Robert Pruitt


Rob Pruitt & Robert Pruitt Meet at Last (on the Top Ten List of My 2013 Tumblr Posts)

10. Space is the place—or is there any chance left of going back in time to fix the planet we’re on now?

9. "I have the feeling that nothing is invisible if you really look carefully enough

8. Don’t Know Much About Glitchometry?

7. Is There a Global Art Esthetic?

6. Robert Pruitt: Reinventing the African American Portrait

5. Rob Pruitt’s Smiley Faces Will Make You Cry 

4. Bringing Some Color to the Guggenheim

3. Nuanced Art Selfie Through a Carlos Cruz-Diez

2. Yayoi Kusama Makes Art Selfie Heaven

1. Great Future in Plastics (in Long Beach, NY)