don’t drag this out anymore I know what you’re gonna say now please just say it”


“These rumors…aren’t rumors anymore” He confessed.


“And you didn’t think you should tell me?” “I didn’t wanna hurt you” “Too late” “I know”


“So have you kissed her?” you asked not really sure if you even wanted to know.






“I don’t know, it just happened”


“Wow, that’s your excuse?”


“It’s true! You know maybe if you would have just came o tour we wouldn’t have this problem right now”


“So you cheating on me and having feelings for another girl is my fault?!”


“Yes she was there when you weren’t”


“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, how could drag me along for so long?”


“Because I told you Y/N I didn’t wanna hurt you”


“And you didn’t think that keeping this a secret would?! The whole world knew before I did and I was your girlfriend!”


“I’m sorry”


“No I’m sorry Austin for making you cheat on me you know remember it’s my fault”


He didn’t say anything so you did.


“You know what it was fun while it lasted, I really did love you and I thought you did too but I guess I’m an idiot, if she makes you happy well then good for you I’m leaving now because I really don’t wanna hear anymore lies”




“No okay just don’t its over this is what you wanted”


“Yeah, but not like this”


That made your heart fall into your stomach, you didn’t want this but you wouldn’t let him see you cry right now.


“Well it was like this, I’m gonna go now” “Y/N” “I’m so so sorry”


You shrugged “Whatever It’s done you can be with her now be happy make your fans happy”


“This isn’t for the fans”


“It doesn’t matter to me you aren’t my boyfriend anymore okay”




You stared at each other for a few seconds before you could feel yourself about to break so you ran out of the room.


That night you cried yourself to sleep in your hotel room alone, not even an hour later Austin announced his new relationship and all the hate came in your direction but you were too heartbroken to care.


You never thought he would do this to you, you trusted him and he broke that trust and you know now that you need to be more careful with who you trust with your heart.

Preference #42 Love bites.

Austin: A moan escaped from your lips as Austin sucked on your skin. Your fingers ran through his soft hair, feeling him smirk against you, muttering “Can’t wait until we get back.” You bite your lip at the thought of what was to come, and the car stopped in front of your hotel. Austin got out, grabbing your hand and pulling you out with him. He kept your fingers interlocked with his as you walked to the glass door, past a few screaming fans being held back by body guards so you could ‘get in’ faster. As you walked by a tall blonde girl, her blue eyes widened. “Austin Carter Mahone, (y/n) has a hickey what did you do?” Your eyes widened, cheeks burning and surly bright pink. Austin just laughed at her jokingly mother-like tone. All the fans were now taking pictures of the patch of skin. You groaned. “So Austin… the mood is killed.” You tell him before letting go of his hand with an innocent smile, punishing him for embarrassing you.

Alex: You woke up to laughing in the living room of you and Alex’s shared apartment. You groaned when you looked at the time. Did Alex’s friends really have to come over at 10:00 am. You got out of your warm, beloved bed and put on a bra and panties (hahahahahhahahaa panties…. xD sorry I ruined it.) before sliding on one of Alex’s shirts, much to big for you. You opened the bedroom door and walked out to the room the boys were in. “Thanks for waking me up with your obnoxious laughter, you dorks.” You rolled your eyes with a slight smile. “Morning, princess. The boys are bullying me.” You giggled before sitting on Alex’s lap and placing your head on his chest. “Why?” He smiled down at you. “You left a few marks last night.” Alex explained, before tilting his head so you could see them. “Aww, baby.” You gushed, before placing a gentle kiss on one of the marks on his skin. “Well, boys. At least he got some last night.” He smirked at his friends. Austin opened his mouth to say something, before closing it again and hanging his head with the other two boys.

Robert: You sighed looking in the mirror at the marks not just on your neck, but on your chest and one on your tummy as well. “Robert, you dick-hole, get your ass in here.” He left his friends in the other room and came into the bathroom. “Babe what’s up. We have to go soo-” He licked his lips, noticing you’re just in your bra and a pair of skinny jeans. And then his eyes widened when he noticed the marks. “I’m so sorry, baby.” You rolled your eyes. “Whatever. Go get me one of your hoodies and my make-up bag so I can cover my neck up.” He left to go get them, and you groaned when you looked back at yourself again. Will you even be able to cover all the ones on your neck up? You heard Austin yell “ROBERT YOU SLY DOG YOU.” And then Alex, “I HOPE YOU USED PROTECTION.” You rolled your eyes, annoyed and angry that Robert told them about your predicament. When Robert came back with a smile on his face you laughed bitterly. “I don’t know what you’re so happy about you 'sly dog’ no sex for 3 weeks.” You said loud enough for the boys to hear. A satisfactory smirk formed on your lips when his smile fell and you could hear the boys snickering.

