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What's your opinion on Robbie Long and his death?

Blackest Night: Titans #3

That’s a pretty morbid line for an infant.

I think Robbie and Terry’s deaths were an example of some not-so great decisions in the ‘90s. Around that time, writers really started to play around with Donna’s character (more like torture) by retconning her origins, giving her a new superhero identity, getting her almost killed, etc. In that process, she wound up with a son, Robbie!

I don’t think the writers were ever planning on letting Robbie live more than a couple years. He was born in 1993 and killed in 1997. In those four years alone, Donna gave up her powers, gave up being Troia, gave up the superhero life, gave up the Titans, trained the Team Titans, asked for her powers back, became a Darkstar, joined the Titans again, divorced Terry, suffered a horrendous custody battle, started dating Kyle Rayner, etc. Four years. She didn’t even have a solo title, so it was horribly written and super complicated (I would know, I did the research in order to answer this ask). The writers were constantly messing with Donna’s story; they knew from the start they weren’t committed enough to let her have her son for more than a few years.

So when the time came, they decided that Terry and Robbie were holding Donna back, and killed them off.

I honestly think it’s a stupid, sexist move on DC’s part (women are thought of as one-dimensional, if she’s a mother she can’t be a superhero unlike Wally, Roy, etc.). Donna barely got any time with her son, largely because of the custody battle. I only have a handful of panels of them together.

It’s honestly very tragic and I think there was huge potential for Donna as a mom (she’s already the mom friend of every group she’s in, she even admitted it Titans v2). It’s just another example of people - infants - unnecessarily dying for a hero’s story and it not even turning out well. Donna, and Robbie, deserve a hell of a lot better.

Edit: I did MORE research and found out that John Byrne, who was writing for Wonder Woman v2 at the time, one of the several titles Donna hopped between in the mid-’90s, planned Terry and Robbie’s deaths to set in motion his idea for Donna’s new origins, Wonder Woman’s clone, because Donna’s character was “directionless.” I still think it was a stupid, sexist, unnecessary move.


Request: Can you do a one shot where the reader has a crush on Peter and all of the lost boys know except Peter cause he’s oblivious and Felix is like a big brother to her so he gives her advice on how to go for it because he knows Peter likes her too?

The fire you’ve been tending to grows strong, making you smirk with a small satisfaction. It’s your turn to make breakfast for the Boys. “Well done” a voice says behind you. You turn and look into Pan’s emerald green eyes. This tiny compliment makes you blush. “Thanks.” You reply stupidly. You’ve had a crush on Peter for a while now. You’ve thought about telling him, but you know he won’t feel the same way. You ponder on what to say for a moment before another voice saves you from embarrassing yourself even further. “(Y/N), come help me with this! Someone else can make breakfast.” You give Peter a little smile before turning towards the voice. Felix leans on a tree with a smirk on his face. He nods his head towards the woods and sets off. You quickly follow behind him. “What do you need help with?” “Oh, nothing” He says with a smile. “Alright, help me set traps and then we’ll gather wood.” He adds when you give him an annoyed look. After setting a couple of traps for animals, you two take a break by the lake. “So you and Pan.” Felix says casually. “What about me and Pan?” You ask, your face growing red. Felix has always been like a brother to you, always teasing you and giving you advice. You can feel an awkward big brother talk coming on. “Oh come on, everyone knows.” “Felix!” You groan. “Listen,” he says softly “Pan really likes you, I know it. But boy is he oblivious. I’ve told him to tell you, but he swears you don’t have the same feelings for him.” You bite your lip. So Pan does like you. “You do feel the same way, don’t you?” “Of course I do.” You put your face in your hands. “I just didn’t think he did.” “You and him both.” Felix says, rolling his eyes. “Now what?” “Now you tell him.” You must have made a face, because he continues with a chuckle “Just tell him how you feel. It’ll come naturally, trust me.” “And you know this how?” You tease. “Experience.” “No way.” You feign a look of shock, and giggle when he sticks his tongue out at you. Felix gets up and pulls you to your feet. “Go get ‘em.” He says. You hug him quickly, and can’t help but run back to camp. You never make it, though. Halfway back to camp you knock right into Peter Pan. He grabs your arms to keep you from falling. “Peter!” You gasp. You try to catch your breath from running. “Is everything alright? Where’s-” He stops mid-sentence when you kiss him. He seems surprised at first, but quickly eases into the kiss. His hands reach up to cup your face and you tangle your finger in his hair. He pulls away with a smile. “Sorry- I was planning on telling you before I-” You stumble for words as your face grows warm. He tilts your chin up and kisses you again. “It’s alright, love. I like this way, too.” He puts his arm around your shoulder and you walk back to camp together.

