1. Time does not heal. Time makes you forget and does a good job of making memories blurry. Take healing into your own hands - don’t wait for someone else to do it.

2. Do not waste your I love you’s. The more you flaunt the word around to people you’ve just met and early lovers, the less it will mean when love really hits.

3. Create a list of things you want to do in life. I’m not talking about going to see the northern lights or visiting Hawaii. The little things that can be easy to accomplish such as: trying caviar, painting your room, and trying that new sushi place. Checking off the little things in life is the best self-esteem boost.

4. Always take the high road. If you’re working with rude people or someone has done wrong to you, do not stoop to their level. What’s goes around will come back around. Trust me.

5. Offer to help. People appreciate someone that genuinely wants to give a helping hand whether it’s setting the table or carrying heavy boxes.

6. Stop being hard on yourself. Who cares if you did not get an A on that test? Does it matter if you embarrassed yourself at lunch the other day? Move on. We’re only human.

7. Read more.

8. Be open minded. People who can not see past their own opinions do not go anywhere in life.

9. Accept your flaws.

10. Invest in yourself. Buy yourself that new art set, or new shoes, or order some good take out. The little things in life are often over looked, but they add up in the best ways.

—  aberrantangst 

the paladins as iconic vines

shiro: “how much did you pay for that taco?” “ay you know that this boy’s got his free taco“ *falls and drops taco*

keith: “road work ahead? uh, yeah, i sure hope it does”

lance: *jumping in a bouncy house on phone* “you can’t be on your phone!” “fuck you” “you can’t be on your phone!” “fuck you obama made me do this—“

pidge: “stop saying i look like chicken little. he’s dumb, and a coward, and i am not a coward”

hunk: *sees bear* “it’s a fucking bear” *bear disappears in river* “NOOOOOOO” *bear reappears seconds later* “oh shit he’s right there”

allura: *walking up to a small child* child: “daddy?”


voltron airline au

these dorks at 30,000ft 

  • pidge and hunk are engineers
  • pidge driving one of those little buggies on the tarmac: “look at that sign” hunk: “road work ahead?” 
    • pidge: “uhhh yeah i sure hope it does” 
  • allura is captain and shiro is the co-pilot
  • allura over the intercom: “excuse me ladies and gentlemen, mr shirogane just bet i couldn’t do a barrel roll in this plane so i’m about to shut him up real quick”
    • you can hear shiro hyperventilating in the background
  • keith, lance, and coran are flight attendants
  • lance: “let me out of the bathroom!” keith leaning on the other side of the door: “no, you ate all my thin mints. why would you do that?!” 
    • lance: “i wanted to annoy you because i love y- i mean thin mints!!!” 
  • really bad turbulence and keith and lance are screaming and holding onto each other. coran is a seasoned veteran and just glides around while the plane slips and slides
    • lance: “wow coran you’re so good at this!” coran: “yes my boy i’ve seen all 12 episodes of yuri on ice” 
  • allura has a really soothing voice and she forgets to turn off the intercom. everyone hears her singing softly and beautifully and they all pass out
  • coran: “and for lunch ma’am would you like the chicken or the beef?” pidge removing her sunglasses and big hat: “got any vodka?” coran: “miss holt, your disguise is terrible and you’re 5″
    • pidge: “5 foot a bitch
    • coran: “…” pidge: “i was trying to be cool but i just roasted myself”
  • keith: “you’re like a t-rex” pidge: “ferocious?” 
    • keith: “short arms” pidge: -__-
  • passenger: “can i get some water?” hunk: “i don’t work here but sure!”
    • annoying passenger for the 8th time: “this water tastes funny can i have another?” hunk swallowing the water, swishing it around in his mouth, and spitting it back into the cup: “here you go” passenger: >:0
  • lance: “;) hey there handsome” keith blushing: “me?” 
    • lance turning away from the mirror: “…well this is an awkward situation”
  • hunk: “captain?” shiro: “yup?” 
    • hunk: “i’m a huge fan!! can you give me your autograph and some words of wisdom?” shiro: “sure!”
    • hunk: “what are you gonna say? live your dreams? no no, i got it- work hard and be the best”
    • shiro looking him dead in the eye: “the FitnessGram™ pacer test-” 
  • allura: “coran. what are you doing?” 
    • coran passed out in the luggage rack, blinking blearily and looking around: “i believe i’m what the kids would say, lost in the sauce, allura” 

