River Edge

River’s Edge | Jughead Jones

In which your boyfriend Jughead makes you go to the site of Jason Blossom’s death. 

Warnings: none (reader is kinda sad…)

Word count: 746 (kinda short, sorrrrry)

For the anon that requested a Jughead story asking for these:

9) “What makes you say that?”

65) “Get out of the way before I murder you.”

83) “I had a dream about you.”

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“Did you bring the blanket like I told you?” Jughead asked as he plopped himself on a rock near the river’s edge. You felt a chill go up your spine. You nodded and threw the thick cotton sheet at him, hitting him in the chest. 

“You wound me, Y/N.” He deadpanned and gave you a look. You wrapped your scarf around your neck tighter and sat on a rock across from him. 

“You know I don’t like being here Jughead. It feels wrong, I feel like something’s watching us.” You whisper, not wanting to disturb your quiet surroundings.

“What makes you say that?” He shifts and looks at you questioningly. 

You turn yourself and looked around you. There were no other people in the woods, nore would anyone want to be here. Officer Keller made it his goal to keep the kids out of the woods, but obviously that didn’t stop Jughead. You had to beg Betty to beg Kevin to not tell his father you and Jughead were here, the last thing you needed was to be taken into the station and have your parents pick you up there.

“It’s just super creepy, Jug.” You pull your maroon beanie that matched his lower to cover your ears. You looked into the pitch black water. You asked yourself the same question everyone in Riverdale was asking, who really killed Jason Blossom. You knew Jason and his sister Cheryl from the dinner parties your family would have with theirs. He was always aloof, but kind at the same time. He was always very nice to you, helped you with your work. You two were good friends, but it all changed so quickly. It was a very strange concept for you to grasp. Why would anyone want to kill Jason? 

“Why do you think they did it?” You asked and looked up at the rock where your boyfriend was sitting. But he was no where to be seen. You jumped up and turned in a complete circle. “Jughead?” Your breathing quickened and you started to panic. 

You suddenly felt two arms wrap around your waist. 

“Miss me baby?” His voice bellowed in your ear. You turned around and smacked him lightly in the head. 

“You’re a jerk, Jughead Jones the third.” You cried out, pushing him to the side, “Get out the way before I murder you.

“Now now, Y/N. Don’t speak ill around the dead.” He smirked sideways at you. Your face flared and you looked back into the water. You sat back down on the rock and tapped away on your phone. The two of you were silent as you just sat on the river’s edge. The only noise was the quick current of the river and your combined shallow breaths. 

“Tell me something good, Juggie.” You looked over at him. He took a deep breath and gave you his cute crooked smile. 

I had a dream about you.” He moved closer to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. You leaned into him, his body keeping you warm. 

“Why is that a good thing? Does that mean you’re adapting to your new room? Penny isn’t bugging you is she, if so I can keep her locked in my room overnight. ” Your body turned as you faced him. Jughead had moved into your brother’s old room and you were nervous if your persistent cat Penny was bugging him at night.

“I’m sleeping well, actually. Penny is a good foot warmer, don’t you dare take her away from me. The dream was good because you said you loved me.” His cheeks turned the color of Archie’s hair. You rubbed your thumb over one of them and kissed it softly.

“I do love you, silly boy.” He broke your heart, your delicate boy. 

“It’s just nice hearing you say it. Love you too, Y/N.” He looked into your eyes and kissed the tip of your nose. 

And there you two sat, on the edge of the river that kept Jason Blossom and all his secrets hostage. For some reason, the dark haired boy beside you made the whole creepy experience okay. For the first time in your life, you felt at peace with what happened to Jason, even if no one had the answers. You were confident it would be solved, with your nearly black-haired, blue eyed boy behind the discovery. 


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The name of our town is Riverdale. And our story begins, I guess, with what the Blossom twins did this summer. On the Fourth of July, just after dawn, Jason and Cheryl Blossom drove out to Sweetwater River for an early morning boat ride… Chapter One: The River’s Edge.