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You might add Duncan from MetroUk mention on Digitalspy forum, Rebecca will be bad news for Robron but it's nothing to worry about.

Just to clarify, this anon is talking about this exchange between Metro’s Duncan (@Our_manPLA) and a poster at Digital Spy:

DS Poster: We’ve become aware Rebecca potentially isn’t great news for Robron and some of us are freaking out over it.

Duncan: I have to be careful how I answer this for obvious reasons so I will say two things which may seem conflicting. Yes, Rebecca may be bad news BUT you shouldn’t worry.


Hubert Robert - Swimming Pool, Surrounded by Colonnade - 1770

Hubert Robert - Ancient Ruins Used as Public Baths - 1798 

Hubert Robert - Le Pont triomphal - 1782

Hubert Robert - Architectural Landscape with a Canal

Hubert Robert - Colosseum, Rome  - 1780-1790

Hubert Robert - Ruins with an obelisk in the distance - 1775


This is a film my two friends and I created in a week for University of Central Florida’s event Campus Moviefest. The actors Gordon and Drew have put forth a tremendous amount of effort in helping make this a reality, and I could not have made it as awesome as it is without their participation. The film is about an encounter between two gay men facilitated by a gay dating app. I wrote it to explore the emotions and interactions between two strangers meeting for the first time through an app. More specifically, I wanted to illustrate the contrast in expectations and reality between someone wanting a relationship and someone wanting a hookup. I would appreciate it if you all would watch the movie. If you enjoy it, please share it with your friends.

Thank you all for your support!


Favorite thing about Luke: lip piercing/lip bites