Georgie Fame at the Flamingo club in 1964 with button down shirt, knitted tie, Madras pattern (or more accurately a Batik) jacket, USA influenced hair cut.  The Ivy League style was a subtle but prominent influence on the original Mod scene.   Ivy League, Italian, French and British style were all mixed up in embracing whatever was ultra-modern and pre-high street adoption.   But Ivy League style was part of seeing the American as the frontier of the possible, a classless, creative society moving forward.

Thanks to Rob Baker whose recent, essential book has a section where the Flamingo is a key part:

Part of what makes Carnage of Krell one of my favorite episodes (besides it being clone-centric and the end of a great story arc) is that there are at least five main characters, plus a legion of background characters, and Dee Baker voices all but one of them. I might be way more impressed with that fact than I should be, but still.

Steven Battelle

“Spent  a wonderful few days shooting some photos with our great friend Rob Baker Ashton. The main set of pictures are planned for inclusion in artwork but here’s a little hint at what we’ve been up to … I think we really captured a moment and mood of the band perfectly at this point in June 2011 …….ps I did all my own make up!

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The 25 greatest Canadian guitarists ever @CBC_Music

Alex Lifeson (1# @rushtheband), @MrDavidWilcox, @TheKimMitchell, Rob Baker (@theHipdotcom), @ColinJamesMusic, and @KeithScottMusic (@BryanAdams) all made the list! 

November is Guitar Month at CBC Music, and we have put together this list of the 25 greatest Canadian guitarists ever. We assembled a panel of CBC producers and hosts, compiled all of the nominations and ranked the guitarists accordingly. Check them out in the gallery above. The list spans several genres and generations. Some were chosen for their raw talent, others for their musical impact and some for their ingenuity. There are a few surprises and a few omissions. In fact, there are many amazing guitarists who belong on this list, but there are only 25 spots. If your favourite guitar player isn’t on the list, we can assure you they were probably number 26 this time around. READ MORE HERE