Zach: You woke up to Zach’s lips pressing on yours, and immediately began kissing back. You began smiling into this kiss before pulling back, looking into your boyfriend’s eyes. You bit your lip. “Morning, baby.” You spoke softly. He smiled lightly. “Morning, beautiful.” Zach returned before grabbing your waist and rolling you on top of him, causing you to brake out into a fit of giggles. You looked at him, a smile stuck on both of your faces. Your eyes traveled to his neck, where you noticed a dark purple mark on the otherwise clear skin. “Well, Zachery, it looks like I left a mark last night.” He smiled. “Then I should be able to return the favor tonight.” He smirked before attaching his lips to yours. You pulled away for a split second, licking your lips. “Why wait until tonight?” You purred before returning your lips to his.

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Prom? Prom. *Austin Mahone Imagine*

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Y/F/R- Your Fav Restaurant 

Y/F/N- Your Friend’s Name

You sighed as you scrolled through you Instagram and saw all your friends or girls at your school posting pictures of the creative or romantic way their boyfriends or guy friends asked them to prom.


You didn’t get to go to prom last year because your boyfriend, Austin was out of town and you didn’t wanna go with anyone else even though Austin said you should go with one of your guy friends.


Austin promised that he would make sure he went with you this year but he hasn’t said anything about it and you’re pretty sure he probably won’t be able to which you understood but it still sucked.


Austin was actually in another country at the moment and you missed her terribly but it was nothing you weren’t use to by now.


You were tired of seeing everyone’s prom stuff so you decided to text Austin and see what he was up too, there was a time difference but it’s not like he ever went to bed early.


“Hey I know you might be asleep or maybe just busy but I’m bored and I miss you and I can’t wait to see you <3 <3 <3”


Surprisingly, well not really but your phone vibrated.


“Hey beautiful, I’m awake & imu too <3”



“Come homeeeee :(“



“u kno I would if it were that simple”



It’s true he would do anything for you, well except ask you to prom.


Just as you were about to reply your phone started ringing so you picked up.


“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” “Probably but you always text me around this time, I was waiting for you” “I do? I didn’t even notice” “Well I did, so how was your day?” “Boring” “Don’t worry when I get back that’ll change” you laughed “I know, I’d ask how your day was but I know it was 10 times better than mine” “I wouldn’t go that far maybe like 5 times better, 10 would be if you were with me” “So either way it was better than mine?” “Pretty much”


You hadn’t realized how much you missed him until now and you sighed to stop yourself from crying.


“What’s wrong babe?” he asked you. 


“N-Nothing”  “Y/N you’re lying, tell me what’s the matter” “I just…really miss you” “I miss you too, you know I wanted you to come with me but you have to finish school then in a month you’ll be graduated and you can come with me everywhere and we’ll never have to miss each other again”


You smiled.


“I love you Austin” “Love you too Y/N”       


“So…um Y/F/N and I were thinking of going to look for prom dresses this weekend” you told him hoping that he would get the hint, you were pretty straight forward so he should get the point.


“Oh…yeah um about that…” “You can’t go, its fine” you said and you could clearly hear the disappointment in your voice but you couldn’t help it “I’m so so sorry I hate breaking promises and I really wanted to go with you” “It’s okay I understand” “I want you to go though” “No I-” “Yes you won’t miss your senior prom because of me” “I don’t wanna go with anyone else” “I don’t care you’re going” “I’ll think about it”


You were both upset and angry but you knew it wasn’t his fault, it’s not like he could have said no to and event or something…or maybe he could have? You honestly had no idea how all of that worked.


“I-I’m gonna go, I have a lot of homework and you should go to sleep” you didn’t feel like talking to anyone anymore.


“You’re mad at me”


“No, I’m not I know it’s not your fault” he sighed “Okay well I’ll let you go then, I love you” “Love you too” “Bye” “Bye”


You hung up.

You love Austin to death but sometimes you wished you had a normal boyfriend so you could do normal teenage couple things but he’s doing something he loves and you love that he’s happy and that his career is doing amazing.

A week later.


“Come on Y/N snap out of it!” Your best friend told you.


“I’m sorry” you’ve been pretty mopey since last week and Y/F/N hated seeing you upset so she dragged you out, Right now you guys were waiting for your food at Y/F/R.


“Its fine, I just wish you didn’t let it get to you this much I mean did you kind of see this coming?”


“Yeah but I was just hoping I was being paranoid or something”


“Y/N I’ll…be right back I have to use the bathroom” Y/F/N said out of no where.


“Um okay…I’ll be…here” she left.


You sighed and leaned back in your seat just in time for you food to arrive or so you thought until you looked up “Thank-” you stopped.


“Miss me?”


“Austin, what are you doing here?”


