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perfect timelapse video of Leh & Ladakh. 

Leh-Ladakh is a land like no other. Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, it lies athwart two other, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. The beauty of the place can not be expressed in words. The place holds so many surprises together that one can’t help but be awed. Don’t believe our words? .

‘’People think the Popes are like my family, but they aren’t. My parents were never on the run. We moved because we couldn’t pay the rent or something. My parents would sympathise with the Popes, but they are pacifists. My mother would never throw a bomb. It’s just not in her nature. Also, my family is brutally honest with one another. We don’t hide out feelings the way the Popes did. And I don’t think letting go would ever hurt my family. It’s the other way round really. We’ve never had this kind of stable family life before and I’m enjoying it. I like coming home and having members of my family around. And,“ he adds, with an unexpected twinkle in his eyes, "and the food is awfully good." 

[River for The Face Magazine, July 1989].
Kelly Clarkson steps out with her chic family in the U.S. capital city
Kelly Clarkson was spotted Thursday in Washington, D.C. looking chic with her fashionable family in tow. The American Idol winner wore all black from head to toe, along with a huge smile.

Kelly Clarkson was spotted Thursday in Washington, DC looking chic with her fashionable family in tow.

The American Idol winner wore all black from head to toe, and a huge smile as she enjoyed time with her loved ones.

The performer wore a black tunic, semi-sheer leggings, a knee-length sweater with large gold buttons and flat, black boots that hit mid-calf.

The singer’s 2-year-old daughter, River, was styled in grey leggings, silver shoes, a furry black cape and a black, white and red plaid dress covered in hearts.

The 34-year-old was also accompanied by her talent manager husband, Brandon Blackstock, and his son from a previous relationship, Seth Blackstock.

Clarkson’s stepson, Seth, wore a grey, half-zip sweater over a button-down shirt, light-colored pants and brown and white utility-style boots. The family had all access passes to enjoy experiencing Washington, D.C.

The Queen of Covers seems to be taking a much-needed mini vacation, after the release of one of her more difficult projects.

Clarkson recorded her own version of ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ from the Hamilton Broadway musical for the Hamilton Mixtape, which she called 'literally the hardest thing’ she’s ever done in the studio.

The artist said: 'It was the hardest thing to sing. I was just so emotional.’

With that trying project behind her, Clarkson has already gone all out for the holidays, and posted this photo of her Christmas tree on Friday to prove it.

She shared how her family gets into the spirit with this caption: 'Elf on the shelf is back! River found two elves hiding in our tree! Where will they be tomorrow? #ElfOnTheShelf #MagicWinsEveryTime’

The songstress also recently brought her appreciation for fun to the music studio. In between recording sessions she posted a video of her doing the Mannequin Challenge solo, the viral video mania that swept social media.


The bunnies are well, it’s been pretty hot lately since it’s summer now down under so they’ve mostly been lying down in the shade with their frozen water bottles. I can’t wait to see them when I go home in a couple of weeks!