Ok I haven't seen a single post on Saito's and Nishida's new rides

Bye bye 2JZs and Toyotas,  hello Nissans and HKS. 

Yes the rumors are true; Daigo is running a R35. HOWEVER, he is keeping VR38DETT, which has been stated to output around 1000HP (probably a shit ton more). This means it’s eligible for the OEM championship.  Between Daigo’s R35 and Forsburg’s VK Z34, expect Nissan to dominate this championship for awhile. Anyway one really interesting thing about this R35 is the tire size, which as far as I know is the largest tires run in FD.  275/35/21s at the front and 295/35R/21s at the rear. Given the size of the things it should be an interesting car to set up. Also if anyone can tell me another drift car run on 21 inch wheels in another major series go ahead and tell. For that matter what’s other cars run 21s in any major motorsport series besides LMP1 cars? Anyway hopefully this R35doesn’t blow as many motors as Daigo’s SC300 did this year.

On the other hand we have Nishida’s new V36 G37. Honestly this might be even crazier then Saito’s R35. Why? Robbie here is running a fucking VQ37. It’s boosted (obviously), but there’s a good reason why everyone ditches it when they run a Z33 or Z34. IDK, maybe no one knows how to tune one properly except who ever built this one. Anyway, Robbie said the extra displacement from the VQ (base engine is 3.7L, I’d imagine this one has been stroked up to 4.0L) means he won’t need to run nitrous, so maybe I’m just a dumb ass and should stop hating on the VQ. Anyway, the source I’m getting this info from (wrecked magazine) didn’t say if HKS was responsible for this build, but given that their logo is absent from the car and HKS don’t really do anything for the VQ, I’m going to go with no. Should be interesting to see if Robbie can make an impact this season.


Here is a glimpse at the Autumn Drift Masuri ( エビス ドリフト秋祭り ) which happened this past November. This two day events is probably one of the best displays of grassroots drifting at Ebisu Circuit.

I could talk all day about how awesome this event is; hopefully this five minute video can show you a bit of it. We arrived at 1am on Friday and started filming from 5:00 am Saturday morning until 3pm Sunday afternoon. Ebisu Circuit is the ultimate drifter’s playground with different track of different difficulty which can keep any drift entertained.

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Film&Edit: Chad MacLean

Music: “Window #3” by Two Bicycles / “Promises” by Nero


Check out this short vid featuring Daigo Saito in his Achilles SC430