“A guy can’t surprise his girlfriend at a restaurant?” “No you can I just…can’t believe you’re here” he laughed “Well you better believe it”


He leaned down and kissed you before sitting where Y/F/N just was.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” “That defeats the whole purpose of surprise doesn’t it?” “Right…but oh my god, you’re really back” you smiled and he smiled back at you “Yes I am and there is something I need to talk to you about” “What?” you asked confused.


“What the hell are you doing?” you asked him when you saw him grab an empty plate and the ketchup bottle on the table.


“Just shhh” he told you.


“Okay rude, but seriously-”


“Y/N shhh” “Fine”

A few seconds later he put the ketchup back and then slid the plate in front of you, you looked down and read “PROM?” written in ketchup.


You laughed “Oh my god, ketchup? really?”


“Look I don’t think it’s ever been done before okay I was trying to be different!” he said defending his crazy idea.


You laughed “It is don’t worry”


“So what do you say?” Austin asked you.


You nodded “Hell yes”


You leaned across the table and kissed him then sat back down “I don’t get it though you said-”


Austin cut you off “I know but I didn’t want you to expect it so I made you think I was never gonna ask” “That was mean” “I know and I’m sorry but I wanted this to…be an unforgettable moment”


You smiled “This is definitely and unforgettable moment” “Good, glad”


“I love you”


He smiled at you.


“I love you too…prom date” 


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Always Come Back to You *Austin Mahone Imagine*

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“Don’t be mad”


 You heard from behind you and you looked down and shook your head before turning around.


“How can I not?”


You had just found out that your boyfriend, Austin who had just come back from tour was leaving again in less than a month. You hated being away from him for so long and you just got him back now he’s leaving you again.


“This is my job Y/N and you know that”


Austin was right you knew what you were getting into when you agreed to go out with him even if when you started dating he didn’t travel as much. Truth be told as his fan base grew the more scared you got that he would met someone in the same life style as him that would be so much easier to spend time with.


“I know…I just hate saying goodbye” “But I always come back and you didn’t let me finish before, Y/N you’re coming with us” “But my job I-” “I handled that already” “You did?” “Yes, you think I wanna be away from you again?” “No” “Exactly now stop pouting although it is adorable when you do that”


He hugged you. “I’m sorry” You felt stupid for making such a big deal out of this now “It’s okay babe” “I love you” “I love you too beautiful, now will you please come back outside with us?”

Austin’s friends were over tonight as well as his managers and him mom. It seemed like everyone was happy for him but you.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry” he kissed you “I know you are and it’s fine I’m not mad at you, Come on” He grabbed your hand and you both went back outside where everyone else was.


Later that night everyone was gone and you were just chilling on the couch “Babe if you could go any place in the world where would it be?” he asked you randomly.


“Hmm well I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, why?” “Because I am going to make sure we stop there on tour so that your dreams can come true” You smiled “Aww that’s so sweet” “My goal in life is to make you happy” “Stop you’re gonna make me cry” you said moving closer to him on the couch and laying your head in his lap


“You know if you just turn a little-” You sat up “Austin!” he laughed at you “You’re so cute”


“You seriously would make sure we stop in Italy?” You asked him “Anywhere you wanna go, we’ll go”


You leaned over and kissed him “I love you” “I love you too that’s exactly why I wanna make this tour fun for you too” “It doesn’t matter where we go honestly as long as I don’t have to say goodbye to you” “I think you should quit your job so you can always just come with me”


You laughed, you wished it was that easy but you actually loved your job too much to do that but then again you also loved Austin.


“As great as that sounds I can’t well I mean I don’t want too” “It’s fine I get it I was just kidding but seriously tell me everywhere and anywhere you wanna go”


“I told you I didn’t care where just as long as I’m with you” “You’re so corny Y/N” “But you love it” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer “Yes I do”


“Why are you with me?” You blurted out randomly.


“Because you’re amazing and I love you” He told you like it was pretty obvious which it was but that isn’t what you meant.


“Thank you babe, I love you too but I didn’t mean it like that”


“So what did you mean then?” “I meant like why me? I’m not famous” “Because you here before all that and it didn’t matter to me then and it doesn’t matter to me now you’re still you” “But being with someone who works in the same industry would be better” “Better for you? Y/N I want someone real who I know isn’t in it for the fame I love you and that’s never ever gonna change”


You sighed “I’m sorry I just I’m still getting use to all of it”


He kissed you “Its fine, I mean so I am there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wake up and think wow this is my life, it’s amazing just like you”


You smiled; you could never tell him how much all of that meant to you or how much he meant to you because words couldn’t even describe your feelings for him.


“You’re amazing too, and I’ll never want anyone else”


“Me either you know no matter how many times we say good bye I will always come back to you”