I was walking around the Rivertown Crossing Mall in Grand Rapids with a bunch of friends today, and I thought it would be a good idea to ask random people (Male) if their name was Brian to see if I could find a Brian for my Facets video.

So I walked up to one guy who looked like he was around my age (maybe a little older) and said “This may be a little weird, but I was wondering for your name might be Brian.”

His answer was “No, but I could be Brian.” (My friends were all sure that he was trying to flirt with me the whole time we were talking for him)

Later I walked up to two guys working at some sort of phone Kiosk. I  said exactly what I said to he other guy, thinking that maybe I may have found one.

One guy answered No

and the other answered with “I could be Brian if you want.”

What is up with guys in  Grand Rapids? They all have the same thought process!