Rob Walker

Doug and Rob Walker:

-think that there should be more diversity in movies, especially women in action movies

-don’t demean, stereotype, or joke about any minority

-adress sexism in movies

-are willing to take criticism 

-interact with their fans 

-don’t let a patriarchal society stop them from doing jokes where they do feminine things or bits where one of them is in a sexual or romantic situation with a man

-bring awareness to charities 


-brought in Dante Basco (the voice of Prince Zuko) into their show and had him do this-

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We impose narratives upon objects, we extract narratives from them, and we save narratives within them.
—  Significant Objects mastermind Rob Walker reflects on Emily Spivack’s fantastic Sentimental Value project-turned-art-show, a treasure trove of human stories found on eBay, echoing MoMA’s Paola Antonelli, who memorably asserted that “the bond between people and things has always been filled with powerful and unspoken sentiments going well beyond functional expectations and including attachment, love, possessiveness, jealousy, pride, curiosity, anger, even friendship and partnership.”

Satire Department-

Well, I don’t usually go for art contests (haven’t done so since high school), but when Doug Walker announced a DVD cover contest, I just couldn’t resist. I worked intermittently on this during the past month or so, and even if it doesn’t make it to runner up, it was still a fun painting exercise in a style I had never attempted before (And of course I had to go for the Boris Vallejo route here!). As I often say, I should do this sort of thing more often.