The Ballet Dancer Part 2 - Calum Hood Smut

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Part 1

Word Count - 8019

Pairing - Y/N and Calum Hood

Smut? - Yes ;)  

I’m sorry for the long wait but its finally here! I don’t know if anyone is going to read this but here it is!

I really don’t like the ending…



“No Calum,” you giggled, turning your head into the soft pillow case as Calum continued to playfully nip the skin at your neck. “You love it.” He murmured, enjoying the sweet taste of your skin. You gasped as his playful nibbling became sensual, open-mouthed kisses. “Calum, we can’t,Darcey will be getting up soon.” You practically moaned out the sentence as Calum’s tongue swirled around your skin. “We can, Y/N. We can be quick.” He sunk his teeth into your neck and you moaned as his warm hand brushed your bare bottom. You felt him smile against your neck and moved your hand to his, grabbing it and pulling it away from your arse while lifting your head to look at his coffee coloured eyes and light brown skin. “Charming.” You spoke sarcastically and his eyes lit up in amusement but there was still love and lust swimming in them.

A smirk crossed his face and he grabbed the hand the was holding his wrist and pinned it to the mattress, turning your body onto your back with his other hand. He gathered both of your wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head. He was knelt on his knees between your legs, his cock semi hard. Calum admired the view he had of your body, your legs spread open, revealing the familiar pussy that he loved pounding into and your breasts that he loved to grab so much had hickeys from previous nights of love making. He smiled at his work of ark that adorned your chest and his eyes trailed along each hickey, some faded, some dark against your skin due to last nights…extracurricular activities.

Just looking at you his dick became harder and he fell in love with you just that tiny bit more. Although you and Calum had been together just over two and a half years, you hadn’t moved in with each other and neither of you brought the subject up. You spent most nights at Calum’s house anyway and most of your stuff was here, so it already seemed like you had moved in. There were nights when you would stay at home and Calum would lay in his cold bed, his arms empty and his mind racing because you weren’t next to him. Eventually Calum would give up trying to fall asleep and call you up, only to find you having the exact same problem. You’d make your way over to his house and let yourself in with your key and hop into bed with him, keeping his mind calm and his arms warm.

Your breathing hitched as his free hand grazed your pebbled nipple before making its way downwards. He flashed you a devilish grin before pressing the pad of his thumb against your bundle of nerves. Your whole body immediately stiffened and you attempted to grind your hips against his touch but he adjusted his knees, pushing your legs into a position that made it hard to grind. His thumb began to slowly swirl around your clit, never once touching your tight hole that yearned for him so much. You kept quiet as he teased you, only letting the occasional gasp out when he pressed harder. You fisted your restricted hands tightly when one of his fingers dipped into your wetness and you closed your eyes, thinking that he was finally going to push his digits into you. He didn’t.

He removed all touch from your sex and popped the finger that had swirled in your wetness into his mouth, groaning loudly as he did. “You taste good, Y/N.” He whispered, his voice hoarse. You struggled beneath him, trying to pull your hands from his tight grip so that you could find your release by yourself. But dominant Calum didn’t loosen his grip. He tsked at you and leaned down to press a simple kiss to your lips. “I need you to behave now, Y/N. I need you to not touch me or yourself when I let go of your hands. Okay?” You just nodded, eager to get some sort of pleasure, even if you had to play by Calum’s rules. “Use your words.” He commanded, his voice quiet but powerful.

“I’ll behave, Calum. I won’t touch myself or you, I promise.” He smiled and released your hands, pressing another kiss you your lips, this time trailing his tongue along your bottom lip. He nipped you skin with his teeth as he made his way downwards towards your pussy. You knew what was coming and you hated him for it. You weren’t allowed to touch him, and he knew that it killed you to not bury your fingers in his hair so that you could have some power over him. He knew you’d get frustrated, but he also knew you’d come harder and quicker.

Your back arched off the bed when his mouth connected to you clit and sucked slightly. You could feel him smiling as you thrashed your arms and legs around in bliss and frustration of not being able to touch him. You muttered incoherent words of pleasure and you almost cried when his tongue dipped into your wetness. “Oh,God! Cal…” You gripped the pillow that lay beside you and pressed it over your face, muffling the sound of your shouts and loud moans. Calum disliked it when you stifled your sounds of pleasure, but he knew you were only doing it so the two of you didn’t scar Darcey for life. It was okay when she was younger, but she was getting older now and she wasn’t so naïve to believe that you were play fighting. Another thing the pillow was good for was occupying your hands. It was a good distraction

He pushed deeper and you sobbed in pleasure when his tongue pushed up your hole and his nose pressed against your clit. He pinned your thighs to the mattress, opening you wider. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge. Sensing your orgasm, Calum slipped a digit in along with his tongue and your pussy clenched around his finger. With a quick flick of his tongue and a slight curl of his finger against your g-spot, you exploded. Your back arched, your eyes snapped shut and you literally screamed Calum’s name into the pillow. When he was sure you’d quietened down, Calum ripped the pillow off your face and was met with your post orgasm face; hooded eyes, slack jaw and flushed cheeks. This was his favorite expression of yours and he loved that he was the only one to give you that expression.

