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SDCC ‘Suicide Squad’ Sizzle Reel is AMAZING!

You thought you had seen all of the cool clips and trailers released for DC’s upcoming ’

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Squad alert! Advance tickets for #SuicideSquad go on sale July 15th.

Suicide Squad Covers Entertainment Weekly

Suicide Squad Covers Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled these four spectacular interlocking covers featuring the cast of Suicide Sqaud for an upcoming issue.

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EW offered a couple of juicy tidbits concerning the plot of Suicide Squad. The film takes place after the events of BVS with Amanda Waller suggesting Task Force X to deal with any future out of this world threats. However, she doesn’t get government approval…

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Puppet Master

So rumor has it the car in the tarp is actually Ghost Rider’s from the more recent incarnation, Robbie Reyes. Which, not sure how they’re going to combine that (if at all) with James, but if they’re ditching Hellfire and casting Robbie and his brother (according to supposed casting sheets they were looking for two Latino actors fitting their descriptions) I’m fine with that.

anonymous asked:

I heard billdip and undertale in the same sentence and I'm hear to hear what you have to say about it

Ok so like

Dipper is Frisk.

Bill is Flowey/Asriel.

Stan is Toriel/Sans (he’s a goat uncle. STILL GRUNKLE OMG).

Ford is Stan’s missing scientist bro who came before Alphys as the royal scientist. He’s Gaster pretty much (also a goat). He used to get help from the King’s son sometimes.

Mabel is muffet.

Soos is Papyrus (no brother).

Robbie is Napstablook.

Lazy Susan is Grillby.

Wendy is Undyne and Candy is Alphys (No romantic relationship here).

Grenda is monster kid.

Gideon is Mettaton.

As for Asgore, instead of a goat King there’s a demon king who’s son and wife died long ago…

As for plot stuff, like I said I’m gonna write a fic so look out for that :3

Bonus: Rabbit and Dragon dudes are Durland and Blubs

Human Verse stuff because I love it

  • An extreme difference between the worlds is that the war doesn’t exist between Splashopolis and Orbit Villa.
  • Corltax’s older brother, Robby, worked for the Orbit Villa police force.
  • Octavio is the head of the police department.
  • Corltax wanted to be just like his big brother when he was old enough, but shied away from that dream entirely when Robby was killed in action.
  • Corltax goes by Corltax purely because he thinks Hamish is an embarrassing name, unlike canon, where his reasoning was because it reminded him too much of his brother, family, and close friends.
  • Corltax holds no grudges or need for revenge over his brothers death, it’s still a very sore subject for him to speak of though and only mentions it to close friends and family.
  • Corltax has been known to hold presentations and lectures about biology at different universities.
  • If you haven’t already noticed, human Corltax is much kinder than canon Corltax, and he actually isn’t a lying scumbag! Good for you, Tax!