When Sam and Toby were looking for the Wesley Police Station:

Toby: We’re going the wrong way.

Sam: No, we’re not.

Toby: We’re supposed to be going east.

Sam: We’re going east.

Toby: How do you know we’re going east?

Sam: The sun rises in the east.

Toby: It’s dark outside.

Sam: Also, that bright star in the northern sky is Polaris.

Toby: So what?

Sam: I’m using celestial navigation.

Later …

Josh: What’s going on?

Toby: Sam feels we’re zeroing in on it.

Josh: You haven’t found it yet?

Toby: We’ve been navigating by the north star, which turned out to be the Delta Shuttle from LaGuardia.  It’s a miracle we’re not in Nantucket right now.

The West Wing, 1x15, “Celestial Navigation”