His heart filled with warmth as you made grabby hands at him and whimpered his name. Jesus fucking Christ, he couldn’t love another woman more than he loved you. He loved you when you were angry at him, he loved you when you were sad, he loved you when you were happy. He loved you when you had morning breath and bad hair, he loved you after you had orgasmed and he loved you the most when you interacted with the girl that called you mummy.


You had been with Calum for six months when Darcey had first called you mummy. Both you and Calum were shocked when the six year old had sleepily wandered into the living room at two am with the words: “mummy, I can’t sleep. Can you read me a story?” The two of you had stopped what you were doing and you stayed completely still as the little girl made her way over and plopped herself on your lap. Calum had looked at you with worry in his eyes, searching for the reaction that you had yet to give. Your body had filled with panic and uncertainty. The girl that you loved and adored had called you mummy and you had no idea what to do. You thought it was wrong that she was calling you mummy. Mummy was a name given to the woman that gave birth to a child, not some woman that a had been dating her father for a total of six months.

You felt unworthy of the title. What if you weren’t good enough? What if she changed her mind and began to hate you? What if she resented you when she got older because you weren’t the woman that had given birth to her? What if- You stopped the what ifs. Darcey had called you mummy. She thought you were worthy of the title. She loved and liked you enough to give you that title. If you told her not to call you mummy it would surely break her heart. You had looked at Calum for permission and he nodded slowly.

“Sure Honey, what story?” She had smiled at the fact that you’d accepted the name that she had called you. She had shuffled in your lap and fiddled with the locket that hung around your neck. “The one about the cat and the baby. You know, the one where the dam breaks and the cat saves the little baby? Its my favourite.” You had smiled when she’d mentioned the story. It was one that you had brought over a few weeks prior and it just happened to be your favourite book as a child too.

You had carried the little black haired girl to bed and tucked her in. You didn’t have to read her the story that night as she’d fallen asleep in your arms as you’d carried her up the stairs. Calum had been waiting nervously on the couch while you had disappeared. He was nervous about your reaction. Your could have been keeping your cool earlier for Darcey’s sake. His nerves dissipated as you had wandered back into the room and nuzzling into Calum’s side as if nothing had happened. He didn’t question you, just pressed a kiss to your head.


“MUM!” Darcey’s voice called from down the hall and you gasped, pushing yourself up from the bed and quickly pulling on some pajama pants and one of Calum’s shirts. You chuckled as Calum groaned in annoyance. “I swear she has the worst timing.” He rolled around in the bed sheets as if he was having a tantrum. “Next time, you might want to be quicker and then we’d have enough time to make you come too.” You teased and he sat up to look at you, “You are totally getting it later.” He spoke, his voice husky. You gulped loudly and kept eye contact with him. You watched as his face twisted with pleasure and a hiss left his lips. He flopped back down on the bed, moaning your name quietly and you moaned back in response when you noticed his hand wrapped around his thick, long shaft.

“MUMMY?” Darcey’s voice shouted once more. “I’M COMING!” You shouted back and backed out of the bedroom, keeping your eyes on Calum who was still pleasuring himself on the bed. You closed the door behind you and you leaned against it for a moment, trying to calm the butterflies that were swarming in your stomach. You stood straight when Darcey came into view. “Mummy! Please can you do my hair?” She held out some hair grips and a few bobbles. “Sure sweetie, I’ll be down in a minute, I just have to make sure your daddy is up.” Lie. You wanted to see if he’d solved his ‘little’ problem.

You waited until she had disappeared from your view before turning and opening your bedroom door. Calum had his back against the head board, one hand raking through his hair, the other pumping his erection at a fast pace. He looked up at you, moaning your name loudly before thick streams of come spurted from the head and landed on his toned stomach and chest. His head was tilted towards the ceiling and his breathing was fast. “Fucking hell, Y/N. Look what you made me do.” You blushed and made your way over to him, giggling slightly. You crawled up over him with care so that you didn’t get come on your clothing. You leaned towards him and when you made eye contact with him, Calum noticed the teasing glint in your eyes. Pressing your lips to his, you ran a single finger from the top of his chest to the bottom of his stomach, collecting his arousal. You pulled all contact from him and slid your finger into your mouth while making sure to keep eye contact with Calum.

