Rising Tide

some people seem to be forgetting that steven universe is a kids show lmao

“filler episodes,” “why didnt they stick to the plot?”, “this episode had no new information,” “this episode was just a recap,” etc


its not gonna be some hardcore anime. of course theres gonna be episodes with no new information or that dont stick to the plot. its a cartoon. for kids. its gonna have goofy episodes, its gonna be fun, and thats just what this episode was

TubeTube took down my video because copyright violations?!?!  What?!  That was MOSTLY ORIGINAL MATERIAL!!!  I used that background music for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES!  IT’S FAIR USE!  FAIR USE!!!

Clearly, somebody doesn’t want the TRUTH about Beach City to be known.  Perhaps, someone with an invested interest in the reputation of our seaside community.  Someone who would lose a lot of money if tourists were afraid to come here and buy french fries.  Someone like MY DAD!

This puzzle just got personal.

Stevenbomb 2.0 is over...

and what did we learn?

We learnt that Pearl is seriously not over Rose’s “death,”

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and forgetting, like all the Gems have at one point or another, that humans only get one life,  she was willing to put Connie in harm’s way to protect “Rose’s legacy*”.

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*Also, Connie most likely knows more about Steven’s birth/creation than Steven does now, so that’s gonna go great.

We learnt that despite the danger the Gems have already put the town in,

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 the citizens appreciate (or at the very least, ignore) their presence.

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We learnt that Peridot is alive and out there,

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 Homeworld doesn’t like/understand fusion, 

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and that Peridot is a little shit. 

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We also got a good look behind Garnet’s mirrored glasses, and we’re still not sure what we saw.

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We learnt that pure human/Gem fusion isn’t possible (or a least hasn’t worked yet), 

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that Rose wasn’t perfect

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 (and holy hell, neither is Pearl*),

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*although this level of asshattery isn’t unprecedented: Amethyst was similarly cruel in Maximum Capacity when she transformed into Rose.

and got some hints that Steven is feeling really out of place these days.

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We learnt that Steven has some issues he need to work out, including his desire for a normal life, his growing mistrust/confusion with Pearl, and Dogcopter spurning his adoration…

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We learnt Lapis and Jasper are losing themselves in their fusion,

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and that Malachite is REALLY FUCKING SCARY.

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And now, we wait.

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it’ll be like there isn’t a vengeful fusion boiling the ocean with hatred

I’ve been up for 36 hours straight, but it’s finally finished!  My investigative documentary investigating the truth about the enemies and heroes of Beach City is online!  It’s called: RISING TIDES/CRASHING SKIES: DANGER ON THE BOARDWALK: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MOST DANGEROUS BOARDWALK: A KBCW INVESTIGATIVE DOCUMENTARY.

And the truth will SHOCK YOU!!!

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Can we take a moment to respect how awful Ronaldo has it right now?

1. He hasn’t been able to blog

2. He called the pretend relationship a bad idea from the start

3. He did all this pretending for his family and friends anyway

4. Of all the times he could have been seen by his very real girlfriend (because his friends and family doubted his word) it was also that time 

5. His attempt at chasing after her failed miserably and that’s not what’s eating at everyone else. They’re sad in the photo because of the failed attempt to end the war, which is valid but I think Ronaldo deserved an apology for being made to take part in a plan he wasn’t comfortable with from the start

6. He’s been trying to communicate with her nonstop

7. At the end of the episode when everything is resolved, his problems clearly have just begun

And they have been visibly together. They were watching the race in Beach City Drift. That may have been where they met.

Ronaldo hasn’t been perfect, but we’re seeing him be less destructive in his wanting to be a part of something special. That’s a start. He’s also starting to form better interpersonal relationships and he’s found someone who shares his interest. Peedee tries to support Ronaldo, we see it in Keep Beach City Weird and Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, but it’s not the same as having someone he can engage with with the level of interest he has. And she seems really nice. I’m really sorry her feelings were hurt, but I think Ronaldo’s relationship was brushed aside for the main plot of this episode. This is an arc I need to see develop 0.0