Rob Walker

Doug and Rob Walker:

-think that there should be more diversity in movies, especially women in action movies

-don’t demean, stereotype, or joke about any minority

-adress sexism in movies

-are willing to take criticism 

-interact with their fans 

-don’t let a patriarchal society stop them from doing jokes where they do feminine things or bits where one of them is in a sexual or romantic situation with a man

-bring awareness to charities 


-brought in Dante Basco (the voice of Prince Zuko) into their show and had him do this-

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The Riff Doug and Rob did before the early screening of Nostalgia Critic’s clipless review of IT (2017)


My cosplay adventures as Kuzco and Eren Yeager at Midwest Media Expo in Detroit ^_^ I got to meet my internet hero Doug Walker aka the Nostalgia Critic and many amazing members of Channel Awesome!!!! Great people, awesome cosplays, stupendous time! I <3 cons


I was so happy with all the feedback on my last NC comic, I decided to do another one!
Critic has to babysit the ankle biters. I had so much fun doing all of these and even had fun detailing the sweets littered all over the floor in the last panel. I tried doing treats that were exclusively American, but gave up as most of it you can buy abroad too. I just popped twinkies everywhere (I’ve tried them, they’re damn fine!) Also, Critic, don’t pass out when there’s markers about.

Note: It has come to my attention that the little girl Tamara plays in the Balto review is named “Bum Jr,” after Chester A Bum adopted her. Apologies for the mix up! Also, the Malcolm character portrayed here is that D-Bag kid from the “I’ll be Home for Christmas Review.” He’s the Devil’s nephew, so that makes him and Evilina cousins! And I just had to include Malice because what an adorable little murder machine!