I have this weird little headcanon that living as a civilian in achievement city isn’t… that bad? like,

the fahc are borderline insane with the heists they pull, stealing from every bank in the city and getting away in absurdly painted cars. decked out in weird outfits that are always so pristine despite the fact that they seem to wear it all. the time.

it becomes normal to hear laughter on top of the engines of motorcycles, or to see a helicopter swerving madly in the sky as it threads through skyscrapers while getting away from the police.

achievement city’s organizations, the little ngos that try to make it better, receive donations on the regular, any truly innocent person doesn’t stay missing for very long - always returned home with an unbelievable story to tell

(it was the vagabond, I swear - skull and all - he came for me)

you see the golden boy shopping at calvin klein and all he does is hold up two shirts when you stare, asking which looks better? before you hear sirens in the distance. he says I guess both is fine, shoving them in his bag and escapes out the back door, slipping a few hundreds into one of the retail employee’s jean pockets on the way

a mugger pushes you into an alley with a gun to your back and you barely get a word out before you hear a knock that shit off and they’re shoved off you by the jersey devil, more annoyed than anything else. the mugger gawks and runs off and you’re still frozen as the curly haired criminal brushes off your shoulders with a stern stay safe out here

you’re sitting under a tree at the park one afternoon and the kingpin walks up to you, asking mind if I join you? you nod meekly and he plants himself down beside you, pulling out a book of his own, occasionally asking what was happening in yours and leaving you with some recommendations when it was time to go heist

a job is pulled off near your work and roads are crammed with police and traffic, every person within a 100m radius being questioned. the next day you walk in to a fully catered lunch, a small note placed on top reading sorry about the mess - beardo

the self-proclaimed rimmy tim shows up to the bowling alley, cowboy hat and all, and smiles kindly to the teenager working behind the counter while paying for a game. he grabs the lane next to you, saying watch this, and throws the ball in the gutter

and it really was the vagabond breaking down the door that locked you in after what seemed to be like endless gunfire from the main floor, cutting off your restraints and letting you hold onto him on his motorcycle as he drives back to the city, stopping in an abandoned parking lot and offering to walk you home from there

because it’s an unspoken rule of the underground to keep civilians out of it, and you better believe that ramsey enforces it. the little boy who grew up watching the people he knew disappear, swearing on his heart that he’d do whatever he could to change that, even if his methods were a bit unorthodox

then when you post it online later, you get the expected amount of disbelief and yeah right’s, but then you get a comment - fun, but maybe let’s not do that again - v


Millions of older Americans, too broke to retire, plan to work until they die

Richard Dever had swabbed the campground shower stalls and emptied 20 garbage cans, and now he climbed slowly onto a John Deere mower to cut a couple acres of grass.

“I’m going to work until I die, if I can, because I need the money,” said Dever, 74, who drove 1,400 miles to this Maine campground from his home in Indiana to take a temporary job that pays $10 an hour.

Dever shifted gently in the tractor seat, a rubber cushion carefully positioned to ease the bursitis in his hip — a snapshot of the new reality of old age in America.

People are living longer, more expensive lives, often without much of a safety net. As a result, record numbers of Americans older than 65 are working — now nearly 1 in 5. That proportion has risen steadily over the past decade, and at a far faster rate than any other age group. Today, 9 million senior citizens work, compared with 4 million in 2000.

