Rob Marshall

  • Sam Mendes: What is the most common phrase you use on set?
  • Joe Wright: "Beautiful. One more."
  • Christopher Nolan: "Moving on."
  • Steven Spielberg: "Cut." "That was brilliant." "Once more!"
  • Sofia Coppola: "Okay, great, let's do it again."
  • Rob Marshall: "Cut. That was great." I think it's always important to give immediate positive reinforcement.
  • David Fincher: "Shut the fuck up, please."

get to know me meme: [3/10] movies
memoirs of a geisha - “
She paints her face to hide her face. Her eyes are deep water. It is not for Geisha to want. It is not for Geisha to feel. Geisha is an artist of the floating world. She dances, she sings. She entertains you, whatever you want. The rest is shadows, the rest is secret. ”

Into The Woods Movie Facts
  • Because director Rob Marshall prefers to use CGI or green screens as little as possible, Chris Pine had to stand in the background completely still and silent for two entire days of filming during Anna Kendrick’s performance of ‘On the Steps of the Palace’.
  • According to Anna Kendrick, the set pieces used for the woods were so big and realistic that she and Chris Pine actually got lost while on the sound stage and had to be rescued by a production assistant.
  • At a Q&A session after screening of the film, James Corden recalled an incident during rehearsals in which Meryl Streep jumped on a table and her foot got caught in her costume. She started falling backwards, head first, toward a concrete floor. Both Corden and director Rob Marshall froze in the fear that they were about to witness the death of Meryl Streep. However, Emily Blunt stepped in and caught Streep before she hit the floor.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, Donna Murphy, Idina Menzel, Miranda Richardson, Kate Winslet, and Nicole Kidman were considered for the Witch.
  • This is the fourth time Lucy Punch has played a stepsister type role. Previous projects are Ella Enchanted, Cinderella 2000, and a BBC version of Cinderella.
  • Emily Blunt revealed that the “Any Moment” sequence was rehearsed when she was about three months into her pregnancy and it was filmed when she was about seven months pregnant. The change showed during filmed as Blunt noted that during the scene Chris Pine dips her during a dance and that Pine’s arms were shaking due to the change in weight.
  • In the movie, Cinderella has golden slippers; this is a reference to the original Grimm fairytale, in which the slippers are gold.
  • Though he is top-billed, Johnny Depp appears in nearly five minutes of the film.
  • During the establishing shot of the palace on the first night of the ball, a brief underscore excerpt is used of the “Night Waltz” from another Sondheim musical, “A Little Night Music.”