River Island


Shengsi, an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river, holds a secret shrouded in time – an abandoned fishing village being reclaimed by nature. These photos by Tang Yuhong, a creative photographer based in Nanning, take us into this lost village on the beautiful archipelago.


Kind Of Squarzi

Today’s outfit is sort-of inspired by Alessandro Squarzi (the founder of Fortela) who’s image you would have no doubt seen all over the internet (usually for an article showing stylish older men).

I’ve noticed that he likes wearing white jeans, a vest and a double-rider or M-65 jacket. It’s a great look that is easy to put together and relaxed. I’ve taken my cues from that but changed it a little - the jacket is a light overshirt and the jeans are faded blue not white. The chukkas are crepe-soled which makes them very comfortable to walk on and this shade of suede actually looks really good with dark denim.

Jacket - Engineered Garments

Vest - Man 1924

Shirt - River Island

Jeans - Orslow 107 Two Year Wash

Socks - Anonymous Ism

Shoes - Trenery