While some work by choice rather than need, millions of others are entering their golden years with alarmingly fragile finances. Fundamental changes in the U.S. retirement system have shifted responsibility for saving from the employer to the worker, exacerbating the nation’s rich-poor divide. Two recent recessions devastated personal savings. And at a time when 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day, Social Security benefits have lost about a third of their purchasing power since 2000.

Polls show that most older people are more worried about running out of money than dying.

“There is no part of the country where the majority of middle-class older workers have adequate retirement savings to maintain their standard of living in their retirement,” said Teresa Ghilarducci, a labor economist who specializes in retirement security. “People are coming into retirement with a lot more anxiety and a lot less buying power.”

As a result, many older workers are hitting the road as work campers — also called “workampers” — those who shed costly lifestyles, purchase RVs and travel the nation picking up seasonal jobs that typically offer hourly wages and few or no benefits.

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That Black Suit...

Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested: Yes - Anonymous

Tagging: @claireisbetterthandom

Fandom: Thor

Relationship: Pre-Established; Loki x Reader

Summary: Reader likes Loki and can’t keep it a secret after seeing Loki in the black suit. 

Word Count: 1.2k


Comments: Gods… Tom looked so good in that suit… Tom looked good in the whole movie…

Originally posted by mokisaur


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Stranger things as some of my favourite vines:

Mike: *cycling* road work ahead? Uh yeah I sure hope it does.

Eleven: *watching people fighting behind counter* can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?

Dustin: *watching Max do a skateboard trick* that was legitness

Lucas: what the fuck Kyle, no what did you say to me? Shut the fuck up Kyle

Will: two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cuz they’re not gay

Max: *looks like she’s doing a run up to an awesome trick but just keeps running with the skateboard*

Jonathan: *strumming guitar and singing* hey, how you doing? Well I’m doing just fine, I lied I’m dying inside.

Steve: What up my name’s Steve, I’m 19 and I never fucking learned how to read


‘  when will you learn? when will you learn that your actionS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!  ’
‘  can i get a waffle??? can i PLEASE get a waffle!!!  ’
‘  go suck a dick, suck a dick suck a motherfucking dick  ’
‘  you better stop! biTCH STOP  ’
‘  do you ever like wake up and do something and you’re just like what the hec– fuck is goin on  ’
‘  what’s good, brah you don’t know me! you don’t– WHAT IS GOOD! YOU DON’T KNOW! YOU DON’T KNOW ME! ’
‘  it’s summer i got my hat on backwards and it’s time to fucking party  ’
‘  anyone ever tell you you look like beyonce?  ’
‘  and they were roommates!  ’
‘  oh my god, they were roommates  ’
‘  oh my god, i love chipotle chipotle is my liiiiife   ’
‘  this bitch empty YEET!!!!  ’
‘  bitch disgusting  ’
‘  yeaaah. yeAAAAAH.  ’
‘  so no head?  ’
‘  i’ll kill you. i’ll kill you. i’m not even worried about it.  ’
‘  ahh, fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this  ’
‘  aHH STOP! i could’ve dropped my croissant!  ’
‘  what’s up me and my boys are going to see uncle kracker  ’
‘  give me my hat back, jordan!  ’
‘  do you wanna go see uncle kracker or no!?  ’
‘  i sneezed! oh, i’m not allowed to sneeze?!  ’
‘  look at all those chickens  ’
‘  i smell like beef  ’
‘  i gotta go home cause i forgot to… vacuum my room  ’
‘  actually, megan, i can’t sit anywhere. i have hemorrhoids.  ’
‘  is there anything better than pussy? yes! a really good book  ’
‘  mom, i’m peein on myself  ’
‘  sorry, i’m on the toilet. i hope the ice cream don’t melt, bitch  ’
‘  honestly i don’t remember, i was probably fucked up. yeah, i was crazy back then  ’
‘  just shut up and die slowly, okay?  ’
‘  two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay!  ’
‘  mother trucker, dude! that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick!  ’
‘  you remember one time i liked you? GOOD! cause it never happened  ’
‘  if your name is junior and you’re really handsome, come on raise your hand  ’
‘  waddup i’m jared, i’m nineteen, and i never fucking learned how to read  ’
‘  oh my god why can’t you just take the fricken compliMENT  ’
‘  is that a wEED? i’m callin the police!!!  ’
‘  yo, drink this vodka down the hatch c’mon  ’
‘  it is wednesday, my dudes. aaaaAAAAAAH  ’
‘  there is only one thing worst than a rapist… a child!  ’
‘  get to del taco, they got a new thing called fre shavocado  ’
‘  *to the tune of ghostbusters* i’m an adult virgin  ’
‘  hi my name is tre, i have a basketball game tomorrooooow  ’
‘  babeyou’reafuckingbitchiwantyoutogetthefuckoutofmycarcauseiwannabreakupwithyou i fucking hate you   ’
‘  todays forecast we can clearly see that somebody got me fucked up. FUCKED. UP.  ’
‘  he needs some milk!  ’
‘  you are my dad. YOU’RE MY DAD! boogie woogie woogie  ’
‘  oooooh my boy going to prom. fuck it up! fuck it up! fuck it up!  ’
‘  hey, how you doin? i’m doing just fine. i lied. i’m dying inside  ’
‘  honey, you got a big storm comin  ’
‘  i wanna fucking DIE  ’
‘  road work ahead? uh yeah i sure hope it does  ’
‘  the yo-yo master did not answer, he just kept on yo-ing  ’
‘  welcome back to me screaming  ’
‘  you know sometimes i think to myself what are you waiting for you dumb stupid fuuuuuuck!  ’
‘  do you ever shut the fuck up?  ’


