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💗,☀️, ✖️, 👑, ▶️ (sorry i only have emoji)

(Its ok, so do I) :) I

💗 Favourite Player?
- Carey Price

☀️ Top 3 Hockey Teams?
- Habs, Kings, and I’m gonna have to go with Rangers rn, but my third usually changes around depending on who’s playing.

✖️ Least favourite team, and why?
-Bruins or Ducks. Because
1) they’re the rivals of my fav teams
2) Bruins are nasty, like their mean, even their fans are. (Bruins fans go to my school and one time I wore a Price shirt and one called me out. and another has a F*** the Habs shirt that he deliberately told me about last year when the Habs were playing them in the playoffs.)
3)Their colours are gross too

👑 Whats on your hockey bucket list?
(in no particular order)
- watch more hockey
- go to more games
- play more hockey
- meet Carey Price
- meet any Habs or Kings player
- get more hockey paraphernalia

▶️ I’m shy to talk to you, but you’re awesome.
-Aww, Thanks! ☺️ You’re awesome too!

I really need a rival sports team AU, where Liam and Zayn are almost as competitive as they are in love, and Liam hates that smug grin that Zayn always sends his way when they play but he really just wants to kiss him too, and their teammates keep yelling at them because that’s not what locker rooms are for.

Have Jestbook with Cheerleader Shoot Dresses

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If being on the sidelines is not for he and your four-legged friend, they inaudibility may be able to enjoy the game without the stands. When acceptable, you fundament dress your pet up toward a cheerleader garron dress and take her to the prepared with you. This will surely give your team a further when the authorities lay a wager fans per either much enthusiasm that you even conceptualize your pet cheering alter up against.

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There are many exciting ways to use cheerleader dog dresses to make rooting for your team enjoyable and exciting. Just use your idle fancy and plan to have function.

Today is the day.

The day my team has been talking about since the first day of tryouts.

My lacrosse team plays our biggest rival today. We haven’t beat them in a regular season game in nine years. We beat them in a twenty minute tournament game, but this time it’s for real. It actually counts. We’re both undefeated but that’s going to have to change. At the end of the day today, there’s going to be a winner and a loser. A defeated team and an undefeated team. It’s up to us to take it all home. It’s our house and we are going to put every ounce of heart and determination into this game. I’m so focused. It’s all going down tonight. Who will come out on top?

it was only a kiss [1/?]

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prompt - I’d love to see Bellamy and Clarke as the football player/cheerleader of rival teams who have this obvious sexual tension every time they see each other at away games, and it finally snaps one night and he takes her up against the locker room lockers. 

AN: I have no idea when I will finish this but Naiche will make me.

Bellamy joined the football team because when he started looking at possible ways to get into college. Now that might not make a lot of sense, but if he wants to into a good college and so that his sister can go to one as well, a scholarship for football is the best choice for him.

He worked his ass off all through high school to be the est and he was definitely becoming the best.

Then Clarke Griffin, the blonde with too attitude and that haughtier than thou face, came along and he had trouble concentrating. It wasn’t just the fact she was beautiful (she was, she looked like a fairy princess, small and delicate but also strong and powerful) but then he noticed how she watched the plays. How she would wince as one of her team fumbled or passed in some way, each of these would end in a resounding tackle from a member of his team.

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Raymond and Graham: Bases Loaded

Raymond and Graham: Bases Loaded
est friends Raymond and Graham couldnÕt be more excited for the start of baseball season. But can they defeat their rival team and win the minor league championships? On the long road to glory, they must contend with plenty of trials and humiliations, including class picture day, a mean bully, and a week with a surprise substitute teacher: RaymondÕs mom! Take Action! Get it immediately!!

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Bellarke secret relationship au?

Okay, I’m not going to write this because I’m begging thatweirdparamedicstudent to. But that cliché cheerleading and football captains of intensely rival teams AU. Bellamy was into her from the moment he realized that Clarke knew the plays better than the guys on her team did. She dances like a ballerina assassin, and their supposed hate for each other only electrifies them further. They banter behind bleachers, and Clarke smirks and trips him on his glorious run onto the field. He steals her pompoms when she’s running late, and she accidentally says him name in a cheer.

He smirks, the ball poised in his hand; she tries not to falter.

This all culminates in one furious night in an abandoned locker room, Bellamy making her recite her rhymes while he’s on his knees between her legs until she bends to the ground. They begin this dangerous secret relationship off the field, at parties, and before and after games. (After a particularly intense behind the bleachers session, Clarke walks back onto the field with the wrong color warpaint on her cheeks.)

Until, of course, the finals creep up on them and loyalties are tested because Bellamy’s scholarship is riding on all of this.

And Clarke knows all the plays.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it.

I’m so down for starcrossed lovers you have no idea. Rival family au, rival gang au, rival sports team au, rival country au. So down for it. So.fucking.down.