You lowered your head and feathered kisses up his garden path and all over his stomach. The sticky substance stuck to your lips and he moaned when your tongue poked out of your mouth to lick his stomach. Calum was being a gentleman, holding your hair up in a ponytail so that you didn’t get come in it while you cleaned him up. You sat back, a look of satisfaction on your face. “I’ll be downstairs. I have to do Darcey’s hair, she has a ballet lesson in an hour.” Calum groaned as you pushed yourself off the bed and made your way towards the door. “But Y/N…You made me hard again,” the dark haired boy pointed out, motioning to his hardening cock. You shook your head, laughing as he made pouty faces at you. “Go take a shower, Calum. A cold one.”


“Are you watching my ballet lesson today?” Darcey asked as you pulled up in the car park of the dance centre. “I can’t today. I have to go food shopping because its Grandma Joy’s birthday today and shes having dinner at our house.” You frowned as her shoulders slumped and she sighed. “But I promise to watch your next one.” A smile lit up her face and she unbuckled her seat belt, leaning over you give you a hug. “But isn’t it Daddy’s turn to take me next time? And why couldn’t he come today instead of you?” You and Calum took turns to take Darcey to her ballet lessons so usually whoever took her watched her dance. Somehow, Calum had forgotten it was his mother’s birthday and that he’d arranged for the whole family and a few to have dinner at his house so while you were going food shopping, Calum was going to buy Joy a present, meaning no one could watch Darcey’s lesson. “Me and Daddy will both watch you next time and Daddy has to buy Grandma a present so he couldn’t come. Now come on. We need to get you inside.”

“When’s Grandma coming?” Darcey asked as the two of you walked up the stairs hand in hand. “Six o’clock. Which gives us just enough time to get ready.” if all goes well. Darcey nodded. “And whens your next ballet show?” although she wasn’t looking at you, you could hear the smile in her voice. She’d watched you dance hundreds of times over the past few years, yet every time you had a performance she would beg to go and watch you. She’d seen you dance around the house yet she claimed that it was different when you were up on stage, she said it was more magical. “My next ballet show is next week. And before you ask, both you and Daddy are coming and have front row seats.” You giggled as a cheesy grin filled her face and her small hand squeezed yours. She came to almost all of your shows and when she couldn’t she sulked around the house for days until you told her she could come to the next one.

You stepped into the mirrored room, making your way over to Miss Luman while Darcey left your side to talk to some of her friends. Miss Luman smiled when she saw you. “Hello, Miss Y/L/N. How are you?” She greeted as the two of you walked over to the desk at the other side of the room. “I’m great, thank you. But please, Miss Luman, how many times do I have to tell you, call me Y/N.” She sighed at you and shook her head. “Its a habit. I’ve been referring to you as Miss Y/L/N since you became famous in the world of ballet. But, soon I’m hoping to refer to you as Mrs Hood.” She teased you and you flushed red, laughing at her playfulness. “I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a few years before you can call me Mrs Hood.” She pouted at you and counted the money you’d given her.

“Anyway, I need to talk to you about Darcey.” Her voice was serious and you wondered if something bad had happened. Surely Darcey couldn’t be in trouble. She wasn’t the type to be naughty. “It’s nothing bad, Miss Y/L/N. In fact its brilliant news.” You let out a breath that you didn’t realise you were holding. “As you know, Darcey has a dance recital at the end of this week. But for a while now I’ve been keeping an eye on her and its come to my attention that Darcey is far more advanced than any other child in the class.” This honestly didn’t surprise you as when you practiced at night, Darcey sometimes joined you and you gave her some tips and techniques. She was a talented dancer and it seemed you weren’t the only one that realised this. “So after thinking it through, I’ve decided that its in her best interest to move her into a class of higher level.”

Now this shocked you. The oldest girl in Darcey’s class was nine years of age, meaning that if Darcey was moved into a class of higher level then she’d be in the same class as ten and eleven year old girls. “A-are you being serious?” You stammered out. Miss Luman just nodded. “Darcey has such great potential and this class is holding her back. Sure, she’d have some catching up to do, but with your help she could catch up easily.” You nodded, confirming her words. “I’d still be her teacher but as you know, the amount of lessons will increase and they will be longer, I just want to make sure that Darcey will be able to handle the extra workload. So i was thinking that after the dance recital, we could talk to her and see if she wants to jump in the deep end and attend all of the lessons or slowly increase the amount she attends. Does that sound okay?”