Being on the road for work so often can be tough. I had been working on this song in my head for the past few weeks.. it was so nice to come home and lay it down on my piano 🎼😌 (at Oak Brook, Illinois)

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Witchtip: Magical Inspiration

You ever have a magical dry spell? Where you maybe wanna write some spells, you’ve got the itch to witch, but no real inspiration?

I do. Frequently. So here are some magical brainstorming ideas.

  • Read non-magical or fiction books. These can be tremendous sources of inspiration for spells or enchantments.
  • Use bibliomancy. Grab a spellbook with tons of spells. Something like The Ultimate Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells or The Ultimate Spell Book. Flip to a random page and re-write the first spell you see to make it your own.
  • Use fictional spells to inspire real ones. Either their intent, mechanics, or affect can usually be in some way worked into a real working. Things like:
  • Read d&d rule books. Yes, really. Some of the spell listings are quite detailed and many can be applied to real magical theory with the right mindset. Things like trap spells that go off when a certain condition is met can be handy (magic bombs) or cloak type spells can be actualized with servitors
  • Video Games. Some have very interesting spells that can be used as a starting point to inspire real workings.
  • Read Mythology. Modern or ancient.
  • Ritualize your brain storming sessions. Light an incense associated with relaxation or inspiration. Burn a yellow candle for creativity. Set an intention for the session to be relaxing and fun rather than focusing on spellwriters block.
  • Use techniques like free writing. Start with a sentance like “I wish I had the power to…….” And keep going. You’re damn sure to bump up against something that can be turned into a real magical working.
  • Trying to think up your own correspondences? Use free association. Pick an item you’d like to use as a spell component and write down everything you associate with it. This can produce interesting results and really beef up your stash of useable components. For Instance: Sandpaper. Sanding. Smoothing. Clearing. Cleaning. Adjusting. Polishing. Shining. Then free associate with those words. Shining. Beauty. Glamor. Smoothing. Skin. Wrinkles. W00t. Sandpaper is now an ingredient for that youth spell you thought about writing six months ago.
  • Read over your notes. Chances are, depending on your background, you’ve got correspondences written down somewhere for intentions you’ve never used.
  • Leverage opposition with the above. Every thing always suggests its own opposite. Got tons of glamours? Write a curse that makes the target appear as ugly on the outside as their actions. Or an invisibility spell that focuses on making you seem instantly forgettable.
  • Adopt the attitude of an experimenter. Let go of worrying about doing something “the wrong way” and see every spell as an experiment. Accept that it may fail and then simply observe. If it didn’t work, go over your notes. What could you have added to make it more effective? What could be left out to make it more efficient?
  • Read the ingredient lists on food cans. What are the correspondences? Then string together a spell with intent that binds those together. For instance, corn: abundance, prosperity. Salt: cleansing, blessing. Add those intents together: a cleansing spell to banish obstacles, like a road opener working. Or a blessing to ensure prosperity for a friend down on their luck. Correspondences are often relayed as keywords that can easily be plugged together and built out if you think creatively.
  • Speaking of keywords, write every magickal keyword you can think of on slips of paper. Put them in a jar or a coffee can. Add to them as you think up new ones. Next time you wanna write something pull out a few at random and string them together into a spell.
Funny quotes from vines that the gang would say.

