Rise of the Guardians

“Emily Jane: she was a wild and joyful child, with raven-black hair as thick and flowing as a horse’s mane, which was fitting, as she was always on the run.  Like her father, she loved to sail.  She was constantly in her own small schooner, venturing around her moon and it’s asteroids.
…She loved Star Fish– a favorite game was to tie her schooner to the leader and ride along with them as they swooped and dove through the canyons near her home.” – The Sandman and the War of Dreams

I had a student like Emily Jane once named Jocelyn.  Tumbling black hair, a wicked grin, a whirring mind and a will made of steel.  For a time her favorite book was the “The Man in the Moon,” and she was especially fond of Nightlight.  She would stare the page of MiM in his bed and whisper to Nightlight “I’m going to make good choices today.  I’m going to listen,” as if to convenience him it were true.

Promise - Birthday Gift-fic
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A birthday gift-fic for inkblotbun, who requested Jokul and Jack’s wedding. I was super excited to write this, so I hope you enjoy.

Jokul Frosti and March Hyde belong to inkblotbun

Winter Prince Jack Frost belongs to the-guardian-of-fun

//rolls away//


Happy Throwback Thursday! I’m tired of these long GIFs, I’m working on making them smaller ^^” Btw, this is from WonderCon 2015. Excited to meet up with everyone for Anime Expo this year! There’s actually gonna be a Rise of the Guardians cosplay gathering. This is a milestone MOMENT! If you wanna see me and a bunch of other characters then we shall be meeting at 3pm on Thursday (day 1) over by Staples Center (not the main entrance to the con but the other door) outside. Come visit! :D

Oh, and we already have FANART for this! WAT!? NO WAY. Check it out here!


i’m so done with this disney vs. dreamworks fighting

okay I don’t really get involved in the whole “but people on the internet are wrong” thing but i s2g i’m going to my grave fighting about this whole disney/dreamworks bullshit where people who know nothing about animation get to make these grand sweeping statements and basically just trash movies that a lot of incredibly talented people worked really hard on

like okay this whole fucking thing about the ice in rotg/frozen and “omg the ice in frozen looks so tacky why are people talking about how good the animation is in frozen fuck disney long live dreamworks”


 like please please please get this into your heads. yes, the ice in frozen DOES look  tacky. yes it looks AMAZING in rotg. 

and you know what? the community KNOWS rotg has awesome ice – they even gave a talk about animating jack frost’s frost patterns at SIGGRAPH, which is basically THE graphics conference. so like okay sit down, people ARE acknowledging rotg for having great animation.

this is why the comparison doesn’t work – rotg gets the beautiful ice animation, and frozen has the snow. this is like GROUNDBREAKING technology that no one has ever been able to do before (not even rotg), and it’s something that should be celebrated, not bashed. And, they presented their snow paper at SIGGRAPH the same year rotg did.

this is AMAZING stuff, just take a look:

this is incredibly advanced math and physics and computer science it’s not just some like artistic choice here there is so much time and amazing human intelligence here can we just take a moment and APPRECIATE IT 

so anyway please for the love of sweet baby jesus can we not just blindly hate on a studio that’s bringing SO MUCH RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY to the field??? dreamworks wouldn’t have had a fucking chance if pixar/disney didn’t step up and make animation such a critical field of study

what if we don’t pit these two companies against each other but instead celebrate their individual accomplishments?? thanks.