You shook your head in disbelief. Although she’d be nervous about making new friends in a new class, you knew Darcey would be chuffed. “Yes! That sounds wonderful. I’m sure she’ll be delighted. But I won’t tell her until after the recital.” You backed away from her slowly, a proud smile on your face. “Darcey, I’m going to go now!” Darcey ran towards you and gave you a hug when you bent down to her height. “I love you Mummy.” She squeezed her arms around your neck giving you a kiss on the cheek which you returned. “I Love you too, sweetheart. I’ll see you in a few hours.” You waved at her as you made your way out.


“Should I buy her a toaster?” Calum asked. “I heard her saying she needed a new one last week.” You sighed into the phone as you checked the meat in the oven. “Calum, I’m pretty sure there’s something more suitable to buy for your mums birthday.” This man was impossible. He’d been out shopping for over three hours and he still hadn’t bought a single thing for his mum. “Then what should I get her Y/N?” He groaned loudly through the phone. “Why don’t you buy her a piece of jewelry or something. Not something cheap, something expensive that will last for a long time, huh?” You heard him humming through the phone, debating whether to follow you’re advice or not. “Yeah, I like that. She was upset a few weeks ago because she lost the ring I bought for her birthday when I was fourteen. She’ll love it! Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you I probably would’ve bought the toaster.” You rolled your eyes and wiped your hands on a towel, “I’ll see you soon, Calum.” You spoke into the receiver. “I love you.” He spoke quietly as if it were a secret. “I love you too.” You giggled. After two and a half years of being together he still managed to make butterflies erupt in your stomach.


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JOY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HIP HIP! HOORAY! HIP HIP! HOORAY! HIP HIP! HOORAY! MAKE A WISH!” The whole of Calum’s family were crowded around Joy, as she blew the candles out on her cake. “Time to open your presents Mum!” Mali spoke, hooking her arms around her mums neck and giving her a kiss on the cheek. You nudged Calum with your elbow and he removed his chin from your head, unwrapped his arms from your waist and pulled a small box from his back pocket. You watched as everyone passed their gifts to Joy. She thanked everyone as she opened them, the smile on her face growing larger each time.

Next was Darcey’s turn. “Happy birthday, Grandma Joy!” She cheered, pulling a out a pink envelope that she’d tucked under her arm. “Thank you, Darcey.” She spoke, giving Darcey a kiss on the head. She peeled open the envelope and smiled when she read the card that Darcey had written. “There’s more in the envelope Grandma, but its also for Granddad and Auntie Mali too!” Joy pulled out three tickets from the envelope. They were tickets to see Darcey’s dance recital at the end of the week. Joy squealed in excitement and pulled Darcey in for a hug, squeezing her tightly. “I get to see my Granddaughters ballet recital.” She sang, “I bet you’ll be the best one there.” Darcey blushed and looked at her feet, twisting her hip from side to side.

After Darcey it was your turn. You’d bought her a watch. You had gone shopping with Mali and Joy a few weeks ago and Joy had been staring at a watch in the jewelers store, so you returned a few days later and bought the watch for her. She smiled at you and gave you a hug, thanking you and whispering in your ear so that only you could hear, “I’ve never said it before so I’ll say it now. Thank you for making my boy happy.” She pulled back and placed a hand on the back of your head and pulled it forward to press a kiss to your forehead.

Finally it was Calum’s turn to give his mother her present. He held the box out and stood if front of her nervously. You could tell he was nervous by the way he was rubbing his large hands together and tapping his foot on the floor. He watched intently as his mother opened her present, waiting for her reaction. She stared at the ring for a moment before looking at Calum. “Oh, Calum. How?” She asked, her eyes watering. He smiled sheepishly, “I- err. It, uh, took a while but after looking around a few jeweler shops I found the right one. It’s not exactly the same and it never will be, but it was the closest I could find.” Joy yanked Calum into a hug, muttering thank yous to him. “Its beautiful Calum. Thank you so, so much.”

After you had put the phone down earlier, Calum had gone on a search for a new ring for his mother. Somehow he’d managed to find a ring very similar to the one he bought for her when he was just fourteen. It was a simple ring that fitted her right ring finger. It was truly beautiful, a gold ring and a small ruby stone on the top.

“So,” Joy clapped her hands gaining everyone’s attention. She turned to you and Calum. “I’d like to talk about something.” You shifted on Calum’s lap out of nervousness and he cleared his throat. “What would you like to talk about.?” Calum asked, rubbing a thumb over the skin of your hand to comfort you. Joy smiled for the millionth time that night. “Grandchildren.” She stated. “You mean Darcey?” You were a little confused now. Why did she need to talk about Darcey? “No! When am I getting more Grandchildren?” She leaned in and waited for yours and Calum’s answer. The two of you were tongue tied.

