Rob Scuderi

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: The Penguins might sell the organization and honestly that isn't really okay. Paulie is gone, Beau is probably going to be gone, Ehrhoff is gone too, this is not okay. On top of the big fuck-muffin that this situation is, Sutter, Scuderi, and Kunitz might be traded. None of this is okay. I am not okay.

anonymous asked:

opinions about all the players that have been leaving us so far?

In the grand scheme of it, Bones is probably the biggest loss on the ice. The Pens largely won the last two Cups based on their strength down the middle. He played 80 games last season and averaged 16:39 minutes of ice time per game. That is a huuuge void to fill. Plus he killed penalties and was an excellent shot blocker. He had 37 points on the season too, so it wasn’t like he wasn’t producing.

Dales leaving is also a bummer. He’s a great skater and he can score. He also killed penalties. That Maatta-Daley pairing never really did pan out, but Dales was such an upgrade on Rob Scuderi omg. He turns 34 in October though, and I’m glad the Pens didn’t sign him to the 3 year, 3M contract he got with Detroit. Defensemen take so much abuse and log so many minutes a game, they usually wear down quicker than forwards.

Hainsey is inconsequential, I think. He was a great pickup for the playoffs and played solid throughout, but he’s easily replaced. Hunwick should be just as good if not better.

Off the ice, Kuni is the hardest loss by far. He’s been a steady presence in the locker room since 2009 and he is one of Sid’s best friends. He is replaced easily enough on the ice, but he was still having big moments this year (scoring the goal that was Sid’s 1000th point, the GWG in double OT against Ottawa).

In a perfect world, they’d all be able to stay for a chance at the three-peat, but I don’t blame them at all for chasing the money while they still can. They have to think about the time post-hockey as well.