River Edge

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You are the stars, and the light shining between them - the song of moonlight, clear water, blackbirds nesting in thorns at the river's edge. The spectre and spectacle. The fork in the three way crossroads, heaven sent, hellbent, prophet and seer both, always both. One foot in darkness, the other made of light. Firewater and neon.

Dear most mysterious anon, I am going to tattoo this across my chest. I’m going to paint it on the front of my house. I’m going to embroider it into the banner I fly when I march off to war.

Riveredge LLC, home of Hassler Dressage | B&D Builders

Chesapeake City, Maryland

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Summer Sunset | Santaka | Kaunas #228/365 by Andrius Aleksandravičius
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On the 2nd of November, 1972, Ladislav Hojer decided to take a stroll by the serene river Elbe in Děčín, the Czech Republic. He had wished “to learn about the beauty of the earth and look for some women”. After unsuccessfully stalking a twenty two year old woman who wizened to him and quickly went inside her home, Hojer came across twenty nine year old Eva R

Eva was walking by the river’s edge when Hojer struck her in the head and dragged her unconscious body into the scrub. He attempted intercourse with her but she resisted which prompted Hojer to strangle her to death after which he attempted intercourse with her a second time but failed again due to the fact he was unable to form an erection. Hojer instead masturbated over her corpse and stuffed her vagina with stinging nettles. 

Hojer would murder and mutilate another five women before his arrest in 1981.

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What are some of your favorite lines from your poetry?

this is going to be such a self indulgent ask for me to answer because i can get so proud of some of my work my friends, brace yourself haha, also this is just from poems i’ve published on here, if it were from everything i’ve ever written and published in chapbooks… well we’d be here for a while oh my god).


“i forged friendships that should not be named friendships / they were so toxic i’m surprised i survived without chemical burns.”

“My teeth were just teeth, blunt with river rock polished edges, until I broke them on the forest floor, chewed flint like fudge and spat out the last softness that sheltered on my tongue.”


“if you could retell the tale wouldn’t you want to tell it kinder? wouldn’t you want to give them peace, even love, where you could?“

“you were created with tear tracks carved into your cheeks. never forget that their bloodlust birthed you already ready for death.”

“yes, we came from the darkness, with only matches to light our way. they flickered with every tiny gust that whispered across us but we faced hurricanes and emerged, still holding the flames.”

“boy kisses boy and a king pulls a sword from a stone / this is destiny in motion / time is circular: the pauper and the prince / in which the pauper becomes the prince / who becomes the king / who takes hold of a sword hilt gilded in gold / in which king kisses king and no one dies.”

“you run from tornadoes or you chase them, you do not become them. your anger is just anger an emotion to control or be controlled by; volcanoes can stay dormant for years but you are never still.”

“you don’t approach her. there is war where her feet tread, a battleground spreads like disease as she continues to dance on grass once green.”

“i will not be atlas, with arms so bruised they are blue. don’t you dare balance the earth on my shoulders for they are too frail. i could not hold the heavens any more than i could hold my resolve to be strong.”

“GIRL WALKS into oncoming traffic / feet tripping along the cobblestones / toes finding the grooves in the road / girl breaks / GIRL BREAKS BECAUSE A CAR COULDN’T the headlines read / they do not talk of how the car never tried to stop and how the girl opened her arms at the last second / embracing steel.”


The Old Town

Founded back with the discovery of the planet, The Old Town has the largest river and tallest waterfall on Dromund Kaas. The source of abundant fresh water attracted the early Imperials who later used the river as a way of generating energy. A town quickly developed into a sprawling city over the river and during it’s peak, it churned out enough power to sustain many of Kaas City’s larger districts.

The nearby jungle was also rich in ore that was mined used in some of the first cruisers in Grand Moff Vaiken’s Imperial Armada. Over the years, mining and stripping of the land led to contamination of the river which the town was built upon. Once all the ore had been exhausted, reforestation and decontamination efforts went under way.

After a few decades of cleaning the river, waterfall, and town were all back to their former glory. It was also during this time that the town also witnessed an increase in art and culture, which gave way to many of the stylistic buildings that remain to this day. Over the years, the town’s contribution to energy production had dwindled and its local economy relies mostly on tourism these days.

- excerpt from Imperial History: The Beginnings at Dromund Kaas


River’s Edge by Matt
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Precious Blood Cemetery, Woonsocket, RI Precious Blood was the site of a gruesome incident in 1955. After two hurricanes in a short period, the Blackstone River, seen in the background, flooded. Homes and businesses were swept away. A chunk of Precious Blood Cemetery was also swept away, and coffins floated down the river, some being washed up on city streets with the remains strewn about. It was a ghastly event, and the reason why concrete vaults are now required in RI. www.examiner.com/article/the-ghosts-of-precious-blood-cem…