So this is my attempts to sort out the couples that I imagine may happen on the team. Half of this is experimental (since most people may know by know that DamixIrey is pretty much my OTP and I adore CerdianxLian).

Jai West and Robert “Robbie” Long: So, this one is the most experimental. I haven’t drawn Robbie until now, but I thought about it, and I always saw him as bisexual. This is probably due to his Amazon background and I thought about the ancient Greeks, and all the types of relationships they engaged in so I thought it would fit. Jai, I never really saw as homosexual, and I don’t think he’s homophobic (he’s just being shy in the picture), but I could see him possibly engaging in a relationship with a guy because he was drawn mostly to their personality, not so much a physical attraction. In this case, Jai would not deny Robbie isn’t good looking, but it’s new for him.

Colin Wilkes and Milagro Reyes: I’ve wanted to draw these two for a while now. I have no idea why, I just think that Colin would be drawn to Milagro’s spunky personality and admire how strong she is mentally and emotionally (she is a Green Lantern afterall). At first, Milagro would play hard to get, and tell him to stop trying, but I think she’d give in eventually. Also, I think she’d be nonchalant about him having psychological issues, and be able to help him because she’s stubborn enough to stick with him through it all. I think it’d work out well.

Cerdian and Lian Harper: I’ve already given some of my thoughts about these two. Cerdian has pretty much (in my mind) been in love with Lian for as long as he can remember. It’s the kind of unconditional love, where he would like her to love him back, but as long as she was happy, he couldn’t complain. Lian, on the other hand, took a while to fall for Cerdian. I don’t think she’d care much for relationships (she has had crushes here and there, but she didn’t really dwell on them or desired anything more). I would think she started liking him after realizing that he was always there for her no matter what and no matter how hard she tried to get rid of him.

Damian Wayne and Iris “Irey” West: Geez, do I have to say anything about these two? It’s clear by now that I love them together. Irey is an optimistic fireball who drives Damian crazy, mainly because in a way he wishes he was like that. She’s kind of like Dick, who can get everyone to love him by just being himself, and Damian always admired that. She gets him to open up, mainly because she has never judged him and he has never had to prove himself to her. Irey likes Damian because of his drive and focus. He never gives up, and always strives to do his best. She wants to constantly keep pushing herself because it’s what he would do. And out of everyone (except maybe Jai), he’s the one who sees how powerful she can really be and never doubts what she can do (though he may be mean and condescending at times, but it’s Damian, he never means it). (One of my favorite writers kind of wrote why they’d be so good together, and I pretty much agree with her so yeah…)

Irey seeks her friends out for different reasons...

She goes to Damian for the truth because she knows he doesn’t pull his punches.

She goes to Zach for tough conversations, she’ll admit things to him she hardly even admits to herself.

She goes to Robbie and Milagro for comfort and reassurance, she trusts their strength and wisdom.

She goes to Jai for acceptance, she relies on him to love her even though she considers him the better half of the pair.

She goes to Colin when she wants to laugh, her fellow ginger brings out the best in her.

She goes to Chris and Lian for loyalty, she knows these two  will always  have her back in a fight.

She goes to Mar'i for companionship, she knows Mar'i is always there to support her, even when she’s screwed up.

What are your memories of “WarGames”? Was it a fun shoot for you?