Steve: *sees road work ahead sign* Road Work Ahead? Umm, I sure hope it does.
Dally: We all die, you either kill yourself or get killed *dances and chants* watcha gonna do?
Sodapop: *sees a dog* Are they real… Are they real dogs?
Two-bit: Ask me what kind of tree we have. Ask me what kind of tree we have. Ask me what kin- CHRIS PINE
Ponyboy: All these ghosts,,, All these ghosts and i still can’t find a boo
Darry: *smacks the table* NOT ON MY WATCH, NOT ON MY WATCH
Johnny: Wow, I can’t believe you’re a real person,,, it’s just i’ve been cat-fished 48 times.
Bob: what the FUCK is up Kyle? NO what’d you say ?what the FUCK dude. step the FUCK UP KYLE
Cherry: Honey, you’ve got a big storm comin.

J falling in love with you

Him subtly flirting with you when you first meet:

Him showing you that he can finally tie his hair up in a bun as a conversation starter:

When you’re joking around and you take it a little too far and he starts to get pissed:

When you start hanging out together for the first time:

Having a humble conversation:

When you goof…..:

& mess around together:

Him jokingly trying to seduce you:

And always trying to make you laugh:

Hanging out when the boys are working & distracting jared, resulting in him getting told off:

Jared drunk FaceTiming you at 2am with Shannon:

Him constantly trying to get your attention in a group:

The face he makes when he watches you do your little things:

Hanging late at night when you’re both bored:

The guys teasing Jared when you’re around:

Distracting him when you walk in:

When he realises that he loves you:

But trying to figure out how to show you/tell you:

He decides to act super cute because he knows it’ll make you giggle:

But still be’s a dag:

Goofing around on Skype while he’s on tour:

The face he makes when you tell him that you miss him:

When Shannon invites you over to surprise Jared the day they get back:

And Skyping after you leave because you missed each other that much: “You looked fucking beautiful”

Making breakfast together the next day:

Him telling you about the trip:

And losing track of time because you can’t stop talking:

Waking Jared up after you accidentally fell asleep on his couch:

You’re both really exhausted the next day:

Talking to him because he hasn’t been feeling good:

And calling him later to see how he’s doing but he just acts like an asshole and you hang up:

And he realises he fucked up:

So you don’t talk for a few days:

It being awkard when you see each other again: “Hey” 

Telling him that he hurt you:

And him having no idea how to express how he truly feels:

So the only thing he can think to do is this:

He pulls back to see how you react to him kissing you:

And all you can think about is him consuming you:

So you pull him back into you:

And he says:

You go to tell him that you love him but Shannon walks in:

“So..” :

He cracks a joke to make you less nervous:

“I think i love you”:

He stares at you waiting to see what you say..

