Robert James


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The violent Colorado Springs crime spree by three US soldiers

Colorado Springs, CO, 2007: Four soldiers (Kenneth Eastridge, 24, Bruce Bastien, 21,  Louis Bressler, 24, and Kevin Shields, 24) who had served together in Iraq were spending a Friday night out on the town. It was actually Shields’s 24th birthday.and when he ran into the other three, he bought rounds of drinks to celebrate.

After many drinks, the men went riding about town with Bastien driving. At some point, Bressler started to vomit. They pulled over and the other men laughed and called him a “pussy”. Bressler found it unacceptable that Shields, someone he didn’t consider a close friend, would make fun of him, so he tried to take a swing at him. Shields fought back and apparently won the fight. This would prove as even more unacceptable to Bressler. The next morning, Shields’s body was found on a sidewalk. He had been shot execution-style.

However, three soldiers killing another on his birthday isn’t all to the story. The three men had been committing other terrible crimes for at least the past few months.

July: they randomly shoot a man walking down the road in the shoulder.

August: they robbed and killed another soldier, Robert James. This was also execution-style, and as the man begged for his life. They got exactly $45 in this crime.

October: they run over a 19-year old woman and then stab her repeatedly. The group even planned robberies of retail stores.

They were quickly arrested for the murder of Kevin Shields, which is when at least one ended up confessing about the other crimes. All three men were charged, found guilty, and sentenced for the crimes.