You and Calum had discussed having children before and after a long debate, you had both decided not to have any until you were at least thirty. If you got pregnant you’d have to give up ballet, something that you were not ready for yet. You wouldn’t have to give up ballet completely, but you would no longer be able to perform professionally, you’d become a teacher. You decided that thirty was a good age because by then you would have retired from the performing side of ballet. Yeah, thirty was a good age.

“I mean, Darcey is lovely and I love her to bits, but i think its time you two added another to the family. I’d ask Mali but she hasn’t found the one for her yet.” Dammit Mali, why couldn’t you have a long term boyfriend and ‘add another to the family?’ “Look, Mum, the thing is, we weren’t planning to have a baby together until Y/N is at least thirty.” Joy’s eyes widened in shock at Calum’s words. “THIRTY?! I want another Grandchild pretty soon while I’m fit and healthy to run around and take it on adventures!” Calum immediately pointed a finger at Mali. “Get Mali to go through with that artificial insemination shit.” Mali squawked at the suggestion. “Watch your language around your daughter. And I’m not getting impregnated by some randomer’s sperm, Calum. Its probably easier for you anyway. All you have to do is shoot a load in Y/N and BAM! A baby!” She whispered the last sentence so that Darcey didn’t hear.

“Mum! Tell her!” Calum pouted, pulling you closer to his chest. “No, no. I’m with Mali on this one.” Calum groaned and looked at his dad for backup, letting out a defeated sigh when David just shrugged. “Me and Y/N are not having a baby until Y/N is thirty.” He repeated. “But why? I need another Grandchild, Calum.” Calum groaned and explained the whole situation. Once he’d finished, Joy nodded in understanding. Suddenly her mood perked up again and she took Darcey into the living room to watch some TV.


You pressed your sweat covered back against the wall and slowly lowered yourself to the floor. Your chest was heaving and your mind was racing with thoughts, but this time you couldn’t dance away your thoughts. They were thoughts about what had happened at the table earlier that night. Gulping down a bottle of water, you began to reconsider what you’d said about not having a child of your own until you hit thirty. Was that really the right decision? Everyone was waiting on you.

While discussing it a few months ago with Calum he’d mentioned that he was ready to have a child when you were ready. In other words, Calum was ready now. And you felt honored that he wasn’t hesitant in anyway at all to have a baby with you, that he trusted you not to leave him. You thought about it. The pregnancy, the childbirth, the happiness you’d feel when you finally had a baby of your own in your arms. Darcey was wonderful and you couldn’t ask for a better daughter. You loved her like she was your own. But you weren’t there through the sleepless nights, the nappy changes, the first word, the first step; you’d missed possibly the most important years of her life. But you could have a child of your own and experience what Calum did and experience it with Calum.

Pulling the bobble from your hair you rubbed your fists into your eyes. To say you were exhausted was an understatement. You had rushed around all day and you were so excited to practice in the ballet room that Calum had gotten fitted as a present for your first anniversary. But today, you just couldn’t focus. “Whats the fuck is happening to me?” You mumbled to yourself, digging your hands into the wet roots of your hair. This whole baby thing was getting out of hand. You were about to get up and continue dancing when the door was pushed open. A shirtless, sleepy looking Calum poked his head in the room.

“Baby, are you coming to bed?” He shuffled across the room to you and offered his hand to help you up off the floor. “I can’t Calum, I haven’t finished my routine yet. I’ll be there in an hour.” He groaned at your words and crossed his arms and pouted his lips as if he were a child that had just been told that they couldn’t have any sweets. Calum tended to act like a child when he was sleepy. “But Y/N,” He dragged out your name. “Its past one in the morning.” Past one in the morning? No no no no no. You hadn’t been practicing for over three hours. You hadn’t realised it had been that long. Maybe you should go to bed. Maybe if you went to sleep all of these mind boggling thoughts would just fade away. As soon as he noticed your relaxing stance, he tugged your hand lightly and pulled you towards the bedroom.

After taking a quick shower you snuggled into Calum’s warm embrace and tried to relax. “Calum?” He shivered at the feel of your breath against his chest. “Yeah?” He ran his fingers through your wet hair.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


The next few days passed quickly. You ignored the unsure thoughts that had momentarily boggled your mind. You mentioned nothing to Calum but you could tell he was worried, he never mentioned anything but you could see it in his dark eyes. You’d been distant since that night but he knew you’d tell him what was going on when you were ready. But tonight was Darcey’s ballet recital, and the eight year old was ever so excited the night before. So when she came downstairs with a thoughtful look on her face instead of the cheeky grin you’d expected, you began to worry. Was she okay? Was she having second thoughts about doing the recital? Was she nervous? No, no. She couldn’t be. Darcey wasn’t one to be nervous, not when it came to ballet.

