Riverdale Season 2

I don’t say it enough or ever but FUCK RIVERDALE FOR RUINING JUGHEAD JONES FOR ME. HE WAS THE FUNNIEST LIL AroAce bean IN THE COMICS AND NOW HE’S CLICHE BADBOY STRAIGHT OUTTA A WATTPAD NOVEL PLAYED BY COLE SPROUTS OF THE ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. they really took all the interesting parts about jugheads character in the comics and just trashed it.

Southside Serpents - LAWS💫

Law #1

No Serpent stands alone.

Law #2

If a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, their family will be taken care of.

Law #3

A Serpent never shows cowardice.

Law #4

No Serpent is left for dead.

Law #5

A Serpent never betrays his own.

Law #6

In unity there is strength.

The Truth Comes Out

Summary: When Reggie your now ex-finds out you have moved on all thank to your new boyfriend Sweet Pea.

I hope you guys like this I got the idea when I was rewatching season 2. Don’t forget I take request so go ahead and ask.

You and Reggie dated for almost a year. But ever since you found out he was selling drugs you couldn’t take it anymore. There was only so much you could deal with when it came to Reggie.You forgave him during the whole playbook fiasco, you would turn the other cheek when he would flirt with other girls but dealing out the JJ was the last straw.

It’s been 2 weeks since you called it off with Reggie. You wanted to be alone so you went to  Whyte Wyrm to get a few drinks. The breakup really did hurt you. You thought Reggie loved you but you were so wrong.Its been 3 hours since you walked into the Wyrm and your just staring at your drink at this point. You zoned out so far you didn’t even hear the person next to you trying to get your attention.

“Hey, you’re on the wrong side of town you know.”


“You alright there beautiful?” Once he said beautiful you zoned back in. Taking notice a very handsome….hell hot guy sitting right next to you.

   “W-What did you say?”

“Well first off you’re on the wrong side of town but then I noticed the way you zoned out. Everything alright on the Northside Princess?”

  “Why do you even care?”

“Do you want me to be honest?”

  “Sure why not?”

“I saw a beautiful girl sitting at the bar alone drinking. So I thought I come keep you company.”

 “Your pretty cute you know,” You said under your breath knowing he wouldn’t hear you

“Your pretty cute your self Princess. The name is Sweet Pea”


And that’s what started a beautiful relationship

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2 Months Later

“Baby girl wakes up you’re gonna be late for school.”

You and Sweet Pea have been together for two months now and they have been the best two months of your life. Two main reasons why this relationship is so much better than when you were with Reggie. 1 SP treated you right and he was so protective of you. If anyone even looked at you the wrong way they would end up in the hospital. Reason 2 and the most important reason you’re parents loved Sweet Pea. They saw how he respects you and that’s all they could ask of their daughters’ boyfriend. They liked SP so much they let you stay over at his house on the southside

  “ No, I just wanna stay with you and cuddle.”

“I can’t let you do that Princess.Come on I’ll drop you off”

At School

You were late but not so late.Everyone was inside so no one saw you being dropped off by a serpent.

“Alright, we’re here. Do you want me to pick you up after school?”

  “Yes please”

Before you could open the school doors SP whistles at you getting your attention.

“Hey……I love you baby girl” You smile and shake your head at him and blow him a kiss before you walked into the building

After School

Sweet Pea’s POV

I left school early so I would be on time to pick up Y/N. As I wait for her I lean on my bike getting looks from all the Northsiders that pass me. I looked for Y/N through the pool of teens but I overheard so guy say my girls’ name. I was instantly interested.

“So Reggie you gonna get back together with Y/N or what man,” I remember Y/N telling me about her toxic relationship with this Reggie guy.

“You know it Chris. It’s gonna totally be easy getting back with her all I have to do is tell her I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again. Plus she was so damn easy you know what I mean. “ That’s it no one talks about my girl like that.

“She’s not gonna take up back bulldog.” I justs face forward I don’t even my death stair.

“How would you know. You’re just a Southside nobody”

“I know damn well because I’m Y/N boyfriend.”

“As if Y/N would stoop so low as to date a serpent over all of this”

Before I could ever punch him Y/N walk up to us

“Is everything okay here?”

“Everything is fine babe.Let’s ride” Before she put the helmet on her head I pulled her into me and gave her a long heated kiss. Right in front of that jackass that thinks he can have my Y/N back.

It’s literally 2:53am for me I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this I hope you all enjoyed it.

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Riverdale Headcanon║ Cuddling w/ Sweet Pea

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  • Cuddling with Sweet Pea? Oh, boy….are you in for a treat.
  • Despite the fact that cuddling with Sweet Pea is an incredibly rare and spontaneous occurance, when it does happen, it’s the most amazing experience in the world.
  • And, suprisingly, it’s usually initiated by him. 
  • Like the two of you could literally be sitting in your room, watching TV or doing homework, when all of a sudden Sweet Pea would turn off the TV or take away your textbook, and next thing you know you’re craddled into his chest and his arms are wrapped around your waist. 
  • He’s also, despite what you may believe, a very gentle and loving cuddler, so he’ll often try to find a way to look into your eyes or gently stroke your cheek.
  • Sometimes, the two of you will literally lay on your sides and face each other, no words being said as you stare into each others eyes and say all the things you never could.
  • Being from the Southside, however, Sweet Pea is also extremely protective, so whenever the two of you do cuddle, he’ll hold you in a way that makes you feel safe, warm, and incredibly loved.
  • Spooning? It’s a thing, and it’s wonderful.
  • Oh, and he’s usually the big spoon.
  • Except for when he’s sad or angry.
  • Then you’re the big spoon.
  • Sweet Pea would snuggle his face into the crook of your neck, lightly kiss your shoulder, and would always have his fingers intertwined with your own.
  • And whenever you’re cradled against his chest, he would always manage to hold you so that you could hear his heartbeat loud and clear.
  • He knew it helped you fall asleep.
  • Kisses? Oh, there’d be lots of kisses.
  • Neck kisses, cheek kisses, soft kisses, rough kisses.
  • He’d give you all the kisses.
  • You also like to play with his hair.
  • A lot.
  • And sometimes you’ll sneak up on him and lightly wrap your hands around his waist, catching him off guard before softly kissing the exposed skin around his neck.
  • And once in a while, after he’s gotten into a fight or roughed up while messing around with his boys, you’ll find yourself spending a good 10 minutes just focusing on his newly formed scratches and scars, lightly tracing and kissing each and every one of them until the ways in which they got there no longer weighed on your mind. 
  • The cuddling isn’t always gentle and serious, through.
  • Sometimes it’s sappy and  playful, and the two of you would literally lay in each others arms and talk about the dumbest things for hours.
  • Like Netflix shows or your favorite ice cream flavor. 
  • Either way, cuddling with Sweet Pea was definitely an experience.
  • And you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.