It was a good shoot. I think everything started out in a little bit of chaos because I was the second director.

Had they already started shooting when you come on board?

They had shot for a couple of weeks. I think the producers and MGM and [United Artists] decided they were not happy with the tone of the way it was going. My friend, [producer] Leonard Goldberg, contacted me and said, “Can you tell me where you think we are going wrong?” That developed into me coming in and moving on the picture. But once I got in there, I think I understood a good tone for it and we had fun doing it.

What type of changes did you make?

I moved one actor from being a general in a big war room to second in command. Minor changes. The picture was just brilliantly prepared, but it just needed a bit of tweaking.

Did you ever have to replace a director before?

“WarGames” was the first time coming into one that had already started. I had come into “Saturday Night Fever” [before it started filming] because there had been a parting of the ways. I had been talking to Robert Stigwood, the producer, about another project. Then suddenly, the next thing I knew I was being switched over — quite happily, I might add, because the script on “Saturday Night Fever” was unbelievably good, as was the script of “WarGames.”

Well, on “WarGames” you had Walter Parkes and Larry Lasker.

Well, they had been rewritten by some other writers. King Vidor, one of the great old directors, told me that when Victor Fleming came in to take over “Gone With the Wind,” his first request was that “I need to read everybody’s script.” Apparently, there was a huge stack of scripts. So my first question [on “WarGames”] was, “I need to read all of these scripts.” I looked at Lasker and Parkes’ and I said, “Wait a second, this is really good.” I called them up and said, “Guys, come help me here. We are going to do a lot of work.” They were thrilled to come back in and tweak dialogue and story points that probably had frustrated them earlier for being rewritten.

In your book, you talk about the necessity of working with your actors as collaborators. Do you work with actors differently on a TV series than you do in a feature film?

If I come into the show “Nikita” – I have done several of those – the actors know these characters backward and forwards. I am not going to come in and reinvent their characters. I need to tune in to where they are at.

In a film, you, the director, have certain ideas. Then you go out and hire Al Pacino and Goldie Hawn, who just by the nature of their careers are very creative people. They have ideas. My philosophy is that you let them know constantly that you are interested in their opinion.

When a director has a very distinct, clear vision, that is something you should talk about extensively before you start filming, because if you do have disagreements, you can figure them out and resolve them. Sometimes what seems like a big problem turns out to be something very minor.

John Badham on moving a film in a good direction by Susan King (10 September 2013 via Los Angeles Times)

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I like idea of having a page for five, but I noticed there are a lot of blogs you didn't list when an anon asked for Pan related blogs. Is there a special tag needed to find these blogs or can we just refer the new ones we've found to you? I hope this didn't sound rude, I was finding trouble wording it all...

Not rude at all, Anon :) That’s exactly why I thought making a ‘glossary’ page would be good: I can list the ones I’ve found and you guys can refer me, allowing me to add them onto the page for us all to see. Both Anons asked for one-shots/imagines/fan-fiction blogs, and the most common tag that I track is #robbie kay, because all types of writing will appear (most of the time lmao). I’ll also start tracking these tags: #robbie kay one shot and #peter pan one shot. The main ‘issue’ is that not all writing is tagged the same (for e.g. some people may tag theirs as #peter pan one shot whereas others use #peter pan imagine, hence why I check the generic #robbie kay tag). If this glossary page does go ahead (and from the looks of things, it will), I do check the tag #daily robbie kay - so tag your writing with that if you want me to make note of your blog :) Last point: some blogs are dedicated to writing for numerous fandoms. The blogs I listed (in both asks) specifically wrote Pan and/or Robbie. 
And on this glossary page, I’d prefer regularly updated blogs, not ones who previously wrote but stopped etc. + ones dedicated purely to Robbie and/or his portrayed characters.
As mentioned on this post, I’ll be away for a couple of days + when I return, I’ll look at the votes. Feedback and blog referrals for this glossary page is 100% welcomed, even in my absence! I’ll check the inbox as soon as I’m back.