“You okay, Hun?” You asked her. She jumped and whipped her hands behind her back when you spoke. “Yep. I’m good.” She flashed a fake smile and continued to walk past the living room where you were sat and into the kitchen where Calum was cooking breakfast. Curious, you followed her into the kitchen to see her studying something in her hands. You approached Calum and nudged his arm, his eyes met yours and you motioned with a nod of your head over to Darcey. “whatcha got there, Darcey?” The girl straightened her back and looked at the two of you, debating whether to tell you what she had.

She sighed and held up a little wooden box. When she shook it it rattled. Where the hell did she get that from? “Uh, what is it. What’s inside it?” Calum asked hesitantly. “A seed!” She exclaimed, a radiant smile appearing on her face. “A Seed?” You and Calum stood in front of her with confused looks on your faces. You stayed quiet and waited for the girl’s explanation. “Grandma Joy gave it to me. She said its a seed for a new baby.” She smiled. “You have to use it so you can have a baby, so i can have a little brother or sister! That’s how daddy had me with that woman!”

Joy was a very smart woman. Convincing her Grandchild that she needed a baby sibling was a brilliant idea, one that you would never be able to think of in a million years. “Here.” Darcey extended her arm to give you the box. “I think you should have it.” She waved it around. “No, its okay. I’ll tell you what. You keep it beside your bed and when me and daddy need to use it, we’ll sneak into your bedroom at night and use the seed, yeah?” She nodded for a moment before pausing. “Why can’t you use it in front of me?” Calum cleared his throat before explaining. “Well, you see, me and mummy have to use the seed in private or else it won’t work.” Darcey nodded and tucked the little box in the front pocket of her pajamas.

“Anyway, we have to hurry, we’re having a practice before the recital and i need to be there. I’m going to be dancing in my outfit for the first time. Its very pretty, mummy. But not as pretty as the ones you have…” Darcey continued to ramble on and you smiled at her enthusiasm but you couldn’t seem to get your mind of that damn box. Maybe it was time you throw your professional ballet career to the side and add a little one to the family.


You planned on telling Calum about your decision later in the night, after Darcey’s performance. You were hoping he’d be delighted when you told him. If he wasn’t, Joy definitely would be. You weren’t worried about his reaction, you knew he was ready. But the moment you saw Joy, it seemed she already knew. When you met outside the theater she’d smiled at you brighter than she ever had before, squeezed you tighter when you hugged and stayed close to you. Now you, Calum, Joy, David and Mali were sat in the front row waiting for the show to start. You’d gotten there early to make sure you got front rows seats to get the best view.

Darcey hadn’t told you anything about what was going to happen, she wanted the whole show to be a surprise for you and it reminded you of your younger self, not telling your parents about your part in the ballet performances. Although Darcey wasn’t your child biologically, she reminded you of yourself when you were her age; maybe it was her playfulness and how she was always happy, or maybe it was how serious she took her ballet.

You had always taken ballet serious. Ever since you started ballet at the young age of two it was your dream to become a famous ballet dancer and you finally made it at the age of nineteen. Many had told you that you wouldn’t make it but instead of the negative words pulling you down, you became more determined to fulfill your dream. No one had really supported you during the years of training, no one other than your grandparents. You were thankful to have such wonderful people in your life as you knew that without them, you wouldn’t be where you were now.

Finally, the lights dimmed and all the loud voices that filled the room faded to quiet whispers. The large red curtains that hid the stage slowly pulled apart to reveal statue-like figures. Ballet dancers - boys and girls - were situated around the edge of the stage, leaving the middle clear. You searched around the faces of concentration for Darcey but you couldn’t see her.

You were confused for a moment until your little girl came spinning on stage, a spotlight following her as she skillfully twirled. You could see her forehead creased in concentration as she performed the well practiced steps of her solo routine. So this is what her surprise was - her first solo. You felt like you were ready to burst with pride as Darcey pranced around in her black tutu and matching pointe shoes, the outfit topped off with a tiara of black flowers. It was clear she was the star of the show, her outfit was different from anyone else’s; the other girls from her class were wearing the classic pink tutus and pink pointe shoes.

