Rob Walker

Doug and Rob Walker:

-think that there should be more diversity in movies, especially women in action movies

-don’t demean, stereotype, or joke about any minority

-adress sexism in movies

-are willing to take criticism 

-interact with their fans 

-don’t let a patriarchal society stop them from doing jokes where they do feminine things or bits where one of them is in a sexual or romantic situation with a man

-bring awareness to charities 


-brought in Dante Basco (the voice of Prince Zuko) into their show and had him do this-

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Because of the release of Beauty and the Beast, as well as a few other things that have come into my peripheral, I’m reminded that most reviewers and film fans treat their opinions of a film as gospel, leaving no room for discussion or counter arguments. Anyone who likes a film they don’t like is an idiot. The same for anyone not liking a film they do like. They don’t leave room for the person at the other end to form an opinion of their own.

I want to do the opposite. I want to present a film with all of its faults, and all of its strengths, whether I like it or not. I want to try to understand why someone would like it, no matter how awful – I’m looking at you Phantom of the Opera – and why someone wouldn’t like it, no matter how amazing – I’m looking at you, giant plot holes in Beauty and the Beast. I want to present my point of view, but still leave the discussion open. I want to be that positive, understanding voice in a world where more positive, understanding voices are desperately needed.

For the first time in forever, expect a video this Sunday.

Satire Department-

Well, I don’t usually go for art contests (haven’t done so since high school), but when Doug Walker announced a DVD cover contest, I just couldn’t resist. I worked intermittently on this during the past month or so, and even if it doesn’t make it to runner up, it was still a fun painting exercise in a style I had never attempted before (And of course I had to go for the Boris Vallejo route here!). As I often say, I should do this sort of thing more often.


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