How far can a skateboard take you?

I think Skate4Cancer’s followers can all agree on the answer – anywhere. Not from just Point A to Point B. Not from an ollie to air to rail to concrete. A skateboard paired with a dream can be a tool in raising awareness across countries. It can be a symbol of hope, it can take you anywhere. Rob Dyer and his team have proven this.

Soon Rob and Skate4Cancer will be embarking on their France adventure. This lovely person and his team of amazing volunteers are skating from Paris to the Plateau de Beille. I, and I know so many others, are wishing them all a safe and positive skate and hoping that everyone in between these locations will watch out for them and bring good vibes their way.

We have all been affected by cancer in some way. We hear it all the time; it’s becoming more realistic than ever. We are no longer surprised, just hurt– so hurt. I know I’m not speaking just for myself when I say this, these skates represent things like strength, courage, and even protection. It’s like where ever Rob skates, a shield is following from his deck, and every place and every one that he touches, that shield encompasses them, and that shield is a force that joins everyone together. The people that have had enough of cancer, of people telling them they can’t, and of negativity.

This shield has spread from LA to Newmarket, Vancouver to Halifax, across Australia and New Zealand and soon across France. And as these stories go live, as supporters share them, the shield grows further; to places that Rob’s skate hasn’t even touched.

The more the word spreads, the more people are in this shield, the more people become aware of prevention, and of support teams. When cancer does show it’s horrendous face, Skate4Cancer is there, a shield, protection. We are all connected from Rob and Skate4Cancer. We are in this together, and as horrible as cancer is and no matter how much it tries to break us down, know that you aren’t alone and that we are stronger. 

I have learned SO much from everyone during my internship at Skate4Cancer, and I will share it with you a little later on, but right now, in light of the France skate, I just want to share this:

Rob is the most amazing person I have known, a true role model. When you’re around him your face just lights up. When you aren’t used to smiling so much, your cheeks hurt a bit, but that goes away. Soon you find yourself smiling all the time. Passing it on to others. He’s contagious –his positive energy and warm heart. It’s truly amazing.

No one has skated further. No one has skated this hard.
19,667 km. And still counting.

Good luck everyone and be safe.
Sending love your way.


So here’s what we did last week. We really want a Skate4Cancer event in Slovenia (or maybe even a The cure is knowledge tour?) and we were promoting S4C around our country.

The red dots on the map are places that we already covered, the ones that aren’t covered yet will be soon! We were walking around town giving people S4C flyers. I was also doing this myself and I have to say that people are really intrested in S4C, they had a lot of questions and of course we were more than glad to answer everything.

If you want to join us on Facebook: Skate4Cancer v Slovenijo
S4C: ;