After her solo finished the other dancers took over the stage and when the show finally ended you were able to clap as loud as you wanted. When it came to the bow, you whooped and whistled while standing and waving at the back haired beauty stood on the stage. Afterwards Darcey came running full speed towards you and Calum, her face flushed red and her chest heaving. She jumped into her daddy’s open arms.

“Did you see me! Did you see me!” She bounced in Calum’s arms, pressing a kiss to his cheek then leaning towards you to repeat the action. “You were amazing, sweetie!” He brushed back the stray curls that now framed her face. “You’ll definitely be a better ballerina than your mother.” You gasped in mock horror as the eight year old giggled and pressed her face into Calum’s chest. She turned as stuck her tongue out and scrunched her face at you.

“I’ll never be as good as mummy, because mummy is the best ballerina in the whole wide world.” You giggled and stood closer to Calum, pressing your front into his side and pressing a kiss to her head. “I actually agree with daddy. You are going to be the greatest ballet dancer to ever walk the planet and you will inspire so many young girls and boys.” You spoke softly, stroking her hair as she looked up at you with wide eyes. “Like you inspired me?” She asked, reaching out to play with the locket. “Yeah, like I inspired you.”


“So, you’re in bed early tonight.” Calum spoke as he walked into the bedroom to find you dressed in your pajamas and sat in the middle of the bed. “Uh, yeah, I wanted to talk about something.” You fiddled with the rings that adorned your fingers. “What about?” He asked simply, pulling his shirt over his head and placing it in the wash basket. “Maybe you should sit down first.” Now you were nervous. What if he wasn’t ready. What if the words ‘I’m ready when you are’ only applied when you turned thirty. You wanted this now. Not in six years time. Calum looked at you with confusion and worry swimming in his eyes. “It’s nothing to be worried about. Everything is fine.” He nodded, still no completely sure about what was going on.

After removing his jeans, he joined you on the bed in just his boxers. He mirrored your actions and sat in front of you legs crossed. You shuffled closer to him and wrapped your hands around his large ones. “Y/N…is everything okay?” You nodded and closed your eyes, moving your head forward and pressing your forehead to his. Slowly you opened your eyes and looked into his coffee coloured ones, suddenly realising that you had nothing to be nervous about because this man worshiped you; he’d kiss the ground you walked on. You played with his fingers and nudged your nose against his, giggling when smiled.

Taking a deep breath you spoke. “I’ve been thinking…” You started and you smacked his chest when you heard him mumble, “well this can’t be good.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss against your lips as an apology. “Anyway, as I said I’ve been thinking and i think its time we used the seed that your mother gave us…” Your voice slowed with each word as you finished the sentence. You held your breath waiting for Calum’s reaction.

His eyes were wide and he had frozen in place. “I mean its okay if not. We could totally wait if you want I was just thought that its time we had a child together. I really shouldn’t have said anything, should I? I’m sorr-” Your words were cut off when Calum slammed his lips to yours with so much force that you fell back onto the bed. You felt his lips curve into a smile against yours and when he pulled back he gazed into your eyes.

“Are you being serious? Please tell me you’re being serious, Y/N, this is not something to joke about.” You giggled at the excitement in his voice. “I’m serious, Calum, very serious. I want to have a baby with you.” He flipped the two of you so that you were straddling him and he moved so that his back was pressed against the head board. You kissed him passionately and smiled when he giggled into your mouth. “I’m sorry.” he apologised. “I’m just excited.” You laughed and pressed wet kisses along his tattooed collar bones. “W-when can we start trying, for…yanno?” He gasped out as you kissed down his torso. “We can start now, Calum.” You spoke as you yanked down his underwear and pulled out his member. “Oh, fuck.” He groaned.


The weeks passed and there were still no signs of pregnancy, you’d had a period last week so it was clear that you weren’t pregnant. When will this happen already?” You moaned, approaching Calum who had kindly made you a cup of your favourite hot beverage. He chuckled and pulled you into his bare chest, “it’ll happen eventually, baby. We just have to wait.” You groaned and wrapped your arms around him, “but how long is eventually? I want to be pregnant now. And all this sex is making me really tired. I honsetly don’t know how you last that long, like seriously, I orgasmed at least twice before you shoot your load.” He laughed at your whining.

“It’s not funny! Do you know how exhausting it is to orgasm that many times in one night? Its honestly so tiring and by the time I’ve finally calmed down from the first two orgasms, you’re ready to go again! Then we repeat the whole process again until you’ve finished.” Calum’s chest shook with laughter as you spoke. “I’ve got stamina, baby. And although we’re trying for a baby, I’ve still gotta make sure I please my girl.” He voiced smugly. “Asshole.” You muttered under your breath as Darcey skipped into the kitchen.