“I think i love you too”:

The first time he makes love to you:

And how he takes care of you after:

He sings you the soft parts of Alibi whilst you fall asleep in his arms:

You can’t keep your hands off each other now that you’ve both admitted that you love each other:

You eat and talk on Skype when he goes away:

And he tells you about shaving his eyebrows:

And when he gets back he likes to take photos of you so he can have them when he goes away again:

And likes to kiss you some more:

And some more:

And some more:

He rocks up really late unannounced just to kiss you:

And make love to you all the time:

And you sometimes laugh at him when he tries to be romantic:

He sometimes takes you on road trips for work so he won’t get lonely:

And you tell him that you get annoyed at how he lets all the girls touch him but he doesn’t seem to be phased that you’re upset and tells you “It’s part of the job”:

Until you make it very clear that you don’t like it:

So he tries to tell you not to worry but he’s still not taking you seriously:

Until he sees you flirting with Shannon:

And thinks “you’ve got to be kidding me”:

Then gets jealous and doesn’t want you to notice:

You don’t say anything to him in the car on the way back:

And still don’t when you get inside:

You both get into bed and you start crying and he looks at you like this:

“It’s just you” he says:

And pecks your lips:

You move over a little so your bodies are pressing together and he looks down at you:

You lift your hands up into his hair and just look into his eyes:

He starts to cry because he didn’t realise how much he hurt you:

So you kiss him and try to calm him down by running your fingers over his body:

But in turn that does the opposite:

And he makes intense, passionate love to you, doing things that he’s never done to you before:

And makes sure to wrap you up in the blankets after:

When you wake up the next morning, Jared won’t stop staring at you:

You giggle, “what?”, he grunts “mgh nothing”:

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you it was rude to stare baby?”:

He smirks at the comment he just made knowing full well that he has you verbally cornered:

You sometimes run him a bath after his shows for him to come and relax in:

And when you’re upset he takes care of you:

And when one person makes you upset, he goes into defensive boyfriend mode:

The face he makes when you’re giggling:

The “I’m trying to stay angry with you but i just fucking can’t” face:

The way he looks at you when you’re out with other people:

And the little smirks that he gives you when your eyes meet:

The puppy dog face:

And the face he pulls when he doesn’t get what he wants because he know’s it always makes you kiss him:

The look he pulls when you’re both trying to remain serious:

FaceTiming while he’s away filming:

The way he won’t stop staring at you:

Or skyping you:

Or loving you:


Just to remind everyone how unimportant skin color actually is in people’s lives I would like to share what happened today that was pointed out by my lovely and wonderful fiancé.

We decided to go see if the water went down any, but it hasn’t gone down enough for us to safely get out. We’re folks in the country south of College Station, TX living on a hilltop surrounded by our brand new Lake Harvey.

Well, all our neighbors were parked out in front of the new lake on the road so we joined them.

We talked about Game of Thrones, the relief volunteers who were across the water trying to get to us, the massive piles of fire ants in the water, and Mayweather. I pointed out one of our neighbors wearing an awesome shirt about Texas Independence and how much I love redneck Texans.

We enjoyed spending time and laughing with our little community, all of us checking on each other and offering spare water we had and then we hopped in the car to head home for dinner.

And then my lovely fiancé pointed out that we were the only white people in the neighborhood, and the only other people here who aren’t black are hispanic.

And you know, none of us cared. We were all laughing together, looking after each other, trying to guess when the water would go down and joking around. We talked about family and friends in other parts of Texas and let each other know how they were doing. It was lovely. Just a bunch of Texas rednecks loving on each other.

No one judged us for being white, we didn’t judge anyone for being black or hispanic, and the hispanics didn’t judge us either. We’re all in the same boat, we all drive down the same road to go to work, and we’re all here for each other. No one cared about the families with the Trump signs, no one cared about the families with the Hillary signs.

We just cared that our neighbor was okay, that’s it. And that’s how it should be.

TL:DR Some African americans, hispanics, and white people were stuck in a flood and just looking out for each other. None of that skin color BS matters in the end. All that matters is your neighbor is your neighbor, and you look out for them just the same.