Now I want to present you my great friend’s TES Dark Brotherhood Assassin cosplay. Everything is made of natural leather, every rivet and other metal things are made for him by a blacksmith.

 He is called The Plague Doctor [VK

All made by himself at Plague Doctor Workshop [VK] (you may order something)

I admire this person for his patience, love and inspiration. Dear Plague Doctor, I wish you a great life and want you to get everything you deserve.

Bill Cosby is nothing like my father, and I am relieved.

In a Facebook post where I shared New York Magazine’s riveting profile of thirty-five women Bill Cosby is accused of raping (with one empty chair, because we may never know all of his victims), a friend asked if I can still enjoy The Cosby Show. He wondered if I could separate Cosby’s ‘humanness’ from his genius contributions to American culture, and particularly black American culture. These are questions he asked himself through me, I believe. They are questions that many 80s babies are grappling with, not because of whom Bill Cosby is as a man, but because of whom he has been as an ideal, as a model of respectable blackness and as a kind of father figure to many.

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Bill Cosby’s Faux Legacy by Josie Pickens.

RRL & Co. Slim-Fit Distressed Jean. Part of the Speed on Salt Fall 2015 collection.
1960s-inspired jean made from 13.4 oz. Japanese denim. Cut for a slim fit. High-contrast whiskering, repairs and hand-splattered pigments for a worked-in look. Five-pocket styling with authentic washers and rivets. “RRL”-embroidered selvedge coin pocket. Heavy twill pocket linings. Leather “RRL”-debossed logo label at the back right waist.


Today I dis-bound this book with a metal cover, so that it can go to the commercial bindery and get a new cover (the cover has gotten rather sharp and has been referred to as a ‘shiv’ by our cataloging department). Don’t worry, we have another pristine copy in special collections! This copy was our circulating copy.

However, I don’t know if I’m more proud that I was actually able to dis-bind it (those were RIVETS, not screws!) or that I was able to do so without stabbing myself in the hand.

The book is “The machine; as seen at the end of the mechanical age” by K. G. Pontus Hulteń, and it was a catalogue of an exhibition to held at the Museum of Modern Art, Nov. 25, 1968-Feb. 9, 1969; University of St. Thomas, Houston, Mar. 25-May 18, 1969; and San Francisco Museum of Art, June 23-Aug. 24, 1969.

RRL & Co. Slim-Fit Distressed Jean.
1960s-inspired jean made from 13.4 oz. Japanese denim. Cut for a slim fit. High-contrast whiskering, repairs and hand-splattered pigments for a worked-in look. Five-pocket styling with authentic washers and rivets. “RRL”-embroidered selvedge coin pocket. Heavy twill pocket linings. Leather “RRL”-debossed logo label at the back right waist.

Everytime I hear Julius’ voice, I find myself utterly transfixed by its emotive, dramatic quality, one that never fails to remind me of TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe. On new song Crying Diamonds, Julius combines that magnificent voice with a soundscape steeped in grandeur and cinematic fervor, a synthesis deeply riveting and wholly stirring. The symphonic pop song is a taste from a forthcoming EP, Re-Compositions. Crying Diamonds is a free download in the meantime, here.

i seem to disregard cool people following me but i regularly make posts with riveting content like ‘rosemary sears gleefully watching herself getting cucked’, ‘otacon making replacement jaws for raiden that make him look like he has chobit ears’, and ‘big boss has a fursona and it is a crocodile with a beard’

h3llbender replied to your photo “I’ve noticed that these have been garnering a lot of attention on my…”

A toad!!!! Matters on the price

I can see a toad fitting in certainly. A Surinam toad maybe? 

The prices are based on complexity/# of moving parts or rivets. The price ranges from $28 for the least complicated,

like this salamander with only two rivets and no moving parts,

to $45 for the most complicated,

like this Gharial which has six rivets with spacers and four moving parts.

Thanks for the reply btw. :)

sept 1 2015

  • first day of september yay!!!
  • ap lang chillin was nice + much needed
  • “i jsut naturally distrust old people” LMAO
  • got a lot of compliments on my outfit today which was v nice :’)
  • got to paint in art today which felt nice
  • apush test was ok actually!!!!!! it def wasnt worth the mental breakdown i had in the morning :/ 
  • “i have a a very strong hunch that the answer is positive 2″ *tried everything but +2* 
  • crying in the shower doodle w tanya
  • got to see my new house and its p much done w all building!!! i cant wait to just move in already thikrjnbkrnr
  • sbux w the fam (strawberry shortcake frap was ok but still cant beat my usual)
  • finally home and v tired, cant find glasses so wtf :/ need to try rivet
Looking for a Co-owner

This probably won’t get a second look (that’s gonna be awkward) but just putting it up that I’m low-key keeping an eye out for a co-owner

- Collaborating on posts and shit
- A frieeennnddd
- My presence???
- Not having to do all the asks by yourself (also a huge benefit for me so like help a girl out)
- My conversation is riveting
- pls

- Where u from?
- Wuts ur name?
- do u like memes?
- how old are u?
- what r ur placements?

Okay well enough illiteracy for now… Just slide into my DM’s and uh yeah 👍🏼💸


I’ve been under Sevdaliza’s bewitching spell ever since I first encountered her dark and haunting music earlier this summer. The Iranian born, Netherlands raised artist is spectacularly unique and talented, delivering an irresistible style of mystical experimental pop and R&B. Today, she released a riveting music video for her twitchy, murky, and woozy single That Other Girl. They scanned Sevdaliza’s face and body and used revolutionary 3D technology to create the video. Its groundbreaking qualities match the avant-garde innovation of Sevdaliza’s gripping music.

GET TO KNOW THE NWHL: Nana Fujimoto, Goalie for the New York Riveters.  Nana represented Team Japan in the Sochi Olympics where she had a .885 save percentage.  She was a member of the 2015 IIHF World Championship team for Japan. She was voted Best Goaltender of the tournament with 128 saves and a .937 save percentage. The NWHL Commissioner stated "It’s impossible not to fall in love with Nana Fujimoto. She is one of the best goaltenders in the world and her sheer joy while playing is contagious to teammates and fans alike. She literally traveled across the globe to earn a spot in the NWHL.”