Today was not a usual day. Today was a quiet day; no Calum, no Darcey, no nothing. Almost everyday you wished for a day that was peaceful and quiet, but now you finally had one, you didn’t know what to do. You wanted to do something but you were too tired to go out due to the activities you and Calum participate in during the night, so picking up the phone you dialed the number of the only person who you knew you could talk to about everything what was going on: Joy.

“Bloody hell, Y/N. You look shattered. Come on, lets get you sat down on the sofa, I’ll make the brews.” joy fussed the second you opened the door. “No, really, Joy, its fine I’ll make the brews.” The woman just shook her head and guided you to the living room, her hand pressed against your lower back.

“So, whats up?” Joy asked, her hands wrapped around her cup of coffee. You smiled at her and giggled coyly. “Me and Calum, we’re, uh, trying for a baby.” She squealed and slammed her cup down on the table beside her. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?! I’ve been waiting for this ever since you and Calum got together!” The woman danced around the room in happiness. “Since we got together?” She nodded and spoke again, “The moment Calum walked into my house with his arm wrapped around your waist while you cradled Darcey, I knew you’d be together forever.” She sounded like a preteen that had read to many romance novels or watched too many fairy tales.

“So, any signs of pregnancy?” She questioned once she’d calmed down. You shook your head and sighed. “Nope, nothing. I had my period last week and I need to book myself in the doctors because I’m peeing way more than I should lately.” Joy leaned in, interested in what you were saying. “Anything else happening with your body, Y/N?” You blushed slightly. “Well, yeah. My breasts are sore and it hurts if there’s any pressure applied to them and I have a strange metallic in my mouth. Its fine though, the doctor will fix me up.”

Joy raised her eyebrows and stood up again. She took your empty cup and wandered off into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with another steaming cup. “Stay here. I’ll be back in about a half hour. Drink your drink and watch some TV while I’m gone, relax a little.” She ordered while backing away slowly. Doing as Joy said, you felt your eyes drooping in tiredness and you slowly dropped into a light sleep.

“Y/N, wake up for me, love. Come on. That’s it.” You rubbed your face and your eyes met ones that were almost identical to Calum’s eyes. “I’m sorry I had to wake you, but I need you to take this test.” She wiggled the box she had in her hand. “There’s no need for that, Joy. I had a period last week.” You said, shaking your head at the pregnancy test. “But you’ve tried since then, right?” You nodded, keeping your head down as your cheeks flushed with colour. “Now, go pee on it.”

The room was quiet as you waited for the minutes to be over. While you were peeing Joy had explained that all of the thing going on with your body were actually signs of pregnancy. These had to be the longest minutes of your life. “I’m nervous.” You broke the silence. “Why?” Joy cocked her head in a questioning manner. “The usual question. What if I’m not a good mum?” Joy just laughed, shaking her head. “Y/N, you’ll be a great mother. You are a great mum. Darcey absolutely adores you and I know that if you are pregnant, this child will adore you too.” She smiled at you encouragingly as the timer went off, indicating that it was time to check the pregnancy test.


“Hi mum!” Darcey shouted as she barged through the front door and headed straight for the bathroom. “Hey, hon.” You shouted back, pushing yourself up off the couch. After Joy had left you had settled down on the couch with a blanket over your shoulders and slipped into a deep sleep. “You okay baby?” Calum asked as you rubbed your eyes. “Yeah, I just fell asleep for a few hours.” You smiled brightly at him as he leaned down towards you to press a kiss on your head. “So,” he pressed his head into the crook of your neck and nuzzled the skin there. “How’s your day been?” You nodded and reached for his hand. “Its been great actually.” You smiled at him knowingly and he had a confused smile on his face. “Whats happened, Y/N?” You heard footsteps pounding down the stairs.

“MUUUUUUUUUUM! DAAAAAAAAAAAD!” Darcey came running into the room, the wooden box in her hand. “You used the seed!” She giggled and jumped up and down. “Does this mean I’m getting a baby brother or sister?” She quizzed, a huge grin on her face. You nodded slowly, “yeah, it does.” You whispered, turning to Calum to see his reaction. “Are you pregnant?” His voice was hoarse and he sounded as if he was forcing his words out. “We’re having a baby, Calum.” You smiled at him and threw yourself into his arms when tears brimmed at his eyes. “Don’t cry, you’ll make me cry.” You muttered, wiping the wetness in your eyes away. “Can I join?” You heard a small voice ask and you opened your arms, welcoming Darcey into the hug. “God, I love you both so much.” Calum spoke as he wrapped his arms around his two favourite girls.

~Ellie xx