1983. All for One

is the third album by band Raven, released in August. This would be their last album outside of a major label, also being said by fans to be their last “golden age” album, containing some of their finest work.

This album is one of the best heavy metal records ever. Every song on here is very fast, loud, & agressive. There are NO pop-oriented songs on here at all, not even the “Ballad” (which isn’t really a ballad at all.) This is a _good_ thing! The lyrics are totally clichéd hammers-and-swords-and-rock'n'roll power metal fare, which is also a good thing! ;-) Mark Gallagher’s guitar solos & riffs are very skillful. Singer/bassist John Gallagher has an awesome vocal range, alternately growling & shrieking all the way from the album’s beginning until the end. The album’s best songs are “Inquisitor” & the cover of Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild,” on both of which John duets with Udo Dirkschneider from another power/thrash metal band, Accept! (Udo is one of the few singers who’s actually better than John Gallagher, BTW.)

             John Gallagher      Mark Gallagher    Rob Hunter


Scooby Apocalypse #10

Publisher: DC Comics
(W) Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis (A) Chris Batista, Rob Hunter (A/CA) Howard Porter, Yanick Paquette

In this issue, meet Velma, Warrior Queen of Monsterworld! In the midst of a fever dream, the mild-mannered Velma Dinkley visits an alternate reality where friends become enemies and horrifying monsters are now her loyal subjects. Will Scooby and the gang survive  her tyrannical rule?

In Shops: Feb 08, 2017


Coyotes! One of the most under-appreciated animals in North America and yet one of the most resilient creatures that exists. They are opportunistic eaters and  therefore able to be flexible in their diets, their pack structure and litter sizes are ever-changing based on resources available in their area and the size of the current population, and they are incredibly intelligent. They have a variety of communication styles including barks, yelps, and howls, and they are extremely creative hunters, using tactics like diversions and scaring prey into traps to catch what they need with minimal risk or failure.

Pictured above are two of the coyotes at Wild Spirit, because in addition to wolves and wolf-dogs, we’re also home to many other wild canids in need of sanctuary. Lyla Rose, the female blond, and Jasa, the male redhead, have lived in captivity since they were pups. They were den-robbed by hunters who killed their parents, and of course, did not work well as “pets” in homes. So they’re here, lifelong partners as most coyotes are, and they are helping us teach people (particularly New Mexicans) about the importance of this species and the incredible gifts they carry.

iamwalkingdead1  asked:

Do you think the Fishing Hamlet still exists, or is it simply continuing in the nightmare? Like, do the fish people still live there, or was everyone and everything massacred? Also, why would the hunters kill Kos? Wouldn't they want to protect great one's? That theory that Gehrman and Lady Maria killed Kos never made sense to me, like Redgrave (creator of the "paleblood hunt", comprehensive lore book on bloodborne) said "I think that's stupid."

If it still exists it’s most likely abandoned.

If not, and it was dragged into the nightmare like the Lecture Building did we can assume that the survivors are the ones we met in the Nightmare-Hamlet. If I am not mistaken, the Fishing Hamlet Priest is referred as a ‘survivor’ in the guide. Obviously, the guide isn’t 100% canon but I still think it makes sense.

I feel like most of them were killed and those who weren’t got captured and experimented on by the scholars (a fate way worse than death)

Skull of a local from the violated fishing village. The inside of the skull was forcibly searched for eyes, as evidenced by innumerable scratches and indentations.
No wonder the skull became stewed in curses. [ Accursed Brew ]

As we can see from this item, the villagers do look human-ish under their weird garb covered in seashells and seaweed. My assumption is that they slowly turned into fish-like beings because of the influence of the corpse of Kos that washed ashore long before the hunters’ arrival. So I do agree with you/with Redgrave, it makes no sense for them to have killed Kos… unless she was aggressive and they had to defend themselves, which I doubt. Great Ones seem to be intelligent and peaceful beings. Most of them, and those who became their kin (like Rom) are all nice and fluffy. Ebrietas is just minding her own business and even willingly cooperates with the Choir, so does the brain of Mensis (hey, it’s not its fault if our inferior brains can’t comprehend its majestic beauty!) and even Moon Presence doesn’t just plunge down and attacks us. She’s not a beast, y’know?! She gently grabs us, tests us, and if we’re strong enough to resist THEN she goes berserk on the hunter. The Orphan doesn’t count, his mother wasn’t there to teach him manners and he has tons of good reasons to want to see all the hunters dead.

I never read Redgrave’s essay on purpose because I didn’t want my interpretation of the lore to get influenced by it, but I’ve watched most of his videos and he is an awesome dude! I completely disagree with his theories about the Mensis ritual and Brador but I think that he got many other things right, including this one.

Kos was already dead and if someone was killed by someone else on that beach I’d say it was the Orphan at the hands of Gehrman. Which is the reason why I believe the curse exists in the first place and why my boi Gehrman is directly tied to the Orphan himself. Kos didn’t care about the villagers even if they revered her as a goddess, all she cared for, just like all Great Ones do, was her progeny.

“Curse the fiends, their children too. And their children, forever true.”

The Hunters robbed Kos of what was most important to her. And she cursed them not only to a life of endless hunt and torment but also to know that their successors won’t find peace either. Gascoigne and his daughters are, in a sense, the last link in that chain.

Kos is most likely not completely ‘dead’ since Great Ones are supposed to exist on a different plane than ours so they may technically only appear in physical form to us while still existing somewhere else in some other form. It’s a staple of Lovecraft’s horror that such entities can’t really die and the fact that we need to kill that small black thing rising from Kos body to get the nightmare slain message supports this theory. Even the angels/pilgrims of Londor in The Ringed City seem to work in a similar fashion and yes I know that’s a different franchise but they are still ascended, powerful beings.

I do believe that the one placing the curse on the hunters is Kos herself and that what we hear as we get transported to the Hunter’s Nightmare is her voice. She even answers her son’s call by channeling thunder from the sky/cosmos into her dead body to blast the hunter. Kos is definitely still _somehow_ present and Micolash knows it. His ravings may be less random than we may think. He knows that she’s still powerful and that all she wants is another child.

Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry.

And well, Hail the Nightmare is literally a prayer to Kos:

Mater sanguine [The mother’s blood] 

Redemptionis nostrae [our redemption]

Exi et exi, et pleba tua salus [Get out and out, and your people shall be saved]

and.. and.. there’s even other stuff that adds up but I’d say that’s enough for now :D