doctor who zodiac (based on personality)

9th doctor: aries
10th doctor: libra
11th doctor: gemini
rose: pisces
mickey: scorpio
jack harkness: sagittarius
martha: aquarius
donna: leo
harold saxon (brunette): virgo
harold saxon (blond): aries
amy: cancer
rory: taurus
river song: aries
twelve: cancer
clara: capricorn

can we talk about how River like shouldn’t really exist. like okay she was conceived in the TARDIS, which is like okay yeah the doctor was back in existence, but Mels pushed Amy and Rory to be together. And if the doctor didn’t exist at the time of their wedding, neither did Mels. Therefore there’s a good chance that they wouldn’t be getting married. So basically not only is River some miracle, she’s completely illogical.

but I mean River Song still kicks butt.

The Doctor felt it before he saw it; felt River’s grip on his hands loosen and her shoulders slump as she fell back against him, before he saw her expression soften into an almost peaceful one. Her eyes were closed now and her screams ceased, though her breathing still heavy. It felt like she’d been pushing for hours, but it couldn’t have been more than one, and a brief panic rushed through him as he feared she’d actually passed out from exhaustion. He looked up to the nurses, panic fading at their calm looks. He curiously waited for a moment as the one between River’s legs brought her hands up from their previous position, holding a pink and wiggling creature.

That’s when he heard the most beautiful sound the universe had to offer.

Excerpt from chapter three of The Good Kind of Surprise (x)